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Hi I have managed to get the theme working but I am having trouble with displaying the tiled slider, could you advise please

I see that you already figured it out :)

Sorry all sorted for now, thanks

You are a fast learner! :)

Pay pal question – I changed the preference in paypal but as the restriction is via the theme end how do I change it so I don’t get the following message as I need to show £ sign and the widget also shows $ can this be changed

Paypal message – This recipient does not accept payments denominated in USD. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept this currency.

could you please ping me using contact form on my profile page? I will send you files today which you will need to replace on your server to fix this issue.

Thank you!

I have now purchased this theme, and I am having issues with the following areas.

1) How to display the titled slider. I installed the demo content it and wont show up?

2) How do I add the Up Coming Events to my homepage widget like the demo? The theme doesn’t show in the widget area.

3) some home my contact form doesn’t work, can you send me the code to fix it?


Re 1: Please check that you have specified ID’s for tiled slider on Appearance -> Theme Options page. You can find more info about it on Documentation under “10.2) Tiled header Settings” and “4) Add home page tiled header”.

Re 2: You need to install “The Events Calendar” plugin. You can find a link to it under “2) Demo Site XML import file” on documentation.

Re 3: You mean contact form on contact page? If so then you need to install “Contact Form 7” plugin. You can find a link to it under “2) Demo Site XML import file” on documentation.

Best Regards, Cohhe

How do I update the theme? I can’t seem to find update anywhere? Also, My blog page I added the ” [blog count=”5” category=”x” show_image=”false” paging=”true”] ” and where the x is I put the category id and it still brings up all the posts that I have. (When I only want ones under that category ID. How do I fix this? Or if you can’t instruct right away what’s your email & i’ll send you a login! Thanks:)


re-download it from themeforest and replace Believe theme files on your server using FTP, then you will have latest version installed. Blog shortcode should be working, are you sure you specified correct category ID under category=”” attribute? If you are sure, then please send me your wordpress credentials using contact form on my profile page and I will take a look.

Best Regards, Cohhe

Hi, I am still having problems with currency GPB as it isn’t showing as an option only BGP is which comes back with a paypal error. Also I still haven’t figured out how to change the sidebar widget currenyc symobol any ideas please?

ah sorry, could you please ping me using contact form on my profile page? I will send you today files which you will need to replace on your server to fix this issue.

Thank you!

How do I update the “Our Partners Section” I have been looking to upload images to that section and I cant find it.

Secondly I uploaded the plugin to show the ID’s and I started inputting the id’s but they wont show up on the home page??

other then that this is a fantastic theme I love it!

Please help


Please check “5) Add thumbnails for bottom menu” on documentation, it’s a step by step guide and explains how to add images for “Our Partners Section”.

You mean for tiled header? Please double check if you are using exact ids or parent page id. This section “14) How to add causes” might help. Also please make sure that you have chosen “With Tiled Header” template for page you want to show tiled header.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Best Regards, Cohhe

Thank you for your quick reply, however there the option to select a image is not available from the menu page in wordpress. So i still cant add partners.

As for the tiled slider i have tried both options and it still doesn’t work. the page is non responsive to that function. not sure why but I have tried for hours now.

Could you please send me your wordpress credentials, so I can take a look?

Thank you.

How do I upload this theme? when I do what the instructions say I get this error

The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature


i don’t see a theme folder in the zip file any place

when you extract zip file you downloaded from themeforest you should see folder called ‘Believe_Theme’ and this is the folder you should upload to /wp-content/themes/ directory.

I was able to upload the entire zip manually so its all in there and working now… thanks.

Don’t see anywhere in the documentation on how to set up the copyright other than maybe adding it in a text widget to the footer area?



you are right, it’s possible to add textual information only to footer columns and not underneath them.

Best, Cohhe

Hi, this is a pre-purchase question. Is there the possibility to filter the causes in the no sidebar view? I mean somethink like the jQuery plugin, so I can filter causes by type (sanity, education, etc..)

Thank you, great theme!


unfortunately Believe theme doesn’t come with such functionality built in and I’m not aware of any plugin which could do this without any customization on code.

Best Regards, Cohhe

Beautiful Theme! Question, am i able to do a user login system for a cause? If I use the donate button for a specific “person” can i create a login system where they can login and see how much they have received? mayb even see comments posted to them, and respond?


Believe theme doesn’t come with such built in functionality. But maybe some of those plugins can help you or

Best, Cohhe

Hello I purchased the theme some days ago and I was surprised to realize that:

1. The “responsive” property noes not fully apply to this theme. I mean that the theme is only RESPONSIVE horizontally -> The Slider is not responsive !!! The images get distorted on my ipad, they get smaller only horizontally, the height remains the same. 2. The map included in the demo contact form is looking wired on smaller resolutions, don’t you think? 3. The search widget and the donate widget, are they responsive?

Looking forward to your answer, thanks


you theme should work the same as it’s working on Demo website, if there is any other issues your theme is experiencing then please let me know.

I continue to improve to Believe theme and if you have any suggestions or bugs you have discovered you are welcome to send me email (use contact form on my profile page). Many of new features are added and bugs fixed based on buyers feedback.

thank you, Cohhe

you have not responded to any of my questions :( The slider with content is not responsive ! on the demo site also (please verify on ipad)

Re 1: Slider is responsive but it has some issues that you have mentioned and I’m currently working to resolve them.

Re 2: Thank you for your suggestion, I have added it to my priorities list.

Re 3: yes, they are.

Best, Cohhe

Hi there, I seem to be having a problem with the menu bar as indicated below; 1. Menu bar does not show up in the events page 2. How do I get to show a third level menu? I can only get to display 2nd level on the drop down and I also need a 3rd level bar.


Re 1: could you please try to change permalinks from ‘Default’ to ‘Post Name’ on Settings -> Permalinks page? I’m aware of this issue and I’m currently working on it to fix it fox ‘Default’ permalinks. Re 2: Unfortunately Believe theme only supports two level menus.

Please let me know if you have more questions.

Best, Cohhe

In addition to the above, how do I create a blog/news page? Cant seem to find that on the documentation or here

Create a simple page and add blog shortcode to it: [blog], you can find sample code and all possible attributes on this page

Another question again, sorry I keep bumping into this as I go along with the setup of the theme. How do I get to make my contacts page like yours?

Just insert google maps iframe on wordpress editor. This is a good guide

Is there a way to turn off the toggle the responsive-ness? the tiled slider isn’t responsive so it would be great to be able to turn the feature off and let all devices render the full page pending when it’s sorted. Thanks.


you can remove line 180 from functions.php file and it will turn off responsiveness, but I’m currently working on responsiveness improvements and one of them is related to slider.

Best, Cohhe

Hi, Is there a way to download a detailed list of donors from the site? Or how are the donations labeled in Paypal? Are they generic. I have multiple causes I want to track and need an easy way to do that?

Do you have a demo of the backend donation process or a link to the documentation so I can read it? Thanks in advance.


you will see how many cause has been received and how many total fundraisers cause has. You will not see a list with donors. But on PayPal you will be able to see each donor which has donated to your causes and item name for each cause will be unique, based on cause title. Example: “Donate to the Sponsor a child today cause”

Best, Cohhe

Great theme! Using it to build a non-profit site.

Is there an option to have the tiled images linked from normal pages, or staff pages, instead of Causes?

If not, where in the Code can I change that?

Thank you :)

Ah of course! That works. Thanks. I’ve added Featured Image to the Staff section, but nothing showed up so I didn’t try to add those in the Pages section.

So we can’t have the Staff section on the tiled slider I assume? Or is there a way to do that?


to add Staff to your tiled header, you will need to modify your theme a little bit. Replace lines 143 and 149 on header.php with this:
'post_type'      => array( 'post', 'page', 'ch_cause', 'ch_staff'),
and you should be able to add staff on tiled header.

Best, Cohhe

Thank you! That works! :) Love the theme.

Hello, any translation files? .po or .mo? If neither, how can I generate ones?


No this theme doesn’t come with .po or .mo files included. This could help

Let me know if you need more help.

Best, Cohhe

Thank you, I’ll let you know if something gets on my way.

Dear cohne,

I have some trouble with displaying the website on older browsers. Maybe you’ve already fixed it with the new versions. However, I didn’t update the files because I changed quite a lot files myself. Would it be possible to show what files are changed?

Another thing;the mobile version doesn’t work. One is unable to navigate.

Looking forward to your solutions.

Kind regards


which version do you have currently?

Best regards, Cohhe

still the first one!

I will include this information in next theme update, but before it is out you could send me your email address (use contact form on my profile page) and I will send you changelog.