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I am unable to install this theme via Wordpress nor Filezilla, zipped nor manually. My network admins are not able to either, and I need to have this theme working asap. Please advise as we’ve tried everything possible. Thank you, Linda


replied to your email :)

This is an awesome theme. Very well designed and quite easy to use. Setup is no problem as long as you download the latest update. I’ve not run into any problems, so many thanks to Cohhe. He was very helpful.


Thank you very much for your kind words! I really appreciate it.

Best Regards, Cohhe

I purchased the theme, installed it, imported demo files. But I cannot see those 8 boxed slider on the home page. And I have no clue whether they are posted as post or page and their location. Would appreciate your help.

I see that you already solved this issue

I solved that issue with tiled causes. But I have now another question: Is it possible to replace staff under the tiled causes? For example, I want to remove them and replace with video or certain pages or posts?


yes, just remove staff shortcode from editor and add any other content you like.

Best regards, Cohhe

I am trying to view my site on an Ipad and it is cutting off one of the links in the navigation. Is there any way to fix this?


could you please send me a link to your website? You can use contact form my profile page.

Best regards, Cohhe

By the way, beautiful theme, nice design, but there are minor bugs though. I will list and submit them as soon as complete the installation. They include:

1) Colored buttons do not work 2) Mobile view for Partners menu 3) Continue reading -> link 4) Tiled hover bugs 5) Tiled color in different browsers 6) Mobile view for Donate widget. and etc…

Hi, could you please send me a explanation for those issues through my profile page contact form? Every of those points should work, so I would really appreciate if you could send me explanations.

Thank you, Cohhe

I sent them with details.

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Those issues you mentioned will be fixed and released on Monday.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi! I am trying to update the images on the home page with Content slider. Where can I update the content slider images? I was able to find the tiled one but the content slider. Thanks! Great theme by the way!

You need to upload them the same way as you are uploading them for causes or pages. Just use ‘Featured image’ field for those posts you are using as slides and it should be fine.

Just specify category you will be using for slider, then add posts with Featured images to that category.

Let me know if you need more help. You can also find useful information on Documentation about content slider.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi I am unable to put up the tiled slide on my home page. I have imported the xml file into my side, yet I still cant get the tiled slider to work even when I follow the tutorial in the documentation. Any help


have you switched page template to ‘With tiled header’ for the page you are trying to get tiled header up?

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi Cohhe,

There are some bugs with Shortcodes in the updated version, such as: Text Highlights, message boxes…they do not function.

And another question: How do we change the Primary menu for mobile view?

For shortcodes, I prefer to go with updates, but the thing is: I have made some changes in the theme files, and I had better update only the fixed file. Could you tell me or give me a link about which files have been updated to fix that shortcodes?

As for Mobile view: When you access the page on Mobile phone and click on the “Select a page” menu, it points to some of the pages. But which menu is it and where can I customize it?

Mobile view issue solved.

I sent you email with list of files which needs to be changed to solve shortcode manager issue.

You are a fast learner!

Best regards, Cohhe

how do I get my causes to show up in tiles on the home page? Whenever I set it to use the content slider it works, but when set to tile nothing shows up…


You need to configure it on Theme Options page, for more information please check “Tiled header Settings” on documentation, also please check “Add home page tiled header”. Maybe you have forgotten to change page template to ‘With Tiled Header’ on which you want to add tiled header.

Hi there, this is a very good theme and our client is very happy with it apart from the fact that it does not have a 3rd level navigation. Is it possible to include this or at least show me how to add that. My client insists on this very much


you can find menu script on header.php line 83, just replace depth value from 2 to 3, but then you will need to style it and for that you have to know CSS.

best regards, Cohhe

Thanks Cohhe, you have been very helpful on email. The only issue is that I am not very good with CSS and would need your help here

After updating to the latest theme (i.e. Version 1.7), I have just realized that now my drop down navigation does not work and the contacts page is all over.

In addition to the above, I am also trying to get the navigation to fit more content (i.e. Contacts tab) by reducing the logo padding, but it affects many other parts of the website:

Please help.

Thanks once again mate, now the problem is that it still does not fit. Is there a way I can reduce the padding for the logo DIV and increase the padding for the nagivation DIV?


on wp-content/themes/Believe_Theme/header.php change on line 70 class to span3 and on line 75 to span21

that should fix your issue.

Thanks mate, you have the best support man. My clients site is now ready for launch. Kudos for the great work!!!

Hello can I change the background colour of the page to a solid blue??


add this on Theme Options page under CSS settings tab:

body {
  background-image: none !important;

on then you will be able to use set solid bg color on Customization page. See this screencast

Best regards, Cohhe

Really love this theme, so I especially hate to bother for whats probably a very stupid question…. I am trying to get the donate button to work. I can see that I have to add the id of the page for it to go to, but what do I put on that page? Am I supposed to create a donate button from PayPal? Also, is there a way to have this work with PayPal Pro? This client wants the donors to stay on the site.

Thanks so much!


from @Parahat90:

If you mean donate plugin button, my recommendation would be: a) Create a page and include your causes in it. b) Copy the page ID c) Paste it to the Donate plugin. When the user clicks on the Donate button, it takes him/her to that page and then s/he chooses which cause/project to donate. You can also create a page for specific causes/projects.

Let me know if this answer wasn’t what you was looking for.

Best regards, Cohhe

Thanks for the quick responses! I have created a cause page, and the donate button does take me to that page. But I enter a donation amount before clicking the donate button, and I’m not seeing anything happen with that. I can create a PayPal form to accept donations, but I guess I thought this had it built in. Does it? Am I missing that?

Thanks again,

You don’t need to create Paypal form it’s already built in and should work. Could you please send me your website url? You can use my profile page contact form.


If you mean donate plugin button, my recommendation would be: a) Create a page and include your causes in it. b) Copy the page ID c) Paste it to the Donate plugin.

When the user clicks on the Donate button, it takes him/her to that page and then s/he chooses which cause/project to donate.

You can also create a page for specific causes/projects.

Thank you for helping other buyers!

Much appreciated, Cohhe


I just downloaded the updated version. How can I install the updated theme on my site without losing the data I already have? Can I just install it under the “themes” category? Or is there something else I have to do?


have you customized any files for Believe theme? If no then you will not lose anything. You just need to replace Believe theme files on your server using FTP on ‘wp-content/themes/Believe_Theme’ directory.

You also should make a backup, just in case if something goes wrong.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hello, I have a few questions regarding this theme. The site I am performing the work on is located here:

I have been tweaking it but have these remaining issues:

1. While this site is a non-profit, we are not accepting donations for multiple causes. For this reason, I would like to completely remove the text for the home page slider. I have changed font size to 0 in the CSS, resulting in half the text being removed. However I cannot get the text, “raise $0.00” to be removed. This must be dynamic and coded somewhere I cannot remove it. How do I remove this?

2. Is there an easy way to order the eight tiles? If not, it is no big deal – I can work around it. I can just copy/paste content into the appropriate place. For now, I have just titled them Item 1, Item 2, etc.

3. I have lost the ability to have drop-downs. Each of the menu items at the top (About Us, News & Articles, etc.) have sub-menus but they are not visible or accessible through the menu. I have tried altering the menu items (removing all but one) and adjusting the padding with no luck.

4. At the bottom, the “Our Partners” shows the logo. Is there any way to display the company name text as well?

5. Can I remove the “RSS” link under Social Media feeds?

Sorry for all of the questions. Appreciate your help!


to the first two questions I answered on your email, please check it.

Re 3: It should work, maybe you are trying to order pages on ‘Pages’ -> ‘All Pages’? You should go to ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Menus’ and order the menu there.

Re 4: You want to show each menu item title? If so then currently it’s not possible, only image is shown on this menu, but you can put the text on image.

Re 5: Please remove lines 49 and 51 from functions/widgets/social_links.php and it should solve your issue.

Best regards, Cohhe

I have completed the installation, except there are few problems that I couldn’t deal with.

1) Favicon does not appear on the latest version of Internet explorer. Tried clearing cache, changing dimensions, everything and everything, but does not work.

2) Featured content slider excerpt is too long, almost half of the thumbnail, I think it is that way by default, because I have tried uploading theme with latest update. I went to header.php, line 259, but it does not specify the number of words for excerpts. Where can I find that script?

3) Partnership slider does not work on some Androids. Tried clearing cache, did not help. Any idea?

Appreciate in advance.

Please try disabling all your plugins and then enable them one by one and check if nothing changes, maybe some of the plugin is modifying your excerpt length.

I tried to fix favicon as you said, but Theme Options gives error: Error: only images are allowed

Please fallow first step and then convert your .png favicon to .ico format and upload it. I just tested and it should work.

Hi, this is a pre purchase question. Is there the possibility to integrate the raised money with a input value? I mean, I can receive donation via website for a project but also by events or other kinds of donations.

Could you please explain what do you mean by filter?

thanks, Cohhe

I’m thinking of something like the Quicksand jQuery plugin, but in this case any kind of filter of the causes would be lovely for me. I could divide my causes by location or type.

yes filtering causes on page like this is not possible. You can create different pages and put on them different causes, but you can’t filter them like on your given example.

Best, Cohhe

Hello, I really like this theme, just got it. I would like to customzie the tiled background, but I can’t find it in any of the PSD’s, where could I find it?


sorry, bg image psd is not included. Please ping me using contact form on my profile page and I will send you psd for background.

Best regards, Cohhe