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Pre Sale Question -

Love the paypal the only gateway you integrate?

Yes, currently Paypal is the only payment gateway which is built in Believe theme.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Best, Cohhe

Hey Fantastic theme! I’m setting it up for a community youth work centre.

I’m just wondering – I have added a javascript image rotator to the top of each content page within the content area. I don’t know much about JS, but I have this code which I use on most of the sites I do.

When I added the script to the theme, it made the rotator work fine – but stopped all other animations from working (for example, dropdowns and the tile box on the front page). Normally this script is unintrusive to other themes, but it seems to clash with something on this one. The script I’m adding is a Google one:

Is there any reason why it would clash with any other installed JS on the theme?

Many thanks :)


You can start using jQuery without including it, because jQuery is already installed on Believe theme, you don’t need to include it to start using it.

Because you are trying it to include it for second it time it breaks.

Best regards, Cohhe

Thank for the response – unfortunately, if I neglect to include the above mentioned script, the rotating banner doesn’t work.

You are using some kind of advertisement plugin? Maybe you can try other?

Best, Cohhe

How can i change the size of the typography in the menu?

Thanks Ulrik

Hi Ulrik,

add on Appearance -> Theme Options under “CSS settings” tab this code:

.header .main-menu li a {
  font-size: 20px;

Best regards, Cohhe

How would I have both the slider and the tiles on the homepage? They are both great features, and I would like to take advantage of them both on the homepage. TIA.

You can show only one of them on the page at the same time. You can also create two pages and show on each one slider or tiled header but you can’t add slider and tiled header on the same page.

Best regards, Cohhe

Can you pick any color? or do you have to pick the pre designed colors? I hope it’s not limited to pre-designed colors only because they NEVER match logos! arggg!

You can pick pre-designed colors :) But it’s not hard to change colors of each color scheme, because they are defined in separated css files and you will only change colors for 3 images if you don’t want to use one of pre-designed color schemes.

Best regards, Cohhe

Just purchased this theme. I am new to Wordpress. Is there any directions or video tutorials that can help me install?


when you extract the zip file you downloaded you should see “Documentation” folder inside it. It contains step by step guide how to install theme, import demo content and much more!

Best regards, Cohhe

I really like the donation progress bar – would it be hard to use a service like Stripe instead of PayPal with this theme and still have the progress bar on total donations?


Hi David,

it shouldn’t be hard, although Paypal is already integrated, but if you have some PHP coding skills then it will not be hard and also you can change the total donated amount for each cause manually, so you can also accept offline donations.

Best regards, Cohhe

Im currently having a bit of difficulty setting up the home page tiled header option. It looks like i need to set up the homepage with the template to “tilted header”. After that i just need to create causes from the perspective section and they should all show up on the homepage.

Yes and you also need to configure it on Appearance -> Theme Options page under ‘Tiled header settings’ tab. You can also find more info about hwo to set it up on Documentation.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hey, i am using this theme for a fund-raising campaign that im running as is brilliant as its saved me a hell of a lot of coding time!

However i have a problem with the blog! I have set the posts page to be my blog page, but nothing show, just empty!

Can you shed any light?


try creating new page under Pages -> ‘Add New’ and paste [blog] shortcode to it. All available attributes for blog shortcode you can find at the bottom of this page

Best regards, Cohhe

My contact page doesn’t work, the existing code on the contact page

here is the link let me know what i can do to fix it.

Please install Contact form 7 widget

Regards, Cohhe

Hello! Love your theme, thank you so much for making such a great, responsive design :) My question is with the sidebar. My website is On the home page, I can’t get the sidebar to stretch beyond the widgets. On the secondary pages without widgets (i.e. the about page), it stretches all the way to rhe footer. What do I need to fix the home page sidebar? Thanks so much!


not sure what is causing this issue, which version of Believe theme are you using?

Best regards, Cohhe

I am using 1.7. Thanks so much. I’m just not sure where in the code to check/fix things. I am somewhat familiar with coding, but no expert.

If you could create FTP credentials which allows me to access and edit /js/master.js file on your server then I could check it. I’m not able to reproduce this issue on demo website.

You can use contact form on my profile page to contact me.

Best regards, Cohhe

I’m using VERSION 1.7 the homepage-with posts (not slider or tiled) and am having the same problem! Nothing appears in the right column and the content begins in the footer and extends around 1000 pixels down further.

Here’s what appears in the footer:

Recent posts Recent Comments Archives Categories Meta

Also – I can’t get the partner’s block to appear in the footer. Also – The menu looks right on the appearance menu page but nothing prints in the menu bar.

I’ve used WP themes before so I don’t think that I missed anything, but maybe..

Can you help please? Thanks!


could you please send me your wordpress URL so I can take a look at it? You can use contact form on my profile page to send it.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hi there

great theme. i love look and different features you have added to the theme. I’m contemplating buying the theme, but i have few questions for you:

1-is this theme compatible with qform? 2-does the theme support visual composer? 3- is it buddypress compatible?

Thank you in advance for answering these questions.


Re 1: I haven’t tested it with qform plugin. If it’s a contact form plugin, then you can use Contact form 7 plugin, because Believe theme is compatible with it.

Re 2: No

Re 3: I haven’t tested it with buddypress.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Best regards, Cohhe

Pre-Buy question here. I work for a non-profit and we are finalizing a charity run. I have some questions before buying:

1.Will user (runners for the charity run) have the ability to create a donate page or will the staff have to set those up? We would like the runners to create their own page and have their friends donate to that page.

2. Does the donation progress bar move once a donation is made?

Thank you ahead of time for answering. We really love your template & hope it does support these features.


Re 1: To create cause user will have to be administrator, because simple registered users without access to /wp-admin will not have rights to create causes.

Re 2: Yes

Best regards, Cohhe


For some reason I cannot get the image to show up under Our Partner at the bottom of my page. I went through the steps but the will not show up, what can I do to fix this problem?

Thank you for your support

Could you please send me wordpress access details, so I can take a look?

Thank you, Cohhe

I will directly msg you

Responded :)

Hello, I really like the template. Well done! :) I am totally new in designing websites. I would like to ask you some questions before purchasing this item: 1) Would it be possible if i add my “privacy and policy”, facebook etc likes, pages? 2) How many pages do i need to add myself? is there any restriction? 3) Can i add as many causes (projects) as i can? These are all for now. Thank you.

Do you still have the same issue? Inside ‘documentation’ folder you should see file called index and you need to open that file with you internet browser and there you will find a lot of useful information, also info regarding theme installation and demo content import.

Let me know if you need more help.

Best regards, Cohhe

Hello, thank you very much for your assistance. Really appreciate it. I would be very glad if you could help me with adding home page with tiled header. I mean i like my website to be like the demo template. I can give you my wordpress admin log in and password. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot.

Ok send me wordpress access details I will do it for you.

Best regards, Cohhe

Do you think you will ever add other payment gateways? Is is just the free paypal that works…or does it work with premium paypal where they do not need to leave the site.

Also I notice that the homepage causes disappear on Mobile…but the content slider works on mobile. Is there a way to make the causes work on mobile?


Which ones do you suggest? I’m always open to suggestions. When you donate using Paypal you are sent back to the site and technically user leaves site only for the time he is making donation, after successful donation he is redirected back to your website.

Only the tiled header should be hidden on mobile view, because there is just not enough space and it doesn’t look good when tiled header items are so small, so I had to hide them.

Best regards, Cohhe

Thank you Cohhe is a must for sure…maybe Stripe…

I love the tiled top for sure….but mobile is a must..maybe a code mod to allow for Tiled on full and content on mobile…the problem is simple.

if i want to use the tiled…which is why i like the theme…and would buy it for that if we can get more payment integration on next update…On a goes directly into the staff…i would love it to be the projects from the tiles like it is setup on the demo on content slider…but to make that happen..i would have Both tiles and then a list of issues/causes below it…

Solution would be to have an option to have titles on full, content on mobile… OR an option to show different homepage content on mobile vs full…so i can use the tile slider with non issue content on full screen..then when it goes to mobile and the slider disappears..i can have the issues like you have the staff now.


thank you for suggestions, I appreciate it! I will for sure investigate it how this can be implemented and if there will be no blockers I’m sure that in some of the next releases I will include these suggestions.

Best regards, Cohhe

Responsiveness and column shortcodes don’t work. For instance using a 2 column layout like the demo contact page, the columns don’t shift below each other on a mobile device, they overlap. This is true for all column shortcodes which aren’t really usable on a mobile device as coded.


they stay side by side on all views, that is how it is supposed to work, I could introduce new column styles which also shift below each other on mobile view.

Thank you for suggestion!

Best regards, Cohhe

I think that would work better. BTW, having fun playing with this theme.

Accordions seem to be limited to pulling the first 3 accordion items. Where can I change that so I can have more accordion items?

I see that you already found answer :)

I take back that last comment… It seems to work but in one instance it isn’t, must be something in the content.

I will re-test it with different content and if I will find a bug I will fix it in next theme update.

Thank you, Cohhe

It was strange. I just put a return between the ending and beginning accordion items (text editor) and it worked…