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Nice Theme ! Good luck :)

Thanks Metrothemes!

Good job , Friend :)

Thank you mate!

Great Work mate.. :D

Thanks mate! :)

Great theme, good luck with sales.

Thanks andreictin! (Ma bucur ca iti place :) )

Great Theme with all it’s capabilities! You are making my job easier. I will be purchasing.

Thank you usdesigner1! :)

Question: The transparent band under the menus, page headers and footer, can I adjust the transparency via the admin or css? Also, can the size/height be adjusted?


Hi usdesigner1,

Transparency can be adjusted via css and the height of those elements is auto. It’s getting the height depending on what content you put inside :).


Excellent theme, it supports Visual Composer? Good luck in sales

Thanks Arrenato,

Haven’t tested with that plugin, as it’s a quite advanced one and some adjustments might be needed to have fully integrated.


Would it be easy to add a phone number at the top, just to the right of the logo?

I just purchased the theme, can you help with adding text to the header? Thanks!

Hi esoterek please open a ticket here and give us a live link with your website and explain what you wana do:


and let’s see how we can help you :) .

Thank you for the purchase.



Could you please add block quote shortcodes or any quotes for testimonials in the next update?


HI Esoterek, You can find the demo for blockquotes and testimonials on this page, they are already included – http://rivers.weblusive.com/shortcodes/typography-and-icons/ You can see the testimonian in actions in the Home Page Type 2 (http://rivers.weblusive.com/home/home-page-type-2/) :)


I didnt see those, thanks!

Hi there, one quick question, how does the gallery inside the portfolio behave if I have more then 4 images? what happen to the thumbnails? slide? shrink?

thanks a lot!

Hi pedrogaspar,

For now it has a max limit of 4 thumbnails in a row. Having more than 4 it will move the thumbnails to a new row. In the first update we will add a new solution for the thumbnails (shrink or scroll more then 4 thumbnails.)

I hope is clear.


Hi, is it possible to place the simpletabs shortcode within the tabs sizing shortcode? Basically nest one within the other. Or any of the shortcodes for that matter.

Many thanks

Hi rebelfm, It’s not possible because of some limitations of the Foundation framework we are using. If it’s included in their future updates, we’ll update accordingly.


Excellent work my friend!! Congratulations… ;)

Thank you juanmita ! :)

Hello I have installed the Plate Them. I have a question. How can I make the box (where you can change the colors) away?

I mean what is shown on the top left of every page. Where you can change the colors. how do I do that away? or inactive?

Thank you

Hi omixs and thank you for the purchase. Please open a ticket on our support platform and we will get back to you asap.



Congratulations for this wonderful theme. I want to buy it but i have some questions. Can I use it for an e-shop? Moreover this theme is compatible to e-Shop plugins , such as wooCommerce?

Thank you!

Hi Evi_Iak

RiverS should be compatible with wooCommerce plugin. Additional styling for the plugin may be required but that should be all.


Can the inner-background be changed? (referring to the white space, not the scrolling image background).

Hi nxlevel and thank you for the purchase.

You can change that by add a custom css rule in the admin zone or edit directly the style.css file for .region5wrap :

.region5wrap {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 # your - color - code;}

Hope this helps.


Hi 4GraFx,

I would like to check your theme Live Preview but it seems that I’m apparently blocked…! Have you set some IP Geolocation and Proxy Detection on your host?!

Thank you

Hi totalportal,

We don’t have any restrictions from what i know. We had hackers attack couple weeks ago but we did not put any restrictions. I will love to give you a solution but unfortunately i don’t know what you can do in cases like this.


Hi, I have a question about the under construction page: Can I be working on the site behind the scene while the public only sees the under construction page? How does it work? Just wanted to clarify before I buy the theme.


Hi MacLovr, you can set the under construction as a static homepage and it will be visible to the public while you are working on the inner pages of the theme.

This looks AMAZING!! AND on iphone/mobile So Smooth as well (GRT dropdown menu/submenu, and the Scroll Up arrow!!) and luv how background stays fixed as well NICE Of every theme on themeforest, it is between this one and one other for my next purchase for SURE Curious, you said woocommerce plugin should be alright (to sell a few products, and their ecommerce plugin the Best looking n most modern so will look Grt with your theme)... is there anyway to have Social links in the top (above menu) like you do in bottom and How are the pages built out (shortcodes or any kind of drag and drop)? Thnks GRT WORK!! -Sterling

Hi sterlingwilliam,

Thank you so much for the feedback on this theme as well. Uou can move the social links but it will need a small code modification and we can assist you with that. Just drop us a line on the support platform after purchase and installation and we will help you with that. Support: http://4grafx.ticksy.com/


oh and can xml file be imported to start site build like demo layout…?

Hi sterlingwilliam

The theme can be build just like the demo by importing the xml file. Also you have a screencast in the documentation on how to have the basic setup.


Great theme and design! One question b4 purchasing, can the rotating background images only be on the homepage? Then have a static image on the other pages. Is there an option for that?

Hi suferboy and thank you.

Actually as of now it can either be static background or a sliding one for all pages, there’s no homepage separation.


Can there be a seperation? i would only want the slideshow on the homepage and not other pages.


It would take an hour of changes in coding so it could go as a custom paid request or you could wait until we integrate it within one of the upcoming updates, we added that to the list however can’t point an exact timeline.



Any Idea why my widget was disable,, and I’m also having a problem how to configure the revolution slider.. Your answer will be a great help! Hope you can give me basic setting up tutorial in your RiverS theme


I would like to put widget on the sidebars but it is disable,, My site is: oilspills.com.au

I tried to use other theme to see if its widget is still disable however it only occurs on RiverS theme.

Click here for the Screenshot

Regards, Brett

Here is the follow up problem.. I would like to change the icons & content of homepage. I suspect it is located in widget? if not please guide me, I’m really having trouble.

Click here for the screenshot

Big Thanks! :confusedsad::stress:

Hi Teeoffnow,

Can you please open a ticket at : http://4grafx.ticksy.com . We already check your front end and it seems that everything should be in order. Please provide a temporary user/pass in your ticket.