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Thanks for this good theme.

However i can sign that two pbs exists : in ipas, i would like to chnage content of my homepage but it doesn t function…

An other pb is the title of blog pages, under iphone, there is a bug. I can show you in be-responsive.com

Can i have a help ? Thanks

Hi ronanjannee

Thank you for the purchase and there is no need to ask if you can get help :) .If we can give it, it will be our pleasure. Please open a ticket on our support platform: http://4grafx.ticksy.com.

Explain in more details your issues and provide us with a temporary user/pass.


Hi, I can’t seem to find a way to change text I’ve added to a page to any of the headings. No h tag dropdown in the admin area or anything.

Also, how can I add the bottom banner with trans background found above the footer on the homepage of the theme demo?

Many thanks

Hi rebelfm

Please open a ticket on our support platform and provide us with a temporary user/password:http://4grafx.ticksy.com


Is there a basic guide to customising this theme? I’m seeing a few problems with it and could do with a guide; no content is appearing in the sliders, images aren’t aligning as I’ve set them, etc.

Hi Sugarboxcoach and thank you for the purchase.

Please look in the files downloaded from TF and look for a folder called “Documentation”. We also provide a screencast with the basic setup of the theme. If you still have problems with the setup please open a ticket on our support platform (http://4grafx.ticksy.com) and explain us what are the problems.

Hope this help.


Hi Really love the theme. I want to buy. But can you let me know if the contact form works? Is it just a case of putting my email address into the code? I have very limited HTML skills so is it easy for me to do?

Hi marklaw,

This is a WP theme not a HTML theme so you don’t really need to know HTML coding (but will help). To answer your question: the contact form is working and you can change the email by putting your email in the email field on the administration zone. Just copy paste your email :). Simple

I hope it’s clear.


Brilliant! Perfect. Thanks so much for the quick response!

Hi. Theme is great. But before buying I have a question. I think theme has a problem with Chrome, fonts are terrible. But in IE8 fonts are very good, but in IE8 some elements don’t work. Is it a problem or is it just on my PC?

Hi Aplay,

We are glad that you are liking our theme. About the fonts in chrome is nothing that we can do. It’s a Windows 7/Vista ClearType issue. AFAIK Safari, FF and IE render text differently or use their own text rendering routines. As far as I can tell it’s a bug in Chrome that hasn’t been fixed.

About the IE8 things that don’t work, i don’t really understand what elements are you talking about :) . Remember that IE8 has no CSS3 support so some elements will have a different look or behavior. We did our best to have a nice a smooth fall back from the browsers that support CSS3.

I hope this helps and clarify your questions.


No matter what browser I am using, the tools on the left side of the screen keep showing up. I want that to go away completely.

Also…the MAIN COLOR field in the theme options is not changing anything.

Can you please advise me on these issues?

Also…tried to got to your Ticksy link and I just get the Home page, no option to register or login for your support.


Hi tylerford,

On the left side of our support platform you have 2 buttons at the bottom ( Sign in and I need to register). Plese push the “I need to register”, fill all the fields and you are ready to go. Our support platform link is http://4grafx.ticksy.com/.


Hello, first I want to congratulate on this theme, it’s amazing! I would like to know how to customize icons, can be? Thank you!

Hi albertopeco. Thank you for the purchase and the nice feedback :).

Can you please explain in more details what do you mean by “customize icons”?

To use icons on the theme you just use

<i> </i>
<span> </span>
where do you wish your icon to show. Ex:
<i class="icon-heart" />

The whole list of icons that you can use can be found on the demo: http://themes.forgrafx.com/?theme=Rivers-WP on the section Shortcodes -> Icons.

I hope this helps. For future support questions please use our support platform located here: http://4grafx.ticksy.com/


I’d like to be able to place content in the Main Text section of the Under Construction Page. I can embed video iframes for vimeo and youtube. But, its not responsive.

Is this possible?



Hi nxlevel, thank you for the purchase.

Please e-mail us at support@forgrafx.com so we could send you the modified version of underconstruction page. This would allow you to use shortcodes there. Then you coulduse the flexible columns which will help achieve responsive functionality.



I’m sorry about all the questions but my client has specific needs. Is there a boxed layout?

The logo in the header needs to be the full width of the box, and I need to be able to easily place it above or below the menu.

All the colours such as backgrounds, texts, links and menu need to be changeable from within the theme options panel.

I need to be able to upload a background image and tile it.

Are all the above possible with this theme?



Hi Peter,

I’ll try to answer all the questions: 1) Boxed layout – supported 2) Changing the placement of logo – Needs additional coding 3) Changing elements colors/styles – Lot of them can be changed from admin panel directly, however additional css coding might be required in a few cases. 4) Upload and Tileable custom backgrounds – supported

Hope this helps. If you have additional questions please let us know.


Dear 4GraFx, great theme! For now I only have one problem, whatever Main Colour I set doesn’t work. During the page loading it’s the right colour (black) but as soon as it’s done loading it goes back to purple… How can I fix this?

Hi valtline, and thank you for the purchase.

Please open a ticket on our support platform located here: http://4grafx.ticksy.com/


Hi, is it possible to show video on the ‘single item portfolio’ and not just image slider?

Hi CorsaDesign,

You can put there anything that you wish, we put the slider is just for demo purposes.


This theme looks great for a fashion based site I am considering developing. Does it come with an XML file for upload or do I have to follow loose tutorial instructions. Ready to buy immediately!!!!

Hi yellowstonecap,

The theme comes with XML for upload so you can setup you site just like in the demo.


Thank you for the fast response. You just made another customer.

Hi guys! My congratuilations for this awesome and clean work!

Is possible put a logo img instead Logo text? Thank you

Hi JosephDJV and thank you :)

From the admin panel you can put your custom image logo with no problems :) or change the text logo.


Hi, I’ve installed the Revolution Slider, created a slider within the plugin’s admin, created a slider within the theme’s slider posts admin, and even set the homepage slider to Revolution Slider for the homepage within the Theme Options admin, but I still can’t seem to get the slider to display. Can you help me with this? Thanks

Hi rebelgm,

Thank you for the purchase. Please follow the screencast at “Setup guide” section of the documentation and make sure you did not miss anything. If still you don’t manage to make it work please open a ticket on our support platform and provide a temporary username/password ( http://4grafx.ticksy.com/ ).



I’ve bought this theme but it seems to be incompatible with IE8? Looked at my installed theme and your demo theme and both weren’t showing right. Buttons weren’t showing, footer was missing and site was terribly slow.

Already have post an issue on your site 2 days ago.. Please fix.


What’s the status, still old file in download..

We are making the final checks to be sure we have 100% compatibility with the old version. It will be available soon.


Update available! :)

Wondering about the major update you speak of above. My client also needs this to work on IE8. Love the theme and wish we didn’t have to cater to IE8 but the site will definitely be viewed with it. http://ringling.creativeheadsdev.com.


Hi robynd,

The update will be available in the next 24/48 hours top.


Hi Guys I work for the one who bought the theme and I’m working on the site right now.


He didn’t give me the links for the screencasts on how to set up the theme. Can you guys provide me with a line? I get confused on how to add texts on the slider on the homepage.

please don’t mind the comment above..thats for the touchm wp theme. sorry

Another question. How do you edit the Revolution Slider that comes with the XML files. I see the Slider Items section but the pages contained within the Revolution Slider are not on this item. As much as I like RiverS, I think the point of the slider is to be customizable . . . .

See my site for quick reference www.fashionfinancing.net

Hi yellowstonecap,

We have a new version available for RiverS. It has the Revolution Slider fully integrated so it will be easy to customize.


Hello again,

Just checking on the ETA of the update that will, hopefully, fix the IE8 issues. Thank you so much. The theme is awesome.


Hi robynd,

It should be ready today.


If you could let me know when it is ready, I would so appreciate it. That way, I don’t have to keep checking.

Update submitted and it will be ready to download in couple of hours (depending on how fast it will be approved :) ) Sorry for the delay but we wana be sure everything works like it should.