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Hi, I do not want to be impatient, but when do you really plan to publish the update? Six days ago, you said in one or two days, then two days ago it should definitely come. Please do not misunderstand, but date commitments should already be met to boost this awesome theme.

Why is it so important: Currently, most modifications (e.g. footer.php, shortcode.php, page.php etc.) in the theme must hard coded (except CSS via editor). In case of an update, most of these modifications have to be made again. Therefore, I don’t want make any more changes until the update has been installed.

Hi newww,

Update submited and it will be ready to download in couple of hours (depending on how fast it will be aproved :) ) Sorry fo rthe delay but we wana be sure everything works like it should.


Hi this is a beautiful theme. Pre-purchase questions:

1. Can you do custom backgrounds per page/post (in addition to global setting)?

2. I noticed that you have shop templates listed in the features, along with WooCommerce integration. Is it possible that you can update the demo site to reflect these new features, and if so, when would that be available to view?

Thanks, Marlon

Hi Sirocki,

We answer your questions via email. Here is a copy of the answers:

1) No, will consider adding in coming update 2) Yes, full support is added however it needs some amount of work to make properly formatted elements suitable for demo, so it’s not in our priority list for the coming 2 weeks. Will add after that though. 3) It doesn’t come with child theme but fully supports it. So you can create your own one easily. 4) Countdown is intended to be used with under construction page only so making it a shortcode would require additional customizations to the source code 5) Yes


3. Does this come with a child theme?

Answered in your previous comment. Cheers

Hello, Great looking theme. I also have some pre-purchase questions. Sorry for the number of questions and if some seem straight forward, but I’m sure other potential buyers in the future will get insight to your theme based on these inquiries. Thanks for your time.

1.Can the Homepage be customized by adding or removing the elements shown in your demo?

2. Can regular Nivo sliders be used? The multi layered transparent images wouldn’t be nessecary for my needs.

3. Can the icon boxes on your homepage default be images rather than icons, and can each box link to a different external website? Also could 3 boxes be in place rather than 4?

4. Can breadcrumbs be removed?

5. Can the footer be altered to remove Latest News & Latest Tweets and instead have other content or WP Plugins? Also can the navigation in the footer be removed to have a Hosted By text link or designed by text?

6. Can formatted column text & images/videos be placed inside TABS & Accordians?

Hi ryanhamilton,

You answered all your question via email. Also we put a copy of the answers here:

1) Totally, you can have any type and amount of elements there. 2) It’s not necessarily layered, you can choose to have regular transitions by not adding any layers. Alternatively, you can have Flex slider set in homepage. 3) Will need small customization to the code, can link to an external website and can be of any size (2,3,4 cols, etc…) 4) Yes 5) Sure, you can have any widgets there, the ones set are for demo purposes. Copyright text can be easily changed from admin panel. 6) Yes


Sorry, something else I forgot to ask. Is it possible to have multiple portfolios? i.e 4 or 5 separate 3 column ones which would be listed in the main menu drop down ? And can any image be linked to a specific portfolio single page?

Also is there detailed documentation, videos or help forums for this theme?

RiverS comes with a detailed documentation and a screencast for basic setup of the theme.


4. Can the countdown timer used in the “Under Construction” page template be used as a standalone shortcode/page element?

5. Can the image(s) used on the Team Member profile be linkable?

Please respond, need to finalize my purchase decision of this theme by tomorrow.

Answered in your previous comment. Cheers

Hi, i am impatient… because of some bug in the theme and we dont have awnser on the support for 2 weeks ago ..

We need working so please anwser me in your support. Thanks

Hi! Finally I’m going to buy this theme for my customer but I’ve some pre-purchasing questions to ask you:

1) I’ve a fast internet connection but it seems that the background images load slowly. Are you improving this for future update? 2) It’s possible to change footer color? (I think yes but I prefer ask you ;) ) 3) I read that this theme is now ready for WooCommerce. Can we see some preview? How it appear with a shopping cart?

Thank you!

All is ok now, thanks.

Glad to hear that :)

I don’t received any response for my previous questions. Can you help me please? I still background images loading slowly. Thank you.

Hi Joseph, and thank you for the purchase.

Can you please open a ticket on our forum and provide us a live link so we can test it out and see what is wrong?

Support platform: http://4grafx.ticksy.com/



I’d like to know if this theme allows to set individual backgrounds for pages or posts in the content section and if so if it could be a dynamic background as it’s showed in the demo for the web page background.

Also I’d like to know if it could be possible to set the content background color to transparent in order to see the web image background as the content background.


Hi Alden,

The dynamic full-page backgrounds are centralized, as of now it support displaying either in all pages or none of them. We will think of adding such functionality in one of coming updates however. Regarding transparent color, yes you can do that, or better upload a 1×1 pixels transparent bg image so it shows without issues in all browsers (as internet explorer < 9 does not allow alpha color backgrounds).


Hello I posted a question on the support forum. Is there an email as well that I can send? Thanks

Hello, We have just purchased your theme and it seems very useful. However we could not find the visual form builder which is one of the key features that made us buy this theme. can you tell me where can we add custom forms to our web site. Thank you


The twitter feed on this theme seems to have stopped working

Can you please tell me how this can be fixed



Hi armo88,

Twitter has now finally changed the API and at the moment there’s no update available. Unfortunately a lot of themes from ThemeForest suffer from the same issue. We are searching for a good and hope to have one ASAP.


Any news on the Twitter feed update yet?

Sorry, not at the moment.

All Solutions we have found are based on PHP and are not easy to handle … maybe you got some small PHP Knowledges and your Server has PHP Support? Then it will be easy, but all Pages must be turned from HTML in PHP! The other Solution is to include the Default HTML5 Twitter Widget, this can be found directly in your Twitter Account, at the moment that’s the only Solution which also works without PHP …


thanks for letting me know, sound like a real problem. I’ve used a different Twitter solution for the time being.

All right … sorry for the problems, but so many sites have at the moment a problem with this … we think this was a bad decision from Twitter!


hi, how can i change fonts?

and also how can i align slider’s images?

Hi there,

have you opened a Support Ticket?? If not please do it here: http://4grafx.ticksy.com/


my second question is cancelled :)

All right :)

Hi, When I want to add, for example a team member, and has filled out the pop-up box and then press “insert to post”, nothing happens, and it is the same with all of the elements. It seems likes it doesn’t work! What can I do?

Hi OleLarsen,

sorry for the delay! Could you please describe your problem more detailed?? What for a PopUp Box did you mean? In which Extension? Could you please open a Support Ticket and tell us what exact doesnt work? We will do our best to fix this for you :)


My contact form is not working regardless of what email I plug in. Is there a simple fix for this or some way I can trouble shoot the problem?


Nevermind. Fixed. Thx!

Glad to hear that tylerford.