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Very nice and clean theme. Felicitari :)

Thank You! Mersi mult :) .

what are the main differences between Rivers and Touch M?

Design, code build and elements behavior.

what differentiates the code – both themes are built on Zurb’s foundation, right – from your experience, which theme would be easier to convert to a Wordpress theme?

Both are build using Foundation Framework so the converting process depends all on your skills to do that. If you need any more details you can contact us at


Nice design – really like this. Seem to be first to buy, really looking forward to working with this template.

Thank you idwebdesign :) . Let us know if we can help you with anything :)

What do you mean in portfolio sidebar, i can’t see sidebar here, in Blog archive why not use the accordion, I preview this theme in chrome and overlay in sidebar tag not working well, the triangle and square look not synchronous .. :chuckle:

Hi juwitadpr,

Thank you for the interest in our theme. The portfolio sidebar was broken on the demo (fixed now) and a big thank you for pointing that out. The files on theme forest are working like it should :).

In the Blog archive you can use what you want. If you don’t wanna use toggle you can use accordion and vices versa :).

For the tag animation oh hover we will have to find a fix and it will be added in the next update (probably today :) ).


you’re welcome :) I was a new member in ThemeForest, and I’m very interest with your theme. But there are few small things that I could not had to talk yesterday, and apologize if I do too much talking to the design masters. In the element panel item border running normally in the default color, but when I change to other color, border panel color is still not change. And maybe it’s a browser compatibility issues, I preview this theme in chrome, prev and next nav in slider running normally, but in the bullet navigation in bottom the picture is broken (looked square)

Hi juwitadpr,

You are not talking to much and any feedback is welcome since is helping us provide a better experience for our customers. The bullets navigation is a browser compatibility and i will not say it’s broken since it’s working :) . It’s a nice fallback for unsupported functions on chrome. We are working on a solution as i write this. The other problem i can’t identify (element panel item border) so if you please explain more in our forum since there is where we providing support and solutions for our customers and it will help our community have the solution at hand.

Here is the forum:

Thank you again for the feedback! :)


Hi how can i change the twitter account details? looked for it but probably staring me in the face cannot see it . cheers

Update its ok i found it cheers.

oh yes thats I mean, sorry I was wrong to use word “broken” here. for thats problem you can see menu : shortcodes > elements> panels. change the color layout and see the color of the border in the second panel is like that ? Ok. for the next i’ll visit :D

Fixed and live in the the incoming update.


Thanks for great product.

I would like to run Slider Revolution in full width using navbar with arrows next to the bullets. I have changed app.js in your sample as per your comments but buttons and arrows are miss-aligned.

Can your please advise corrections needed!

(Hopefully yours is also miss-aligned – I’m using Firefox 17.0.1)

Hi AceTutor,

Since you and maybe other will like to have the full width slider in the home page here is a small How To>

I hope it helps :).


Hi Again

Regrettably your offer to send me a fix for the slider and answering your support email address above has not been forthcoming as hoped.

Can I ask you to please respond to my repeated requests?

Would be much appreciated.

Kind regards and thanks


Hi AceTutor,

First of all sorry for the delay but i had the impression that i already answer your request. It’s seems that i mistake your email with another customer email. Please to have no more issues with this can you please open a ticket here and i will get back to you as fast as possible.


Hello I’m having an issue with the revolution slider. By the default in your template there’s 5 sliders. When I take away 2 of them. the first slide is displayed scaled horizontally by 50%. It returns back to normal after it cycles back from the last slide.

I tried posting on your support forum. Just thought would have better luck here. Hope you can help. thanks.

It’s ok. I figured it out. Just had to add this to each slide – <img src="images/sliders/sliderrevolution/slides/clear_image_bg.png" alt="" /><!-- used to have a transparent background on sliders and still keep them full width and responsive -->

Hi monophant,

Thank you for the purchase. Sorry for not getting back faster but on week-end we work on slow motion :) .

About your problem. That was the solution but you don’t have to add it to each slide. Add it to 1 slide and it will fix the others :) .

Please let me know if i can help you with anything else.


Great theme !! Any chance of a drupal version ?

Hi Funkville,

At the beginning of the next year :) wil have the Drupal Version Available. Stay Tuned :).


Hi, Good Work !!

I just want to know if there is any release date for a WordPress version ?

Thanks in Advance,


Thank you SkyDeveloppeurs,

We don’t have a release date for RiverS since we are getting ready to release WP for our TouchM theme. After that we will start moving on with the WP version of RiverS.


Awesome, awesome, awesome theme. This theme makes our company look like the big boys. Love it. Great work!

Thank you ijarrett for the kind words and the purchase.

Hi, do you have this PSD included in this download. I would like to mockup everything in PSD before applying it to HTML. Kindly advise as I would really like to purchase this theme.

Hi ZaheerS,

Thank you for the interest in our theme. Unfortunately the only PSD that come with the template are the one used for some of the elements and not a complete mockup. The website was building directly on to HTML using CSS and few images.


Thank you for your prompt response. I will purchase it anyway and do the mockup in HTML directly

Thank you for the purchase :).

Looks really nice. Love it.

I need some customization on your template. Do you offer paid customization?

Please let me know.

Kindly, Jason Beattie

Hi nycentralparktours2011,

Thank you for the nice words and we are glad you like our theme but unfortunately we are not providing paid customization for now.


I’m curious to know if this has SCSS styles or only compiled CSS.

Hi pitt3293

Standard CSS is the default in this theme since a lot of customers are not used to have SASS. We hope in the future when SASS syntaxes will get more popular we will use them.


Is it possible to build multiple page forms in this theme using the shortcodes? What I want to do is design a Project Request form with multiple sections/pages so when client completes one section he clicks button to move on to next section. Is this possible?

Hi idwebdesign

You can build the form but you will need to have a script that will handle all the form that you will visually build with the shortcodes. You can try our WP version of this theme RiverS WP and maybe using some WP plugins can achieve that in a more easy way.


Hi, I have purchased the theme and its excellent. Only thing, how do I change the colour and size of the Twitter Feed text?

Hi ZaheerS

Thank you for the purchase and kind words. To change the color of the text size, color or anything else regarding that you should add this class to the css ” .jta-tweet-text ” (ex: .jta-tweet-text {color:red;})

If you need more support or have any other question please visit our support platform:


Wow, this is GORGEOUS!! It’s just as amazing in iphone/mobile view too! Just two things, is it woocommerce plugin compatible (so can sell a few products/fav ecommerce style) and not sure how you build out/edit the pages (also can demo be imported)...? Seriously One of THE BEST themes i’ve ever seen across the board (and again iphone view big deal for me and SO smooooth!!)

Hi sterlingwilliam and thank you so much for the amazing feedback :).

I see that you will like to implement woocomerce and this is a HTML theme. To do that you will need the WP version of this that can be found here:

Thank you again! Cheers