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and you even put in a Launch page (so when we are building underneath it)?!!! wow AMAZING Just let me know how to build/edit THNKS THNKS and GRT JOB!!

Hey there

Will you update this to Zurb Foundation 4? :)

Hi iParanoia,

For now we need to study the Foundation 4 (since the release is quite new) and see how everything new is affecting our of work. We hope to have a update to foundation 4 soon.


Hi. Amazing template. Can you send me a link to a actual website (not live preview) that was built on this template please? Just need that and then I buy this. Thanks.

Hi urbangipsy,

You can take a look at since i really love the way they used our theme.


thanks this looks great. do you maybe have another one?

Sorry nothing that need mentioned.


Heya, i need to add a menu at the top of the template, so i had to make body margin +30px.

Now the tooltips over the social links on footer isint working well cause of the position. Wich line of the tooltip.js i gotta change to correct that?

Anybody home? Was doing other stuff and im back to the tooltips problem. Only has-tipsy is showing up but also out of position cause of the margin top.


Can you provide us a link link? Also you can use our support platform ( if you don’t wana advertise your website or for future support questions.


FONTS Works in internet explorer 10 perfectyl BUT fonts doesnt work in Google Chrome help please?

Hi dizaynkoloni,

Please open a ticket on our support platform ( and provide us with a live link since tested the demo and it’s working with no issues in all browsers.


Hi, are the PSD files included in the purchase?

Thanks for the info

Hi edu222,

The files don’t contain PSD files since the theme was developed directly in to HTML and CSS but it contains some PSD files for some of the images used (arrows, some icons ).


Please, please consider doing a Joomla version, pretty please….

Many thanks

Hi Tony. We already started working on Rivers and it should be ready soon :)



How to update Font Awesome?


Hi Wender,

Download Font Awesome 3.0 from awesome website. Replace the font folder. Open style1.css and search for the css for the font awesome (it should be between lines 1531 and 1855) and replace with the css from the file downloaded (original font awesome css). Remember for this:

[class^="icon-"]:before, [class*=" icon-"]:before

to add this padding:

padding:0 10px 0 0;

Hope this helps.


Is it possible to put my own logo at the top of the page? Really interested in purchasing this however I would like my own logo where it says ‘Rivers’ in the header?


Hi graememackay

Of course you can put your logo. The “RiverS” is just the name of the theme and is there only for demo purpose. You can change that text to your business name or replaced with a image of your logo.



what plugin are you using for the mobile menu ? is that responsive-nav plugin?

Hi neuropass,

We are using the build in script from Foundation 3. You can ream more here:


Thanks for your reply. Congrats on the template. Fine work.


Hi. I’m using your theme on Everything is good, except for twitter. I don’t understand: js goes fine, but now it give me an error. Can you help me? (twitter account is @storieweb). Tnx in advance.

Hi there,

Twitter has changed the API to display the feed, at the moment it’s very hard to include a Twitter Feed without any knowledges of PHP … sorry about this! If you want, include the default Twitter Widget! Current, this is the easiest way!


Love this theme. We’ve just completed our website using it –

Hey Simon,

nice to see, thank you! I see you have made huge modifications :) very glad that you like it and have modified this way!!!


Hello 4GraFx,

Any update on the progress of migrating this to Foundation 4? We’re at 4.3.1 now so it should be nice and stable.

Thanks John

Hi johnniefp,

we are working on a update, but sorry, we don’t have any plans to upgrade to Foundation4 cause of the completely changed grid system and many many other changed features … also the biggest problem is that IE8 Support has dropped completely ..!! Hope you understand … did you miss something or why you want to update?


Not a major problem.

To be honest I’d have no problem about purchasing it again if there is a major framework bump. e.g. Foundation 3 to Foundation 4

You really ought to make it a company policy that major bumps are paid upgrades – you’d get a lot more recurring revenue and your more serious clients would understand the work involved – those that don’t can just stay on the existing.

Just a thought.

Cheers John

Hi there,

yes, you are fully right …!!! But of course, we will update this Theme so or so, but not with implementing such big features. Only for example, if we want to update it to F4 we could make a full new Theme, it will be nearly exact the same work ;)

Thanks for your understanding!


Hi, I just purchased the theme, and just about done with my site. Is there a reason why the Google maps section in the contact page is not showing any marker? I even copied the default google code with the iFrame method, and still no marker…


Hi there,

sorry for the delay, have you also opened a Support Ticket?? If not, please do :)


Really a cool template! We used it to style our architectural wiki project. Thanks a lot!

WOW!!! Looks really nice :) very glad that you like it, awesome!!

Hi, Great Work …. just a quick question … Is there any chance upgrading to foundation 5???

Best Regards GC

Hi cavaliotis,

thanks so much :) but sorry, unfortunately this isn’t possible, they have changed so much that all have to been renewed … but Foundation3 is also a very good Choice ;)


What happened to the Joomla template?

Hi Mazzitech,

We are still working on the update. Sorry for the delay.


Do you have a new estimate, my client is driving me nuts asking me every day

Don’t have a precise date but we are trying to release it at the end of the week. Sorry to hear about the issues.



I don’t see Joomla! tags on articles. How can I show them?

Hi crealiagroup,

This is the HTML version. In case you bought the Joomla version please open a ticket here: Thank you.