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Wow, amazed! I would like to have it as a WP theme along with woocommerce…

We’ll bring it very soon as WP theme if we find the right support. Thankyou!

Thousands of votes for WP from me… :-D

Out of interest did I find the right support for WP yet? Stunning file it deserves to be coded!

Yeah, we have our developers, it’s just a matter of time before we bring it as a WP theme. Anyways thankyou very much for you interest and appreciation.


could you give us an estimated time frame for WP version, please?


Hi there, any updates on WP version, please?

Hi kriszta, firstly we apologize we couldn’t give you feedback earlier. We had in mind to bring the WP version immediately after we made the PSD but we had some issues with developers. So we gathered a professional team for wordpress themes.

They’ve already started working on the WP version of the theme and giving their best to come up with something great.

P.s: The HTML version it’s almost finished, so if you’re interested stay tuned.

Thankyou for your understanding!

Thanks, and thumbs up!

Hi there, any update on WP version, please? Thanks!

hello, it is very interesting your project, it’s compatible with Adobe CC? Thanks!