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Are there any plans for adding shortcodes that would work with listing RoadRunners events and artists in other themes? (By this I mean as they list in

I like the functionality of the RoadRunners plugin, but would prefer not to replicate your code in order to use the plugin with a different theme.



Hi Mike,

Unfortunately there are no plans for this, since it was only meant to be used with the RoadRunners theme.

I know its not good practice to make plugins this way, and one that I’ve since moved on from :)

Sorry about that!


I would like to set up a static page with all my latest posts just exactly like as if put “your homepage as your latest posts” from the customize menu. So I would like to leave a static page as my homepage but create a separate page that shows the “your latest posts” feature.

Would really appreciate it if you could help me out on this. Seems so simple yet I’ve been driving crazy to find out how to do it!

Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul,

Log in to WordPress and head over to Settings -> Reading, You’ll see a setting for choosing a Static Front Page. Simply select whatever page you need as your front page and a different page (usually an empty page) as your posts page. Then hit “Save Changes”.


Hey there,

I have some problems with the theme (

1) The date is in english. How can I change it to german? 2) The blog is also in english (“click to view post”, “visit the blog page”).

Thanks for your help!


All strings can be translated using software such as PoEdit, using the provided .PO files found in the theme and plugin’s Languages folder.

Alternatively, you can use the WordPress Multi-lingual (WPML) plugin. The theme comes with a WPML configuration file to make it compatible.


It’s not possible doing it this way!

Why? It’s the recommended way of translating a theme. The only other way is to edit the theme files directly, which is generally not recommended.

You can also change your date format from your WordPress dashboard by going to Settings -> General.

Hi there!

I have a few questions.

1) Is there a way to add another “Custom Content Section”. Now it refers to the page “Home” as described in the manual. Or maybe I am overseeing something? All of the other pages in the demo-content like artist archives are not part of the one-page layout and I don’t know how to make them part of it.

2) Is there a way to change the order of artists in the artist-section?

3) How can I change the size of the gallery images? Mine are not square but rectangular and show up a bit too small now.

4) Is there a way to get rid of the “author” in the testimonials/quotes. I would just like it to be tagline.

You can take a look at my work in progress at

Kind regards,


If you go to Appearance -> Editor, you can edit the file named section-artists.php and change the query slightly, so that it looks like this:

$artists = new WP_Query( 'post_type=rr_artists&order=DESC&posts_per_page=' . esc_attr( intval( $roadrunners_artists_posts ) ) );

This adds “order=DESC” to reverse the order they are displayed.

Let me know if that helps.


Thanks! I noticed that the artist section also works as posts and that it displays first what was “posted” the most recent. I can work like that too. Thanks for your response. Great theme!

There are many ways to order posts. Check here for a complete list :)


How do I create sub-items for the main menu? I have set the custom menu and placed my sub items as per usual.


This theme doesn’t support dropdown menus (as mentioned in the docs). They can be easily implemented though by CSS, or via a plugin such as this:



I’m experimenting a bit with your theme, and have some questions for which i cannot find an answer: 1. Where can I change the stylesheet details?I know where to find the ‘styles.css’ page in Appearance -> editor, but apart from some comments, it is empty. I already investigated on the internet, and changed the permissions to 777, but it still remains empty. 2. How can i replace the orange triangular lines that act as page separators on the one-page something custom-made? 3. How can i change the font of the testimonial section? The default font is very big, and i would like to make it smaller. 4. Is it possible to change the text field in the ‘custom’ section to something where i can put carriage returns, bulletpoints or something else? For the moment it is just a simple textfield, which makes my text hard to read.

Thank you very much, Michael

Hi Michael,

1. All the main styles can be found in main.css in the CSS folder. However, you should use a child theme for making any changes that override the original theme’s CSS. You can use your browser’s developer tools to find the styles you need to change.

2. The graphic for the orange divider can be found in the images folder of the theme’s directory. You can replace them with whatever you need :)

3. You can use the following CSS to change the testimonial font size:

.testimonial blockquote {
    font-size: 30px;

4. You can click on Edit Page from your WordPress toolbar to edit the custom section of the page. It will display whatever you put in the visual editor (like regular posts), including lists and shortcodes.

Thanks! - Dan.

Thank you for the fast feedback, this helps!


Renxx1 Purchased


I would like to use this template as minimal as possible – as one page template. On Artist page I dont want to enable links to singular pages, but if I disable it, then on the main page there I can see only 2 lines of my text.

How to make all the text visible in main Artist page?


That sounds unusual… Can you provide a link so I can try and help? You can contact me privately via my Profile Page if you prefer.



Renxx1 Purchased

I sended an privat message to you. Thank You for your help.

Thanks. I replied via email :)


Hi all

I have buy Schoolfun theme on themeforest.

The zip contain only 2 folder : doc and html The html folder : 3 folder -> blue green and maroon

I put by FTP the maroon folder on wp-content/themes/ and wordpress say that the CSS file don’t exist ant I can install your theme.

On your documentation ( it’s write : Do not upload the entire file you get from Cubicthemes, upload the “schoolfun” folder only.

I don’t find this folder on the zip uploaded.


This is the comments page for RoadRunners WordPress theme. I believe this the item you are looking for:


Incredible, I pay for this theme and it was only a template. The all theme was on cubic website !!! Thx it’s the last time I pay on Themeforest for something !

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with this, but as I said earlier, this is not even the correct theme… Perhaps contacting Envato directly might help:


Hi, how to remove artists section and how can i add video section? I want to add youtube videos in video section. Please help me


Sections can be removed unber the Homepage Layout tab in the theme options panel.

To add youtube videos, I would advise using the Custom section for this and pasting your YouTube URLs in there.

For more information on how a custom section works, please refer to the theme’s documentation, which can be found inside your download package.