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2 Questions…

1. how can i delete the footer widget area (There is currently no Widgets in this area. Why not add some?)

2. how can i add individually menue (navigation) points? like Infos -> and link it with a normal single page…

hello question 2 is solved… please feedback for question 1. thx


You don’t need to worry about that notice, you visitors won’t see it, it’s just for admins :)

But if you want to completely remove the footer altogether, I can provide you with some simple CSS code.


Hi ! I’ve bought the RR theme and I’m very happy to use it. I’ve a problem with the events. I only see the demo content events on the main page and on the events archive page. I’ve created my own events, but they do not appear on theses pages. Thanks for your help !


Each of your events needs to have an event date. Be sure to fill out the “Event Date” field when creating events otherwise the theme will ignore them and not display them.

If this is not the case, then please provide me with WordPress access to your site and I’ll be happy to take a closer look. You can contact me privately via my Profile Page.


Yes, that’s it ! The date must be indicated in US format in the new event, even if the Wordpress date format is in French. Many thanks for your help !

Yes :)

Sadly I was unable to change the date format for the setting itself, but the front end will always use your chosen date format :)


Hello :)

I have some Problems with the Gallery Section and the Artist Page… There are some blank spaces….. See the pictures below:

How to fix that? Have removed all images and added all new… but still this problem..


The artists overview page is supposed to have spaces between each artist. It doesn’t look good without them. If you need to remove them however, I can provide some CSS that will help.

The images in your gallery all need to be the same size in order for them to fit next to each other properly. The size I’m using for my demo site is 576×576 pixels.


me again . sorry.

1. how can i reduce the distance between the healdine and the “bands” the is a lot of space….

2. aaand where can set the opacity of the mobile navigation bar/background?


This CSS should help you with the dropdown menu opacity:

@media (max-width: 1024px) {
  #main-navigation ul li a { background: rgba(0,0,0,0.25); }

Again, just adjust the value to your needs :)


sorry…. this is my css -> it takes no effect?

/** * MAIN NAVIGATION */ #main-navigation ul { display: inline; float: right; padding: 0; margin: 0; } #main-navigation ul ul { float: none; } #main-navigation ul li { display: inline; line-height: 30px; margin-left: -3px; }

@media (max-width: 1024px) { #main-navigation ul li a { background: #e2007a; } }

main-navigation ul li a {

display: inline-block; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 700; color: #fff; text-transform: uppercase; padding: 24px 25px 26px 25px; -webkit-transition: all 0.6s ease; -moz-transition: all 0.6s ease; -o-transition: all 0.6s ease; transition: all 0.6s ease; } #main-navigation ul li a:hover { -webkit-transition: all 0.05s ease; -moz-transition: all 0.05s ease; -o-transition: all 0.05s ease; transition: all 0.05s ease; } #mobile-menu { display: none; float: right; position: relative; top: 6px; } #mobile-menu i:before { color: #fff; font-size: 24px; }


If you can provide me with WordPress access to your site, I’d be happy to take a look.

You can reach me privately via my Profile Page.


Hi there! I absolutely love the theme. But i do have a question. I would like to add multiple images in the form of a slider. I saw somewhere in these comments you could provide the code that needs to change. i would love to be able to use more than 1 image at a time for the first section. Could you provide me with the same code? Or is it possible to make it into a slider any other way?

Hi Marijke,

If you can email me WordPress access to your site, I’d be happy to take a look. You can message me privately via my Profile Page.


Thanks! I send you an email ;)


I replied to your email :)


Hey, my main image is not responsive… the main image…

Can you help…

I figured the background music out its fine… How do I change the custom word to something else on the navigation..please reply ASAP! thanks

FOUND IT no worries

That’s great :)

If you need more info on something specific, take a look through the theme’s documentation.


Hello, I’m trying to find the way to traduce into French the months displayed by the rr Events Calendar, no way… it stays blocked on English. However, the wp general settings are set on French, and the .po & .mo of wp contain the month translations right.

Ok, I continue the discussion here. In fact using the .po/.mo files is already done… the works for the theme (not for everything, like some page names, but for most of it), but the .mo that was generated with poedit (free version) for the event plugin languages file does not. Neither for editor interface, nor for the dates, but I guess this last thing is normal because there is just not any month name on it.

And I’m not used to that software enough to know if it’s possible to directly enter the months names in the edited .po file (left column “Original text”). I’ve just tried the Weglot translation plugin too, but it’s all the same, the months are still in English.

Oh, and I detected a second little issue: the anchor for the events section makes the automatic scrolling stop to soon. Compared to the other sections, which have about 1cm between the navbar and the title at their stopping point, the event section shows about 6-7cm! :)


Apologies for the late reply, It’s been a hectic new year. Happy new year btw :)

Just been digging through the code and noticed that there isn’t actually any translations for the datepicker. The plugin uses the Custom Meta Boxes library (CMB) and loads up the jQuery UI datepicker for the calendar, which isn’t included in any .PO files.

If you can provide me with WordPress access to your site, I have a slightly modified version of the script where you can customize the month names. Feel free to contact me privately via email.


I’ve set up events and sub pages for each event, but when clicking through to the event the menu at the top not correct and I can’t find where to change it. In addition, if an event is marked as “Private Party”, the menu disappears.

Here is a link to a regular event (with the wrong top menu):

Here is the way it is displayed if set to “private event”:

I would like either no top menu on all event pages (without having to mark them all as “Private Party”), or at least the same menu as the home page ( I don’t want Events Archive, Artists Archive, Sample Page, etc. How can I fix this?


Your main navigation menu is configured in Appearance -> Menus. The menu will be the same on every page except ones that use the “one-page” template. This page will automatically create a menu for same-page navigation. You can go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Site Header Settings to configure this.


I created the single event pages under the “Events” section. There is no option on those pages to choose the “one-page” template, or any other template. I went into Site Header Settings but that is where I customized the main navigation menu and none of the changes effect the event pages (only the main page).

I did check the “Main Navigation” and “Main Navigation – Inner Pages” boxes under Appearance->Menus and that now causes event pages to use the menu located there so that has fixed my problem for now.


Yes, you can do it that way. Checking the “Main Navigation – Inner Pages” will display your menu on all pages that don’t use the one-page template. This includes Event and blog pages.


Hello, how are you? I got the template and I’m having trouble with the menu.

How can I use the same menu that is on Home, in other pages, as in Artists?



I could hard-code the tag cloud in your footer’s first column, but that will require a little bit of theme modification. Let me know if you would like me to go ahead and do it.


For now do not have to worry, I’ll post another question soon to see if there is a solution.



No problem :)


I created a “Blog” page, but I do not know which template I choose to stay in the Demo: Http://

The options are: Default Template, Debug, Home-Page, Page-Artists, Page-Events, Page-Full width and Page Full width Narrow. But none that I select appears as yours.

The Default Template is the one that most closely resembles: Http://

But the posts do not appear.

I got it! thanks

Great! Let me know if you need anything else.


Please, is there a way to change the way the date appears in the event?

Because 02/04/2017 in Brazil, we do not understand that the event is on February 4th, we understand that it is on April 2, because our date format is “dd / mm / yyyy”



I replied. Try saving dates in your events. I was able to do it without any issues.


Thanks, I rated you 5 stars. There is little to finalize the site, but maybe I still have some questions until finalizing

Thanks! Much appreciated.


I’m having difficulties with changing the currency, when I choose € it does not stick. The events page seems not to work. I chose the page-events template when making the events page. When making a new event the date does not stick. Can you help me with this?

Grts, Hans


Is it changed when viewing the front end of your site, or the back end (where you enter a price in the text field)?


It will not stick in the general options page; currency symbol.

Check the front end (view an event) and it should still be set to Euro. I just logged in and can confirm it was still Euro.

The options panel says Dollar still… I’ll look into this and see why.


Hello, I created the main news page: Http://

When you access it, the 3 published news appear, but when I click on one of them, how do I go to a page with only the news I clicked? Because when I click the 3 news items appear again


See how you’ve got “Custom Structure” selected in your permalinks? This will make every post link to a category. You should change it to “Post Name” for linking to work properly.



Welcome :)

Hello, how to organize the order that the gallery images will appear? Drag and drop is not working on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.


It seems to be a problem with SMOF and the latest version of WordPress. I’ll have a look into it over the weekend for a fix, but for now you’ll have to delete the images and re-insert them manually in the order you want.

Sorry about that!


Ok, I’m waiting


I got your road runner theme yesterday and was setting it up for my daughter. She has a round logo that when put into the site shows on the microphone. I want to know where in the files can I go to move the logo up towards the top of the page more? if you go to you can see what I mean. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you Carlos


The ideal size for your background image should be at least 1920 pixels wide to accomodate for large desktop screens. The more content in the header, the more zoomed out the background image will get, this is because the background has been set to cover the entire header as not to leave any blank space.

I replied to an email from you regarding this. Here’s what I sent:


Thanks for getting in touch.

You can fine tune the position of your logo using CSS. In the WordPress admin bar at the top, click on Customize. Once the customizer has loaded up, at the bottom of the menu, you’ll see an option called Custom CSS (or something similar depending on your language). You can enter the following CSS code in here and you should see your changes as you make them:

#home-page-header { padding-top: 100px; }

You can adjust the value to your own needs. Click on Save Changes when your happy with it then close the customizer.

Hope this helps :)

Dan thank you so much your support is impeccable I will more people were like you


That really means a lot. Let me know if you run into any other issues.