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Is this theme still maintained? Last response was 5 month ago.

Hi, right now i am supporting any questions that you have about the theme. I dont plan to extend the product beyond what was published but if you feel you can, feel free too! If any bugs come up i fix them as soon as i can.

How can i add a normal posts in robust q&a

Not sure what you mean by normal posts. Posts are handled like questions with this theme. You can still create a page and have that be the same but posts are questions and comments are answers.


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How can I set it so that each question has to be manually approved by me before it goes live?

This works only if you edit the avatar via the /my-account/edit-profile/ part of each user account. Uploading via wp admin will not set. It is set another way. I have confirmed that this method works as designed.


rajodah Purchased

I am trying to edit it in the edit-profile page but it still shows the default avatar. The 6 default avatars have been replaced and they show up at the bottom to choose from but when i select it they dont change, instead it shows the original ones.

Two things to check.

1. Do you have an image uploaded to the avatar? If so this will supersede the default ones below. Just click the red X icon and remove it.

2. You might have some browser cache of the old images. You could try to do a hard refresh of your browser to try to resolve this.

Hi i would like to use this theme with wp answers plugin, will there be any problem , will you provide me refund/support if there is any issue

This will not work with other systems, it is a theme that works with the WP core. It is meant to be stand alone, but you can add some plugins, not all plugins are guaranteed to work with it.

member can ask a questions and can answer?

so standart user can add answer ? and can add questions?

Hi, out of the box yes a user can ask and answer questions. You can enable it so that admin or experts can only answer questions and only users can ask.

Hello, I installed the theme on WP. When I try to ask a question or go to the sign up form it says 404 page not found. How Can I fix this?

Hi, were you able to install the theme with the provided instructions? It is important that all of the pages are installed to make the theme work. I would double check the steps and make sure that they are all completed. Regards -esterndesign

Hello, I went through the setup process. But I got the 404 error when trying to submit a question or create an account. I tried to uninstall the theme and reupload it but wordpress saved the settings so it wouldn’t allow me to go through the setup process again. I messaged wordpress to reset the database so I could completely reset the theme but they couldn’t help.

I would like to keep this theme I just don’t know how to make it work.If there is anything you can do please let me know.

Thank you!

The one thing that i would double check would be the permalinks and how they are described in the setup. Can you double check that they are setup correctly here? This would possibly cause 404 pages if the names were not setup correct. Also check that the permalink names for these pages were setup correctly.

How can I hide content from non members? The built in function doesn’t seem to work. Thank you.

Hi, do you mean that you dont want to let anyone see posts until they register? This is currently not a function that is out of the box.

You can set it so that users can only ask questions but not answer them and that experts or admins can only answer. This is the only out of box function for controlling answers on questions. For a user to become an expert you have to promote them in the settings menu in the profile section of the app for an admin. You can select from any of the users to promote or demote.

Hope this helps


Thank you! I found a plugin that worked with the theme and suited my needs.

I do have an issue with the HTML formatting. When I add text to the “ask-a-question” page it doesn’t use the correct formatting. See example:

Could you please help me correct this?

Thank you!

I have an issue with the HTML formatting. When I add text to the “ask-a-question” page it doesn’t use the correct formatting. See example:

It is doing this on several pages, Text will not wrap around an image and Will not space the text. The biggest issue is the formatting of the answers. If I provide an answer with spaces and lines it just runs everything together.

Could you please help me correct this?

Thank you!

This looks like you modified the page to have some description under the page title. It is not in standard template: You can see it in the working sample of the theme demo here:

I would double check that there is nothing updating these pages.

I understand, I removed the text from the page.

My biggest issue now is with the text wrapping around an image.

Here is an example of the issue:

Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong.

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