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GENIAL ! Thanks for excellent job Bluz. I back and buy the worpress theme too.

Thanks mate :).

Hi Bluz,

i purchased for your freebie called robust 5-1. Excelent job, thanks a lot for sharing with us!!.

In safari and firefox don´t have problem, but i have a problem in the nav menu. you know, as usual with IE. I need to help me. please! its doesn´t work propertly. when the menu have more than 3 sub-leves. is impossible to click on each item. its there any solution? may you help me?

If a have do something for you or donate please let me know. Greetings, and sorry for my bad English.

Please read the 4th support note on my profile page:

I would like access to the support forums for the Robust HTML template. There are no postings there yet, but I am hoping that you can help me with the contact form. I can’t seem to get it to work although I followed your instructions on the php documentation. Sim[le change, but not working :(. Thanks for any help!

PS How much would it cost to upgrade to the CMS version?

There is no upgrade discounts as the pricing is not set by me. Themeforest set the prices and they are the only one that can provide a discount.

You can’t get support for this template because you didn’t buy it. I only provide support for paying customers (Free file of the month does not count as a paying customer).


PS My host is using PHP 5 .2. Thanks

I really like this site. Nice work. Is there a way to make the Colorbox light box show a gallery of images?

The way it’s set up now, if the portfolio page shows 6 images on the page and you click on one, the light box shows a gallery of the larger images.

Can it be made to hold images each of which is a gallery of different images?

Hi Bluz. Really great work. I purchased the Robust CMS version which obviously has your front end/template. Any chance you could assist with editing the Index page or would I have to contact O. for that?

Thanks again!


was reviewing the files to change language and I found the following route:

admin/modules/auth/forms/users/levels/0.xml or 1.xml

and I realized that there are features that are not default on the website and I can add those options, Yahoo, MSN , Phone, etc..

Besides the user to add a mobile number in the contact form?

thank you very much

he i need buy u CMS but, need change something else, I explain graphically if you can make these changes? and pay cost?

Hi I bought this a while back and just downloaded it to finally use…great layout…BUT…in internet explorer the page title and tagline do not show up (the black text bubble is just minimized and empty – tagline not visible at all) it works fine in all other browsers…but I need this to work in i.e. as well…do you have a fix? I just downloaded today your latest file versions. Thanks

Bluz, I have your free download Robust 5 in 1 Business Template. Used it as a sample design for my new client. They have agreed to my proposal and will be starting the project soon. They like your design. Once I receive payment I will be paying for a download and will also pay for the wordpress theme.

I need to change the design just a little on the top of the page. I will move a graphic logo to the top – add some social icons to the far right, and then have the menu under the logo. I want the ability for more menu items and a larger logo, so this will work nicely.

My problem is getting the menu to center. I will wait to ask for your help with this once I purchase the theme.

Thank you.

Bluz, I have purchased both your html template and your wordpress theme. I am working on the html template now. I want to place a larger logo image at the top left; a couple social icons to the far right of the logo; move the menu below the logo. I was hoping to center align the menu, but haven’t figured that out, so I may left align or right align the menu.

My first problem is the logo. I am having problems with it in IE 8 . The logo shows up in other browsers, but not IE8 . I think it must have something to do with the size, because the original logo works.

I saw a note about adding this code: <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8” /> I added that code and thought it fixed the problem, but when I looked again, I still have the problem with IE8 . ARGGGG !

Please help. I’ll keep testing. Thanks.