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Very polished work Bluz – Great value too – Kudos!

I’m very tempted to buy, but I’d like to decrease the padding from the logo to the top of the page – in essence shorten the header. After inspection with Firebug, it appears the header bg (sub-bg.jpg) is one image with the same height. Can the distance be shortened in code?


Hi sticker, I can do this as a custom work for you if you’ll buy it. but for now I’ll keep it like this.

Thanks :)

Congratz man finally got approved :D good luck

Thanks man! :)

Nice work. Good luck with sales Bluz.

Thanks a alot man :)

No problem. What will be your next theme?

Kind regards

I don’t know yet, be sure to follow me to be the first to know of any future theme I release.

Theme purchased. I will email you in the next few days with my header requirements – shouldn’t be too complicated.


...Email sent!

Real nice. Polished and professional. Best of luck with sales.

Any plans on a WordPress version?

Thanks and yes a wordpress version is planned depending on the HTML template sales. :)

Follow if you want to be one of the first to know when it will be released.

Thank you :)

Just a quick note to say thanks Bluz for the header help.

Much appreciated!

Your welcome :) Glad to help.

Great Theme, I really like it! I’m new to setting up blogs and I purchased it not knowing that It would not work for a wordpress blog. Is there anything I can do about that?



You need to contact suppot about it. there is nothing that I can do for you as an author.

Thanks for likeing the theme

Great theme! I did not buy yet, because i’m waiting for wordpress version :P

A wordpess theme is currently in the makeing and should be out soon :)

how do I get it to show up in list view only (no option for grid view)?

stupid question nvm

Great theme. Has anyone tried to modify the footer so that it sticks to the bottom on short pages?

I actually stop making sticky footer for my themes because it hurt the footer “height:auto;” feature. But I think that I will still look good on short pages.

Why do pages not print? If there is a lot of text on page, only 1st page prints then all blank pages…

is there a print css?

There is no print.css file for this site.

Hi Bluz,

I just purchased your template and was wondering if there was any way of moving the navigation under the rolling images and under the yellow box? Just that we don’t want it to sit at the top next to the logo but lower under the about us comment.

Thanks so much, Jeremy

Looks nice, but the live preview isn’t working for me.

What browser are you using ?

try view the wordpres version instead:

Hi Bluz,

The footer on the website doesn’t stay on the bottom of the page. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks, Jeremy

show me

Here’s the FTP address It’s on the projects page. The footer doesn’t sit on the bottom and there is a white gap. Also is there a way to stop the footer jumping when you look at the different tabs in the project page?

what browser are you using because I’m seeing the footer sticked to the bottom.

And the answer to the second question is no. The footer goes up and down according to the dynamic changes of the page’s height.


I’ve sent you a link to a page I’m having difficulty with through you profile.

I can’t post clients name on a public forum.

Can you have a look and get back to me please.


Check your email.

Yes, problem seems to have corrected – thanks

No problem :)