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Great templates!

Thanks doktorsky :)

the file you linked to is a CMS version of the template that also includes a shopping cart. there’s also a wordpress version.

Hi BLuz, thanks for the freefile, i love it!! very much appreciated here!! Eugenie

No worries man :) enjoy!

Very nice theme. Thank you for sharing.

No problem :)


i want to buy robust html template. but at home page i want 60 % image & 40 % typing area like this , where images & typing at same image

1. You don’t need to buy it, it’s free till the end of december. 2. I don’t offer customization to this template at the moment and I also don’t offer customizations for free.



Great work!! I love it!

Thanks :)

Downloaded it. thank you PAZ .

My pleasure.

Great looking template, good work. Downloaded it as free file of the month. Many thanks my friend !


I seen this file back in November and fell in love. I was jumping for joy when it was free. Thank’s for the great file!

No problem!

The theme looks awesome, and i’m very happy that it’s free, so thanks for that Bluz! However, there’s just 1 problem: I can’t get it to run. Is it possible that its not compatible with the latest WP update?

Hi mitch,

I’m sorry to inform you but this is NOT A WORDPRESS , this is an HTML TEMPLATE .

If you do want the wordpress version you can get it here:

Very nice Template,

How can I add more fields to the contact form?



Holy crap, I can’t believe I overlooked that….

Ah well, at least that solves a lot of my troubles…



Really damn nice job!!

Thanks! :)

Thanks Bluz, nice work and Merry Christmas to you!

I loved this theme, so I signed up to get the free file. Misunderstood, just like someone here above, thought it was WP-compatible. sniffle

Question … will there, in the future, be any file for free that is for WP, or only those other ones?

I’m just an ordinaryperson, and cannot afford to pay any bucks for a theme at this point, but this Robust was really great! Hats off for good job, and Merry Christmas!

I had a boring one-page website to redesign yesterday. I downloaded this file for free and it worked perfectly for my needs. I got lucky that the red skin matched the red in my logo perfectly. I ended up turning a site that looked like a poorly made MS Publisher flier into an attractive 4 page website in less than 2 hours.

This was really easy to use with Dreamweaver the documentation is easy to follow. Thanks for a great, clean-looking site! Nice and simple, not too much distracting fluff. Just the essentials – I think it’s great. :-)

I’m still adding some finishing touches, but here is the site I made with this file. Swift Refund

Thanks for you kind words, I’m glad you like my template and that it came as a good use for you. :)


Very Good, I love it. :D