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Can you share the fonts used for the things like logo please? I would like to find them.

Thanks Bro!

It’s all in the documentation.

Wonderful theme, thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Enjoy it! :)

Nice Theme! Thanks! :-)

Cheers, Dan

the contact form has an error? I just can’t get it to work!


I absolutely love this theme.

I joined an downloaded the free version so I could use it on my portfolio site…but, like others, I misunderstood that it is an HTML site.

I looked at the demo again, and noted the link to the Blog; I don’t mind using an HTML based designed, but on what platform is the blog run if not wordpress?

As is the case when mere mortals try and understand the work of design and programing genius…I’m confused :confused:

Would you clear that up for me please?


Good job Bluz, nicely done!

Got a question, actually need some tips on preparing this template for Wordpress! I know you got the WP theme version already, but I want to learn in converting HTML templates to WP theme, specifically learning rules by this nicely done template…

Thanks & cheers

i cant find the orange css where is it ….

jQuery name: jquery latest version: 1.4.4 (view older versions)1.2.3, 1.2.6, 1.3.0, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.4.0, 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.3 load request: google.load(“jquery”, “1.4.4”); extras: uncompressed:true (as in google.load(“jquery”, “1.4.4”, {uncompressed:true}); path: path(u): site: note: 1.2.5 and 1.2.4 are not hosted due to their short and unstable lives in the wild…

Não é compatível ao coloca-lo desaparece a div

ul.sf-menu {background:url(images/orange/nav-left.png) no-repeat top left;} #nav-finish {float:right; background:url(images/orange/nav-right.png) no-repeat top right; width:8px; height:35px;}

Thank you so much for the freebie. Much success to you in the New Year!

No problem. Happy new year.

I cannot get the contact form to work either, i followed the instructions, but nothing has come through.

Make sure your server runs php 5 and that the email didn’t turn out in your spam folder.

Hello i know you offer a advanced php cms version of this theme.

Can you please post the requirements for this cms:

which php version? need a mysql database? and so on.

Thinking about ordering this!

I did not develop the CMS version with the shopping cart. Please refer to it’s author.

Hi, thanks for sharing this theme, i have a problem though.

Iam developing a website in Greek (language) and the greek characters cannot be displayed at some parts and at some other do. Everything comes from the database and encoding is fine. (The title again, at the white bar over the image wich cannot be displayed also, images name in English) (The title is not displayed)

Can you please help??

Thank you in advance,


It crashed to me! My wordpress version is 3.03 and the error messages are as followings: (omit)

Sorry, I didn’t notice that it’s a non-wordpress work. As I just opened it up as HTML , it works. thank you

Dear Bluz

Thanks for sharing this wonderful theme.

I have downloaded and tried to modify it but I have a problem with the fonts. I need to write the text in greek language. I changed the charset to windows – 1253 and I could have greek to paragraphs but I have problem with the headings. I tried to modify the fonts in the style css file but I can’t make it work.

Do you have any advise of what can I do ?

I thank you in advance for your answer.



@TerryPag, I have the same problem, I have just realised that the problem is the font! What i will do is not to change the charset because it has to be utf8 to write greek, i will try and change font family.

I f the author can give us another solution, it will be great! thanks

To both of you,

The font in the heading is a Cufon font that doesn’t support greek. You can create your own font, read this tutorial:


Hi again, can you please tell me how to change the fonts to calibri, because i cannot find what to replace…


i have set up the contact form and it worked once, but now it just sends an email with this in the message:

From: ; Email: ; Message:

Am i missing something, I didn’t change anything but the email.

I installed this with a CMS .. but i am having problems with the image-loader…

the .gif (loader) just keeps on spinning on a few pages.


where is the preloader js located??

Hello; I got this theme at the end of 2010 when it was free. I really enjoy the template.

I’m currently using the theme for my portfolio site. My domain is through godaddy. I’m Forward/masking the domain (with godaddy) to my site that is also currently hosted through Godaddy.

-ON ALL of browsers (Chrome google, Safari, Firefox, both PC and MAC ) except for IE8 the site shows up. On IE 8 it shows just a blank page.

-Godaddy says it has something to do with the coding of the page. I have two other domains that I Forward/mask to the site and they work. however they don’t use as much javascripting.

- I did a mock index.html page with just txt under the same domain name the page shows the txt in IE8 .

-Could there be a conflict with the javascripting and the Forward/masking?

Please Help. I’ve spent several hours trying to pin-point the problem.

Thank you for your time.

My lightbox quit playing vimeo videos one day… I have been experimenting with some plugins so I deactivated all of them to be safe. I am about 90% sure it was the WP3 .1 update that broke the lightboxes. Is there a patch or workaround?

My site is


from what it seems you haven’t bought my theme but if you did then I’m uploading an upated that should fix this problem.

It should be up in 24/hours, I hope.

Purchased Feb 2, 2011 Item Purchase Code: a79c0bc8-9783-46d1-9a2f-cae9f1f16dba

I’ll check back Monday to see if the update is up yet. Thanks for the fast response!

There appears to be a problem with the headings not appearing in IE9 . I think it may a javascript error as I think the tabs are not working as well. Have you seen this error yet?

This solved the IE9 Headings issue: Here is the fix:

1. Open every HTML file you have from the template.

2. Paste the following code inside your tag.
<meta content="IE=8" http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" />

3. Done.

Now what’s the problem with the tabs?