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Aloha Egemenerd,

Loving the theme. Is there a way to get a video player in the cool top menu?

Thanks, Tony


Sorry but there isn’t any feature like that.

If you need customization;

Hello, first congratulations for this amazing theme.

I have problems with [TabGroup], is it possible that you can only add them once? When I put on more than one home page only works in one of them, the rest of the titles is just not in it.

Personalize display the [TabGroup] but only the visual part.

What can be causing this problem?

Hi, If you update the theme, you will see that there isn’t any tab shortcode in Rock4life anymore… So I suggest you search for a plugin…

it works fine with wpml plugin? mp3 files are secure from downloading by users?

thank you


No,it doesn’t supports wpml plugin and there isn’t any special protection for mp3s..

Hello I wanted to know if it is possible to have one image split across each page panel. I know each would need its on image and I tried splitting it up but the problem is when you resize the the window it will resize each panel and throw the image off. Is there a way to resize all images together to scale?


You know this is a responsive theme. Image sizes calculated by javascript according to the screen size. Script also center them. So sorry, it is impossible to do that for all screens/devices…

Hi, I’m setting Rock4life theme up for a client. I’m trying to get the front page looking like demo. I have check other comments and followed the direction but for some reason still not working on my site? 1. I have changed settings page (Reading) 2. Selected the ‘Homepage’ template selection on the page 3. Added both a feature image and image in content panel Not shore what I’m missing here? If you could help would be appreciated – Thanks

If you send me your wp admin link username and password via contact form on my profile page, I can find what you are missing :)

Is there anyway to add social icons to the header area next to the menu icon?

Sorry there isn’t any feature like that.

1) You can search for a plugin. For example (I didn’t test this plugin, I just googled. You can find more on Google. );

2) You can hire a web developer to make a custom solution;

We can see the google font url in 320 view. How do I share screenshot?

Please use contact form on my profile page. You can send your website link.

Sent the bug across and sent the link as well. Thanks.

I didn’t get any email from you…

Did you use this page?;

If yes and if it doesn’t work, you can use the following contact form;

Thanks man! Getting great response with our rock4life site:

really rocks

Thanks, glad to hear that :)

Is it possible to have different background in the index page than the rest of the site?

Mükemmel Tema arkada?lar.

Thank you :)


Can you make multiple gallery pages and do menus support more than one item in the dropdown?

Kind regards,


-You can make unlimited photo gallery with gallery shortcode but you can make only one filterable video/photo gallery page


installable zip file gone? trying to update..

When you click “Main file(s)” or “Installable Wordpress file” link, you will get a zip file.You don’t need to unzip it. Upload it to your website as it is…;

If you still can’t download any zip file please contact Envato support;

fixed it,….stupid browser update set the function to auto unzip to on,…thnx for the fast reply

You’re welcome :)


Where I get Demo content?

Hi I develop it for my client & he mail me this theme.

So… he can send you the purchase code too.

he is not share with me…

I’ve been using this theme for awhile but the band leader wants to can it because the mobile part doesn’t show a picture . . . just a large menu (like in your demo). Is there something I’m missing or that I can do?


Yes, there is a simplified version for mobile phones ( as you can see on my demo ) and you can’t change it. If you don’t like it or want another solution you can hire a web developer;

hi, love this theme, but i face a small probem, when i add a audio to audio list, this is how it it is dispilyed => plesese can u help to slove it

Hi,I replied to your email.

I’m trying to make a page with a video as the static front page so that way when people click on my url ( it directs them to that page with the video. However, while on the static front page with the video, I would like the top left header icon and the home icon on the menu to be urls that direct you to the original homepage that would be in place had the video page not become the static page (so I’d like it to direct to

How can I make this possible? I know on the theme settings you are able to change the URL destination for the blog and gallery icons in the top menu but not for home. It is also not available to change for the header icon url. Is there any trick around this or is this just not available? Because now when they enter my URL ( and click on the home icon or header logo, it just directs them to that same page with the video, I would like it to redirect them to Thanks

Sorry but there isn’t any easy way to do this. You should edit lots of php file in the theme. If you don’t have enough php knowledge, you should buy a customization service;

I created some pages. Every page is appearing on the front page. How can I define which pages are in the front page slider and which not? Kind regards

i require the demo content, sent u pm w code

Hi, I replied to your email.

can i add pages, but have them not show up as a panel on the front page?

Hi. Is it possible to put lyrics for each song? Thank you