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Thanks webjump :D

great theme. nice effects

Thank you :)

Congrats Egemen, wonderful implementation…
Good luck with sales :)

Thanks Bedros :)

What is the best way to install this theme in wordpress?

You can install the theme directly from Wordpress panel or using ftp;

This theme is ROCKIN!! Looks great on mobile even (GRT job on that mobile menu even)

Great work Egemen! Good luck!

Thanks buddy ;)

Egemen ellerine saglik çok guzel olmus tam istedigim tarzda :)

Tesekkurler ;)

Do you provide the demo xml for this theme?

Sorry there isn’t a demo xml file, but there is a detailed help document. If you having a problem, please send me an email via contact box on my profile page and I will help you…

WOW -Egemen, this just might be the best music WP site on here – had a little problem with audio player – could be my audio settings ….

QUESTION: Does the player, once cued, continue playing songs as the user opens new links?

This is one to keep an eye on!!! GREAT WORK!

Thanks for your kind words indieislands :)

If user close the page, audio player stops. I know this isn’t a perfect solution but you can add to your links target=”_blank” so user don’t close page for opening a new page and music goes on…;)

You’re welcome – truly amazing work. Just an idea, but perhaps in the future, some type of Ajax or something could be added to this theme? I’m sure it would be a lot of work, but sales would go wild :-)

Musicians are desperately trying to find a built-in music player that continues streaming … Right now, one-page,scrolling WP themes solve it – but create SEO and load time nightmares, as I’m sure you know -

Thanks for your suggestion. I’m working on another theme now, after that I will think about your suggestion ;)

hi, i’ve buy this theme and this is very nice, but i want ask you a question: when i use “event” page.. i add an article today (es. for summer party 2013 in date 20 August 2013) , but when i go to the site in the events page, i see the date that i post the article, but not the date of the party.. you understand what i mean? can i show the date of the event and not the date of my article? sorry for my english!

ohhhh ok i try it!! thanks!! ;) do i update the theme? i need to re-install theme after a new download? i lost the information that i’ve modified in my site? thanks

If you know to use ftp, you can upload theme files to the same place (wp-content->themes->rock4life) at your server. If you don’t know to use ftp, deactivate and delete theme and then upload updated theme again. You don’t lose your theme data after update

Hi, I bought your theme. I want to create a page with events. Your instructions say to insert the events code but where do I go to create the actual events?

Thank you very much. Just a suggestion -for your help file, I recommend you indicate how to create an individual event – i.e. in the posts area. Thanks.

Hi, I installed the updated theme. I entered dates in the custom date field but they are not showing up in the main theme. You can see it here: Instead, it shows the date the post was published. Please fix ASAP please. Thank you.

I updated the theme and fixed it but I’m waiting for review process again. If you don’t want to wait please send me an e-mail.

Wow, Cool looking theme!

Thank you :D

Hi.. i’ve see that u fix the event date! wonderful! now i’ve other big problem.. when i open the site with IE9 , in the first page it dont load any page.. i have only the header, the “arrow” to scrool the page, the background.. but no the page i’ve load.. any suggestion? (works on chrome and firefox)..thanks!

Maybe the problem is this. Try the theme on a server. As I said Rock4life is compatible with all major browsers. If the problem persists on a server, send me your website link, only then I can help you…

Ok, thanks..i try it.. i ask you an other question :) ... for the gallery..can i organized my photo and video in a different folder? and no in only one? es: folder “biker fest” with 30 photos, ecc ecc? thanks for all

To organize your files you can use Wordpress media library… To organize gallery page use Gallery->tags …

I am having a very hard time getting the home page to look like the home page in the demo. What setting do I have to enable to get the multi-page view on the home page. I do not see where it explains this in the documentation

If you want to add an animated page to the homepage, simply use default template and create a page in a standard way. Also you should use shortcodes to design pages. Please look at the shortcodes section at the documentation file. If this not helps, please send me your website link via contact box on my profile page…

I have done so, thank you for your support. I really need the help

Hi, is there a way that we can change the order the Events are posted? I’m using the shortcode to insert events listing onto a page but it is showing the later ones first. I want to show the earlier ones first.

Thank you.

Please send me an email via contact box on my profile page. I will help you…

Pre-sale question: Does your Theme allow users to log in and create their own profiles, add their own music?

Sorry,no. Rock4life doesn’t have a special feature like this…

Love love love this theme!

Is there any way to change the red backgrounds? Looking through the css and can’t find a thing.

You can change red color easily from Wordpress admin panel with a colorpicker …

Hi there!

Is it possible to make the audioplayer autoplay and loop?

Btw. great usable theme…

If you know a little bit javascript yes :) To change audio player options, openup Appearance->Editor->customjs.php . The following code is audio player;

 $('body').find('audio').mediaelementplayer({ audioWidth: 380 });

You can change its options here. Please look at this link;

Hi!, i have a problem… when i upload my site (localhost) to internet , in firefox the fonts change to TimesNewRoman, and if i open the site with IE it dont homepage, no gallery.. no nothing.. :( my site is Thank you

uhm i don’t believe u! :) ...have u never make a booking plugin? for hotel reservations?

No, not yet :)

uhm..i need it..if u have i buy from u :D