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Hi :) are u planning to add in woocommerce support?

If you logged in as admin, you see only a message field…Other fields are for visitors …:)

Yes, I recommend you to use a fresh Wordpress install and edit your theme on a server ;)

After that if there is any problem send me your website link via contact box on my profile page :)

Is it just me, or is your server down? I haven’t been able to load the demo all weekend.

Hi, StudioRhoad. It’s working properly, I don’t see any problem at this moment…

Odd. It must be an issue on my end.

Same here, page never loads.

Thanks for the feedback :) I will talk to my hosting provider…

Hi, this is a great looking theme. I bought it yesterday and started to tweak it. The WordPress Post Tabs plugin doesn’t work with it and I’m looking for a way to put tabs in pages and posts. Could you give me any help or hint ?

There is a tabs feature in Rock4life, you can see it on sidebar (latest posts/recent posts). Please send me an email via contact box on my profile page. I will help you about using this feature in pages and posts.;)

Hi looks really awesome.. considering purchasing need to know if audio player displays playlists on album page…, the band needs this function so i’m asking. . . Thank’s Amit.

Thanks amitlavy:)

You can add single audio as much as you want but audio player doesn’t support playlist at this moment. You can find some good audio plugins at to add this feature to your website…

thank’s bro..

Merhaba, WP temanizi begendik ve satin aldik. Demodaki gibi News ve Contact sayfalarini nasil olusturabiliriz? Bir de Contact sayfasina GoogleMaps’ten konum eklemek mümkün mü acaba? Ugrasmak istemezseniz teorik olarak anlatabilirseniz biz yapmaya çalisalim. Tesekkürler.

Bunlarin hepsini shortcode larla yapabilirsiniz. Yardim dosyasinda aç?klamalar? var. Tema ayarlarinda help documentation linki var. Ona tiklayip acabilirsiniz. Takildiginiz bir yer olursa, profil sayfamda mesaj kutusu var, oradan bana ulasabilirsiniz.

Ayrica temada kullandiginiz fontlarda Turkce karakter sorunu var. Bunu nasil halledebiliriz? Tesekkurler.

Kullan?lan fontu ancak css dosyasindan degistirebilirsiniz. Panelde soldaki menude görunum->duzenleyici sayfasina girip sag altta stil dosyasini acacaksiniz. Orda da “font-family:” gordugunuz her yeri “font-family:arial” gibi standard bir fontla degistirmeniz lazim. Biraz css bilmeniz lazim yaln?z yoksa kodlari bozabilirsiniz.

This theme has a lot of problems. Out of the box the homepage titles wrap with more than one word, and the content under the title is chopped off. If you make the browser table size (or view on tablet) everything gets really sketchy – doesn’t line up – even worse in mobile view. There are a literal ton of responsive things that need to be fixed. I wondered about the 3 star rating (sometimes it’s not worthy) – but I would give this theme a 1 star rating without the items fixed. If the responsiveness is fixed, it would prob be my favorite theme.

You can change homepage title font-sizes from admin panel. If you don’t use layout shortcodes on pages, problems may occur on the content which is under the title. I tested this theme on ipad many times and there aren’t “tons of issue” on this theme… And I really have difficulty in understanding, why did you buy a theme with “tons of issue”? You could test the theme on every device before buying it. I didn’t upload a different theme…:) If you didn’t see any problem on demo, you are doing something wrong. And it could be more kind if you sent me an email before blaming my theme on comment section…Of course I update theme when I see issues or my customers find issues. Anyway if you want help send me an email, best regards…

I bought this template and I need to create another group of tabs to display on another page, but I can not. How can I make him differentiate?

How can I do to differentiate?

You can use one tab group on homepage at this moment. I will add multiple tab group option and some other features to the next update in a few days…

I’ll have access to this news?

yes, you will get an email when it is ready :)

I am thinking about purchasing this theme, but I just had a few questions first.

- Is it possible to remove some of the animations on the menus - is possible to show more than 4 menu items (big pictures) on the homepage? - Is it possible to have a side bar (or the side panel Menu) be on screen by default/ have a side bar on the homepage?


Hi, -Yes it is possible to remove animations from menus. -You can add max 4 menu item per page. -No, sidebar menu is designed as a pop up box.

Hi egemenerd! i really like your template, BUT I would like to “switch off” something, can you help me? I built a site with gallery-template > when i click on the images, there’s on the left side “added on, added by and so on an on the bottom “read comments” > I’d like to turn this off – i just want the gallery without “blog-style”, is it possible? I hope you understand what I mean…. Thanx!

You can use a page (not post) to create a gallery. There isn’t any comment field on pages. Create a new page and select “gallery” as a page template. You can edit your gallery items from gallery page which is on the left side of the admin panel…

Can I use shoutcast stream on the audio player ?

Can I use shoutcast stream on audioplayer?

Sorry but no, it is for mp3 files only. You can use iframes to add these kind of things…

Hello, I love your theme but i have some issues on android tablet browser, many time when clicking on a section from front page.. instead of sliding to show content.. it just close the browser and leave the page. Can you fix that for androids tablets please, notice that it does not have this issue on the html5 version. Regards


This theme tested on multiple android devices. Also Html5 and Wordpress versions have the same javascript structure. Many mobile devices and mobile browsers don’t (currently) support JavaScript well and this theme uses a lot of javascript code to create animations. If there is a problem, it should be on your device or Wordpress install. Please deactivate all your plugins and if it is possible use a fresh Wordpress install. If problem still persists send me your website link via email.

But I am just testing it from your demo link… and i have no plugin installed on my tablet or any other problems with other website, even modern ajax effects or javascript one…. did you test it on android 4.1.1 ?

Sorry I thought that you bought the theme (I know you haven’t got purchased tag:))

Anyway I tested on latest version but every device have different behaviour and of course I can’t test it on all Android devices. As a result if I find an issue when I have a chance to test it on different devices, I will fix it but for now I don’t see any problem and so there’s nothing I can do now…

Hello, Im new to wordpress. I purchased this them and cant seem to edit anything. I may be doing it wrong. I uploaded the zip file and got the message “style sheet cant be read” None of the pictures that are in the demo show up, and whenever I customize anything, it doesnt update on the website itself, even after I save. I want the site set up exactly like your demo, except with my pictures and content. Is there a step by step guide I can look at?Please help

I sent you an email, please look at your inbox, thanks

Thanks for a great theme….. support was fast and very helpful. 5 stars !

I’m glad to help you. Thank you very much :)

hi, the last version of the theme is the 1.1? thanks..

If you bought the theme before 02 May, update to the latest version, thanks.

downloaded and installed ver. 1.5 to try again. Have site with no content, added only 1 audio item and audio icon, album name and song name. Refresh front end end view, new audio item appears and audio playlist with icon and name and no player. Documentation doesn’t say you have to enable anything (plugin?) for player to appear, no options for audio player in theme admin – do you have to do anything special to make the audiop player appear? problem exists in all browsers.

You don’t need any plugin. Send me an email via contact form on my profile page thanks.

Having issues adding a video to the “Gallery”. I have even tried adding the exact same url in the example; but only the title will show up. Images are working fine.

I put this “” – minus the quotes

Please send me your website url via contact form on my profile page, thanks

Hey, great site. But just noticed that twitter widgets arent working on it anymore. Even the one on ur demo site.

Yes, Twitter Api changed and old one is disabled so Twitter widget doesn’t work anymore. I will make an update soon