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Hi great site! I’m from Poland, it’s possible to edit all text on page ? I have own music group and I looking for cool website, can I buy and use your webside? ;)

If you know to use Wordpress, of course it is possible to add your content… :)

i want to get your theme but before I purchase I need to know a few things…

1. can you resize the banner so it can display an HD video opener? 1920×1080

2. can the home page be customized to play a video instead of displaying images and the sidebar?

3. can an mp3 file be embedded to play throughout the entire site? (doesnt change when on different pages)

Please let me know so I can purchase.

Hi, i’ve some problem with contact form. it’s ok, it’s work but i have multiple spam in my inbox. do you haven’t a captcha inside contact form? tanks for answer!.

There is a spam link protection in contact form (believe me it protects you from hundreds of spam emails:) ) but there isn’t any captcha protection…

uhm i received most spam in my inbox.. can’t add a captcha feed? if u write me a php code i can add myself.. :(

Sorry but it isn’t so easy :) You can search a plugin or find a freelancer to do this for you…

purchased this theme a few weeks ago. had a few issues and contacted the developer. here are some excerpts from his replies to me:

“There isn’t any other thing I can do.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I said to you millions time. I updated the theme. Why don’t you listen me? “

Several of my replies went unanswered until i resent them.

On the theme -

Looks great in the demo and functions mostly as you would expect. It was fairly easy to put all of our content into place, although the help pages were a bit curt.

Big problem #1 In the demo the back button is disabled (first website i have ever seen disable the back button). The theme however does not disable the back button, and our web said this is something he cannot do without access to compressed files. So when a user lands on this theme, and clicks your ‘news’ panel, then clicks back, they are thrown back to google, or wherever referred them in.

Big problem #2 The media player brought the site to a standstill at load when i had put a dozen songs in it. Don’t know about you but i bought this for a band wesbite, and streaming music was one thing we wanted to offer. I was told i could install third party widgets to stream our music. But i wanted a site that had a payer built into it, which is why we bought this one.

Overall, not too stoked about our purchase, or the developer’s lack of professionalism. Here is were the developer chimes in with justifications about my issues. Thanks for reading.

Big problem #1 – I said to you. Back button is disabled on the demo because of Themeforest iframe bar. If you remove iframe bar, you can see that it isn’t disabled.

“first website i have ever seen disable the back button”.... Really? Openup any theme previews on Themeforest. You will see a lot of disabled button…:)

Yes, I’m saying again. What can I do about this? Is this my mistake…?

Big problem #2 – I fixed this issue on my latest update and I said you that you should update the theme. But you didn’t listen to me.

As a result yes, there isn’t any other thing I can do for you…

Have a nice day.


Greetz from holland…

maybe im stupid but why can’t i fix an bigass background like you did in the demo… me a verry big picture but it just shows up tiny….

please help


To add responsive image to the background of your homepage, add your image url to this field;

Appearance->Theme Settings->General->Homepage Bg Image URL

thanks !!! totally missed that!!

How can I install your latest update without losing my current theme settings? i.e. Going from 1.5 to 1.6


Just replace the old files with the new ones via FTP. You will not lose your current theme settings…

Perfect, Thanks.

ok i need a little help again… im stuck with the gallery

1: i made a page gallery (template gallery) 2: added a photo in the gallery (featured image) left video stuff blanco and tagged it.

now is the problem that the gallery page shows up,... got me the nice tag buttons..but NO picture show up… even if a create a video it doesn’t shows up..

please help

When you need help please use contact form which is on my profile page, send me your website link, I will help you

Is there a help forum or should I post my concerns here?

you can use contact form which is on my profile page…

You have a PSD of this template?

I need to change color, textures and other things but i don’t found this website in PSD format.

Anybody can help me?

Hi, There isn’t any PSD version because Rock4life built on pure css3. You can change colors from css files…

Hi egemenerd,

your theme really rocks. Setup now using your theme.

Got 2 issues with the [events category=’konzerte’ postsperpage=’’ ] markup in the page KONZERTE (2nd screen)

First: when using it with IE8 the thumbnails for the events are stretched vertically which looks really weird.

Second: the category=’konzerte’ used in the events markup is not recognized. Instead all posts are showing up. (all browsers)

Got any idea to fix that?


Lorenz Weiler Germany

Hi thank you,

1) I checked it on ie8 now and I don’t see any problem…

2) You should use “category id”, not “category name”. Please look at the help documentation file (shortcodes) for more information and screenshots

yeah category id did the job, thank you! I will check IE8 on different machines and come back to you if necessary. One more question: How do I link a custom header image back to HOME, which is expected by most users?

There isn’t an easy way to do this… But I will add this feature to the next update, I promise :)

Hi, first of all – Great theme! I tried to send you a personal message but it seems like you are more active here… So here are some questions about the theme: -is there a way for the headphone icon that launches the audio player to be changed to something that reflects a video player and for the drop-down menu to list videos to play back and view? -How many icons could we have on the top right? In general, how customizable are they? Could we have a “contact us” icon? Could we have a “calendar” icon? Basically, I want understand how much flexibility those icons can give us. -We would like to integrate some way of registering our customers as well as having them sign off on our releases/terms. Could a plugin like this one be easily integrated into the site and help us manage our data on the back end: Could this plugin have 2 versions, one for adults and one for kids that could both be accessed through the website? -Right now we use constant contact for newsletters. Is their a newsletter plugin that could be easily integrated into the site and would it interface with the registration plugin? This is not a deal breaker, I just want to understand our options to maximize efficiency so we are not constantly transferring data from the website to constant contact. -Would we be able to someday integrate member login pages that give specific users access to specific links? -I am assuming that the landing page must have 4 pics. But, we are wondering if it would be possible to just have two photos, each taking up half the page. Again, we want to understand options -Is there a way to customize the calendar to make it weekly and static or to add a weekly static calendar in addition to the monthly one that is there? -Is there a way to customize the spinning icon that shows up when pages are loading? -I am assuming that all of the backgrounds can be changed. -Every time you click on one of the 4 pics on the landing page, the same image of the crowd is used as the background for the the iso on that page. Does that need to be the same pic or can there be different pics used for the background of different pages? -What happens when you click on a date on the calendar. -With the menu, can you put things like “contact” or “calendar” on the menu list and have it take you there even if the calendar is just a scroll down from the menu and the contact page is a different page? How flexible is the menu in general? Can it take you to anywhere on the site?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, we’re considering purchasing this template but have noticed some odd irregularities in the DEMO mobile view when changing from landscape to protrait view. Transition is very choppy (JS issues?) & menu widget is covering logo. See attached screenshot

We tested this on Samsung GS3 & Galaxy Note 2, Android ver: 4.1.2; default browser. Tested on chrome mobile (same devices) and functions ok but there are some lags in the js, requiring you to refresh the browser window to continue loading the background image or for the menu buttons to function properly.

Also, we need to use a WP plugin called “All In One Events Calendar” for our events page with this theme. Certain theme layouts aren’t compatible with the plugin. Are you aware of any compatibility issues with AIOEC & your theme?

Hey there! Is there anyway to make the menu not order alphabetically? I want to order it in my own way…

Loving the template!

You added a wrong link. You should add mp3 link not page link…;

it worked! thanks…everything is helping so much. The blog and gallery options in the right corner toolbar, I cant figure out how to make those work, where do I go to edit them and/or are they removable so that its only the player and sidebar.

You can add links to them or remove them from theme settings menu, please look at to the help documentation first…

Hi egemenerd,

Cool template, I am about to buy it, one question.

Can you tell me, can the start page be customized somehow or hard coded, to have 6 pictures on it, not 4, without switching with arrow?

Also, I think it would be useful to have some pop up warning or something, when user is listening to player, so player is on, and he want to leave to blog fro example, what will stop the player… I think here he could have some warning, that player will stop.

I’ve tried but for the life of me I can’t seem to swap my own icons for yours in the top menu. I also can’t seem to add new menu items there either. A little help please?

Also I could have sworn you had your own support forum separate from this one.

Top menu icons are static, you can’t add new items to there. You can add your menu items to the popup sidebar…

Hello, I have just purchased and I’m a newbie. I’ve created a menu and I’m trying to have a similar page to your opening page that has the pages lined up left to right with individual photos for each. Is there a tutorial or can you let me know which function sets this up? Thank you.


One more question. I’m sorry for what is probably an obvious question. How do I change the name on the top bar from Rock4Live to my band name? Thank you.

Did you look at to the help documentation file?? Its link is at the theme settings page…

In the contact form, is there a way to add multiple email recipients? The end user wants to be able to have all contact form entries go to 3 recipients.


Sorry there isn’t any feature like that on contact form. But you can find a server side solution (Mail forwarding to multiple email addresses). Please contact with your hosting provider.

Yes this was “Plan B” for me. Thanks again.

Hi, for some reason I cant download the latest version. Is there a problem?

Hi, you should ask these kinds of questions to Envato support … :)