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it goes well on iphones? when for wp 3.6? thank you.

There isn’t any problem with wp 3.6. Everything is working properly…

Hello! I seem to be having the same issue with am having an extremely hard time getting the home page to look like the demo. Please help! I have also been looking for the help document and can’t seem to find that either. Thank You!

Never mind I found the help doc.

Ok, if you need help again, send me an email via contact form on my profile page ;)

Great Theme :)

Thank you very much :)

Hi ,

I am using rock4life Version 1.6

Today my bandmates said that they get irritated when they launch the page from a browsertab that already has a history. After having navigated through several MAIN PAGES from HOME and then pressing Browser BACK BUTTON you will be taken out of the Website to the previous location (e.g. or whatever you have visited before.

After having performed several navigations on the rock4life site the user won’t expect this.

I suppose because main navigation (opposed to Gallery or Blog navigation, which leave an history entry) is handled by javascript it does not leave a history entry in the browser’s adress stack. Wouldn’t it be possible to write one each time you navigate ? Maybe using

history.pushState(stateObj, “last visited”, “rock4lifeXY.html”);

If so, where should this command go ?



You can add a homepage link to the logo at homepage. Openup Appearance->Editor->homepage.php (if you are using an older version index.php) Find the following code;

        <?php if (!empty($headerimage)) { echo '<img src="' . $headerimage . '" alt="" />'; } else { echo '<h1>' . $headertext . '</h1>'; } ?>

Change it with;

<?php echo '<a href="' . get_site_url() . '"><img src="' . $headerimage . '" alt="" /></a>'; ?>

You can do the same thing on the other pages like single.php,category.php,archive.php etc.

YESS! You are the MAN. Thank you!

You’re welcome ;)

Great support, great theme! Thank you for sharing such great work with us! ;)

Thank you very much :D

Hi Egemenerd,

I’m interested in purchasing your theme “Rock4Life”, I need to ask you some infos. Is there a way to use a personal image (like the logo) instead of the loading wheel that appears before that the site show up?

and, do you provide a newsletter plugin?

Thank you for your availability. Best regards, Anto.

P.s: I apologise for posting the same post in the template page, I meant to post it here. :)


-Yes, you can change loader image from theme settings and you can upload your own image

-There isn’t any newsletter plugin in the download but you can find lots of newsletter plugin at; ...

Can you include an Instagram social media icon?

Hey, I tested your website on my Samsung Galaxy S4 now and it is working properly. Maybe it is about your internet connection or your device… Please try with another device with better internet connection…

I did. Everything is groovy. I think it’s because I tried to use a popup plugin, and mobile didn’t like it. Everything is awesome. Thanks! I rated 5/5

Yes, some plugins may cause conflict with the theme, simply deactivate it and search for another plugin ;)

Thanks for the rating :D


Set up and working very quickly, and it looks awesome! Also some very prompt support to go with it

Thank you very much :D

Hi Egemenerd, I can’t be able to change image of HOME PAGE as you can see. <>

Please, help me. Thanks Synth


You should add featured images to your pages ;)

Thanks ;) I’m in entry-level :))))

Hi egemenerd,

First things first. This is one of best themes I ever used and bought!

But I have problem with gallery. I’m able to add images and videos, but for some reason the tags aren’t working. On the galery page the tags do show up, but when I click them there are no images or videos displayed. (And yes … I tagged the images! ;-))

So in short. I add an image, tag it, the image shows up in the galery, but when I click the tag on the galery page, nothing is displayed.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

I’m glad I could help :)


BTW. This guy is even open for minor code suggestions to get rid of the problem I encountered permanently so I can use quotes in the future.

This is my last good comment, because I start to feel like Egemenerd should start paying me as a marketing manager! ;-)

:D thank you very much

Hi egemenerd,

Is it possible to adjust the player in such away a link to the iTunes store is provided (only when a link is provided)?

I was actually talking about an extra link, not replacing the player itself.

There are 4 field in audio list items. Album name, song name, album image and audio url. There isn’t any other field built in. So you can’t add an extra link to these items.

But if you have enough php,html etc. knowledge of course it is possible to add new fields… :)

I’ll give it a try. Thanks for your reply.

Great theme, thanks a lot!

Two questions on post excperts:

1) In the demo, when I am in the news page, I can click on a ‘Read more’ link and see the post page. But in my case, when adding a post, I can only click on the featured image in order to see the post page. There is no ‘read more’ link and clicking on i.e. the title of the post, does not get me to the post page.

I have also tried adding a WordPress ‘Read more’ link in the article, but this also does not produce the desired result.

Any help on how to make the title clickable and/or add an ‘add more’ link will be more than welcome.

2) The blog excpert shown is unformatted. Is there any way to keep at least the line breaks when showing it?

Thank you very much for your help.


1)Did you add a long text to your post? If text isn’t longer than excerpt, read more link doesn’t appear.

If yes, deactivate all your plugins and try again. A plugin may cause this issue.

2)Yes it may be possible but it needs some customization on the codes… There isn’t an easy way to do this.

Many thanks for the super-quick reply, much appreciated!

1) You are right, adding more text did the trick, thanks.

2) OK, thanks for clarifying, just wanted to ensure that there was no option I had missed.

Awesome word, keep it on :)

Thanks :D

On the demo version on my iphone the images on the homepage show, but after i installed it to my site the images dont show on my iphone.

How do i get the images to show on the iphone.

Did you try with portrait and landscape modes?

On iphone5 you can see images in landscape mode but you can’t see these images on portrait mode. You can see only mobile version of the website on portrait mode.

You can test demo website and your website at this website;

still not working. how does it work in both landscape and portrait on the themeforest demo but now my iphone… part of the reason i bought the theme

First of all you bought the same theme with the demo ok? I am not selling different theme here :) please send me your website link via contact form on my profile page. I can’t say anything about your problem without seeing it…

Hi Very nice I do not know if this theme for Joomla 2.5? I wanted!!!!

Thanks but this is a wordpress theme not a joomla template…

Can not convert your joomla??

Wordpress 3.7 is out. Will it work well on this?

Yes, there isn’t any problem :)

I need to make the gallery appear on the front page, but when I select the “gallery” template, the page disappears from the front page. Is there a work around? The gallery page is very important and needs to be linked from the front page. Thank you.

Sorry but there isn’t an option like that. Gallery page is build as an additional page and there isn’t any way to display it on the front page. Actually frontpage is working like a slider and adding something like a gallery into this slider isn’t a good idea.

Is there a way to trick the front page slider then? Is there any way I can create a spoof page that somehow redirects to the gallery automatically?

It may be possible but it needs some customizations on codes. If you don’t have enough php, js etc. knowledge, you can hire a web developer to do this for you…

Hi, I am using this theme for some months now and have installed the fb plugin for comments. Is there a way to remove the “show comments” button and have them always expanded?

Thanks in advance, my site is http:/

If you bought the theme, use the latest version. I removed this button a couple of months ago..

I have bought rock4life through my web master. He has also written some custom code in order to convert the theme closer to my demands, so updating is not an option(changes may be permanently deleted). Thanks again for your time!

Hello i just bought your template and i would want to know how to have my homepage look like the one you show on the demo page, i have put my logo but i don’t see the 4 images (about, news, etc) even after creating menus and pages… Thanks a lot, i’m no good in wordpress!

no, sorry i had done that… :) i’ve followed all the instructions. Strangely i deinstalled wordpress in my admin panel and reinstalled, re-uploaded your theme, i also erased the theme folder in wp-content, and created a new one with 777 permissions. i had other troubles before installing themes with this provider… Thanks a lot anyways for answering fast, and you’re a very good web artist.

If you send me your wordpress username and password via contact form on my profile page, maybe I can help you..

no thanks it all works okay now thanks a lot man

I’m in the middle of building our new site with your template and have noticed that there is an issue with the featured images not having any space between the content on the right side. Click any tile from the front page and see for yourself. How can I fix this?

On the demo you are seeing portrait position of ipad, not landscape position;

You can change font sizes for different screen sizes with editing style.css file but of course you should have css knowledge to do this.

Yes, just wanted to make sure it’s not a bug before I start messing with CSS! :-) Last question (I hope), if I want to change the default link color, do I have to do that through CSS as well?

I love your template btw. I chose it carefully out of dozens of others for our Toronto Music Camp.

Thank you. You can change skin color at theme settings (default color is red). But if you want to change only the link color, yes you have to do that through css…