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I want to add the ticket module, i installed the extension “Tickera Shortcodes” but how i can do to put the extension on my WP?



Hey, We have just submited a new version of Rocketick where in plugin suggestions you will be able to install Tickera. As soon as you update the theme you will see the suggestion for plugin.

“Tickera Shortcodes” is for adding shortcodes into the theme.

Kind Regards, Tickera Team


I want to add an another page to put pictures of events like a blog who people can write comment’s, it’s possible

Thanks for your answer

Loic M.

Hello, I’m thinking of purchasing Rocketick. Is the Tickera plug-in included with the theme?

Hey, Sorry for waiting. Free version of Tickera comes with the Rocketick theme.

Kind Regards, Tickera Team

Hey does anybody know if Rocketick comes with the plug-in Tickera or is the plug-in a second, additional purchase?

Hello tickera, I’m sorry if I’m posting my question too much but it would be good if you could answer soon so I can decide for a client. Does the Rocketick theme come with the Tickera plug-in or is the plug-in another additional purchase? Thank you for your help.

The support from tickera is ridiculous atm… you might keep waiting for weeks to get an answear…

Update: First i had some problems with the support, but in the end they managed it to make me an happy customer. Excatley the way you should treat a buyer. Good Job! Thanks alot and keep up the work. Keep it up & thanks alot!


jocauk Purchased

Hello, Can you please send me demo content to jocauk@hotmail.com

Sorry for waiting on reply. We have sent you the demo data.

Постављање теме из отпремљене датотеке: themeforest-3313715-rocketick-responsive-events-wordpress-theme.zip Отварање паковања…

Постављање теме…

Пакет није могао бити постављен. Теми недостаје стил style.css.

Постављање теме није успело.

Hello, Sorry for late response. You are uploading the wrong file. Inside of that ZIP you have a rocetick.zip which you should have to upload.

Kind Regards, Milos

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Sorry for waiting. Can you please leave your e-mail and we will send you updated version of Rocketick to your e-mail since it has not yet been updated on Theme Forest.

Kind Regards, Tickera Team

We have sent you an e-mail