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Hi, nice work thank you ! Are there a contact form too ?

Hi hotars, at this moment there isn’t one. Cheers.

I have a crazy question, what program for windows/mac can I use to edit the website?

Visual or code editor?

I am looking for Visual package.

Any plans to make responsive

For graphics not showing up is a matter of loading time on demo site. For the rest. ... you’ll have to wait for it :)


Going with something else. thanks


I would like to purchase this theme, but is there an iphone 5 version?

Nope, there is not at this moment.


The contact us black box over the map goes out of the left side of the screen on my Macbook 13’’ in the preview link.

Can you please fix that?

So, once we purchase this, we can get the code and edit it however we like?

Thank you for the reply. During the demo, I am noticing a difference between the HTML5 site and the Wordpress site. Wordpress: HTML5:

The Wordpress site doesn’t seem to be aligned like the HTML5 site. Are these demos correct?

Must be the demo only, will had ego take a look into this. They should be both the same.

Alright. I’ll buy the Wordpress site, and hopefully it will be the same as the HTML5 site. Thanks!

Love this design. When it becomes responsive I will definitely buy it.

Thankfully I looked at the comments – i just assumed that something as good as this would have been responsive out of the gate.

Would like to know when it becomes a responsive site as I will buy as well.



It’s a really nice html template with a lot of fantastic features, but I’ve got a problem with the menu order. If I change the order in a simple way just do the regular thing is html/css the parallax won’t work, and the pages collapse also – I tried to change the js files but I don’t know what to do exactly to solve the problem.

Thank You for Your answer,

Replied by mail :)

I was wondering can u make your next html template version mobile game app site like this ?

Maybe :)