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I just buy this templates and I try change slider image to and I try add width=”980” height=”418” no working, I try add just images/capture1.jpg don’t working or missing blank or is other image show me…..

Hi@kapital3: Thank you for your interest in one of our theme,Please create a ticket to our support system, write in detail about your issue with screen shot. Along your WP-admin site and FTP credentials. Your issue will be diagnosed and resolved. Thank you

now is late … I like templates but some image link cant be displayed good ,,,,...

Your Query needs to look in to your template files.If you could provide access,Support team can help you with that.Thank You

I purchased this template a while ago thinking it was a wordpress theme, yes I’m a goose! Do you have it available for wordpress at all? Great looking template by the way :)

Hi @ PETE-PEE. Yes, same is available in wordpress. Here is the link to wordpress theme Cheers

I purchased the wrong template. I meant to buy the word press template. Is there any way i can get credited to the wordpress template. Please hit me back.

Hi @JoinTheNetworkNow Thank you for getting in contact with us. We are really sorry to hear about it. Please contact the Envato customer support. Hope they will be able to help you out with it. Cheers!

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Hi @SmallvilleJR, Could you please write your request in default english language where i can assist you accordingly.



anna-smith Author Team

Hello All :)

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Is there any plan for upgrade of this template? This template seems very old.

Hi @ creativeitzone , Thanks for your suggestion. Would you mind to share if you have any suggestion in getting this improved. Thank you!


Thanks for your quick response. I really love your theme that’s why i did purchased it but never used it unfortunately. I think you should use any css framework like bootstrap and upgrade the template. Current template available is almost updated 6 years ago. Its my personal suggestion and i am sure you will get alot of new sales as well because of this nice layout you guys have made.

I truly appreciate you nice thoughts and feedback. I will discuss and present your innovative idea with technical team for sure.

You can help us out greatly by rating our template for us, visit your downloads tab and give us a nice 5 star rating so that we can provide a new updates in near future!

Much Thanks in advance!

I keep getting this errror: missing the style.css stylesheet I have tried everything on every forum but it seems to be missing the seperate zip file. Can you please help me.

Hi @ MikeLuper , Looks like you have some understanding as you had purchased and created ticket for “Rockit Now – Music Band Template” which is the html template but not the wordpress theme. You need to copy all files and placed on your cpanel to start further working.

Here’s the html template link for Rockit now theme :

This is the other Rockit Now wordpress theme :