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Hello, I purchased this theme but I am having problems installing it. I am trying to contact your support portal but you are asking for the purchase code that I can’t find in my Theme Forest account. Where do I find the purchase code?


Thank you for getting in contact with us. On the side of support ticket login system. There will be a demo that how you can get the purchase code. Please follow that.

Best Regards,


I tried to open a support ticket on your site but it won’t allow me to, saying I already have one open, which I don’t.

I can’t even add new posts with this theme, the formatting gets all screwed up. No spacing, paragraphs above pictures that I’ve actually posted below. Forget trying to use heading 1 etc. or add links, all my on page SEO is no good any more because posts won’t display anything properly. Pages seem to be fine, but simple posts even without any HTML get all messed up.

I have screen shots of what it looks like when i enter text, and what it actually looks like when i preview/publish but I can’t open a ticket.

Here’s my website

Hi DjShamann,

Thankyou for getting in contact with us on themeforest. Your comment on our dashboard is not showing that you have already purchased our theme. I will suggest you to either use your id from which you have purchased the theme or else use the support ticket system and try to add your purchase code. Another solution is to use the themeforest message system.

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I just realized that i posted this on the wrong template, I do have the Rockit Now theme but the Wordpress version. I’ve tried the ticket system but it didn’t work. To prove I own the theme I can post this on the Wordpress template discussion if you’d like

Hello I am looking to find out do I need to convert the mp3 files to an ogg file and add it to the player.js file or will the player work with just the mp3 file? If I need to convert what software are you using? I am familiar with Logic Pro, Ableton and Sound Forge. thanks

Hi uppereast,

Thank you for getting in contact with us on themeforest. You can add both formats ogg or mp3 for your jquery player. However you can also use only mp3 format audio file for your jquery plugin you don’t need to convert it in ogg format.

If you need any further help then please do not hesitate to contact us back on . It is our customer support ticket system through which we provide support to our clients.

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Hi, I just downloaded th theme and I get a javascrip error on index.html. I tried with browsers FireFox 22 and Chrome.

TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null on file tabs.js (line 43)

Hi fdaunis,

Thank you for getting in contact with us on themeforest. Maybe this is your download error (as i have never heard about it before). Try to download it again. If that doesn’t help then please inform me or add your message on our customer support ticket system and mention your query. Our customer support representative will help you out in resolving it.

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I purchased this template (HTML version) last night to find it not up to snuff with what I expect from Theme Forest. Please know that the “Twitter Widget” that is displayed on the demo does not work. It is not a Twitter feed at all; instead it is just hard coded text to make you believe it is a functioning feed. Also, the “Now Playing” section of the music player is hard coded as well. It does not change as new musical tracks are selected, there is no automation other than playing the track (and displaying the incorrect name).

I used Chimp Studio’s support ticket system to ask them about the Twitter feed issue. They responded with the following:

Please note that it is a custom work and currently we are not providing customization. Please click on given link it can help you. Thank you

I do understand their stance on this but I feel they mislead me pre purchase. If nothing else I have learned to slow down when purchasing a template from Theme Forest and to make sure I am getting what I expect. The template if beautiful, but it’s functionality I was expecting is lacking. This is a basic “buyer be ware” warning for others before they click “purchase.”

Hi, i just purchased your theme here for my new nightclub im opening up, and love it! looks great! easy to edit! great work. only problem i am having is with the music player. it just says all my tracks are 0:00, but opening them in browser (allowing chrome’s native htmlplayer to load them) they play fine and have the time loaded in and everything. here is My Site and the music files are all Here. if you could let me know if there is something ive done wrong that would be greatly appreciated! i have added them to the playlist javascript file. so if there is anything else you need just let me know, thanks,

JL Griffin

Hi @webnetvn,

You need to add the proper track paths in player.js file and it will be work fine. If you need some further help then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. we have a support ticket system. You can take our help through it You need to create your ticket and our customer support representative will help you out in resolving it.

Hi. I am having some problems with this theme. I bought a few months ago and every details has been working ok until a few days. Now the theme is not responding… even in the preview of themeforest the theme is not working…

Could you check this issue. ? Why is happening this ?

I see in the WP version that you have a lot of troubles too. In my case i builded a custom cms so, this is a big problem to me if i have to replace all the html files…

Could you give me some clues about what was happening with the theme … ?

Thanks..! I will be waiting your response

Hi Petertosh,

You have bought the template not theme. The functionality was added by yourself in the template as its an HTML template and we don’t provide any functionality in it.


Hi ChimpStudio,

I already fixed it. The issue was by the changes made by Twitter just a few days ago; and because of that the code had some PHP errors.

I dont know why at the moment that i check the preview of your theme in TF this one it was not charging in the browser.

Thanks a lot for reply.!

Hi Petertosh,

Our theme is not charging in the browser? I didn’t got you?


Sorry about the last comment that i did it. I realize that the problem was by a bad behavior in a script that i was included in the theme and then stop working for another reasons. I don´t know why when i click in the preview theme this one not load.

This is a great theme. Thanks. !

Hi Petertosh,

You have bought the template not theme. The functionality was added by yourself in the template as its an HTML template and we don’t provide any functionality in it.


Anybody had any luck with the count down on front page? I know it is line 780 of the .js file, but when I put getFullYear() + 1, 1 – 8, 28);

Supposedly 28th of August 2013 I get a countdown of 10 days 10 hours instead of 71 days???

Cheers Guys!!

Hi @vikingbear,

In order to look into your issue we need to check your backend. We have a special customer support ticket system . Please get in contact with us there and mention your query. Our customer support representative will help you out in resolving it.


I just tried to create a new ticket in chimpstudio and was told ther ewas already an open ticket for this and to check open ticket? ? ?

Hi @vikingbear,

That means you have created a ticket against your purchase code. Please send me your email id on and i will find out your ticket id so that you can communicate easily with customer support.


how to i change the event on the big calender

Hi @lenin10,

Calendar contains event entries which can be managed from admin panel > manage events section. You need to change the event start date in order to change its position in calendar.

If you need any further help then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on our customer support ticket system and mention your further query.


Thank you, tried the ticket system.. could not start a ticket, and now I have a reply from you that does not even address the question (I am asking about count down, not calendar) AND your mention of ADMIN indicates you think I have a WORDPRESS Template which I don’t.. I hope the email function works when I get to that as I cannot afford to bungle through the help system, that’s not working, to try and solve that riddle.. Not impressed sorry…

Hi, I purchased your Rockit Now music band theme. In the template there is a shopping cart icon at the top, and a sign in. Is there a shopping cart that you would recommend that would complement this template? I would like to set up a page where people can sign in and buy a single mp3, or a whole album. Something that will keep the theme of this template. Thanks for your direction.


How do you get the facebook like box to work where it is?? Need help!

hi @aqtos, LikeBox located in Widget area, Where you can drag into sidebars..

Hi this is a pre-sales question. Can I change the gray banner (e.g. menu background) to a different color? Also can I add more pages?

thanks! Suz

How can I play vimeo videos instead of youtube?

Hi, I recently buy your theme and its awsome. I have a problem with nivo-slider. It always take only first banner caption. Can you help me with that? Regards

Hi, I have bookmarked you theme. But after a long test, I found several things that I would like it to improve, before I decided to buy. For example, on the mobile version, the navigation should be more compatible. Also the styleswitcher, on mobile, get behind other elements, making it unable for the user to choose the style he wants. I could have done it my self, but am more to the backend development. Please fix that and I will buy this theme.

Hello, I’d like to buy this template for integration with a CMS but I’m uncertain how the Calendar and Map features work. I really need to know how easy it is going to be to populate the Calendar or add the map pins on the fly according to the content in the CMS. Do these features have APIs?

Yes, there is JQuery plugin for the map and calender, you can use them in CMS. But, we do not offer any customization, you have to do it your own.


I bought this theme about a year ago, but I still can’t figure out how to get to externally link to a certain tab. (like

Can you please help me?

Kind Regards!

I am unable to open the link. And also please elaborate which page you want to link and where?

in the standard template :

I want to have an external link (via # in the url) to automatically open the News or gallery tab

We use js funtionality for tabing which not using #url. Please refer to this method for desired function.

Hi! Great theme! Just downloaded it and have started customization. I am a noob when it comes to coding, I’m mainly a designer here. My question is, how do I add and remove dates on the calendar? I’m using Dreamweaver for HTML not Wordpress. Thanks!

That will serve the purpose I am sure.

Hi, I am sorry to be a pain in the a** but I still haven’t gotten a response on the new email sent. This was 2 days ago. I am in a hurry for this site to go live. Please help!

You have been sent a message on Please reply to that message and explain what you require.