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It might appear when you first go into site but then if you goto another page then back to home page. The 5th track is missing?

Is this compatible for Wordpress?

hi @hamptonblu,

no this one is just HTML but its wordpress version is also available. please check our portfolio. the wp version will cost you 45$.


Still waiting on bug with JPlayer??

Support number 859315 ??

6 days ago now. Not great service

hi @rfollett,

I will talk to my support team. please allow me some time, you will get answer.


Bug can been seen on your demo site. Leave home page and then return and you will only see first 4 tracks.

Hey, How do i edit the countdown timer. its not very clear as to what numbers = which field (month, day, year)

For example, if i wanted the countdown date to be for 2013 June 13th. how would i set this? :)

$(function () { var austDay = new Date(); austDay = new Date(austDay.getFullYear() + 1, 1 – 1, 26); $(’#defaultCountdown’).countdown({until: austDay}); $(’#year’).text(austDay.getFullYear()); });

Also how do i get the twitter function to work with my twitter? thanks


We take care of all support through our website to improve response time and make information more readily available to others who might have the same questions.
Please open a ticket at our support System if you need any more help.

Any update on playlist bug?

hi @rfollett,

we tested it using several machines but i am not getting this issue there. maybe an update will fix it – please try it – if it still creating issues please write me.


playlist bug still a real pain!

what do you mean? Try an update? Your last update was in Aug 2012, I only downloaded this 3 weeks ago????

What has changed? Which files should I update?

I dont want to update all files as the site is live and I dont want to change whole site…

hi @rfollett,

please wait for a day for a detailed change log. but i am afraid we have done a lot of changes after that and everything is simplified in new version. please wait for change log and you will know which files need to be updated.

or make another installation with same database and setup it in a folder at your live site and when you think its done you may put it live.


ok. Please note I am using the HTML template, NOT the wordpress version.

It still does it on your demo site:

I am using firefox ver 18. Leave home page then go back to home page and only 4 tracks are displayed!

hi @rfollett,

I tested it deeply – its not making any trouble with our demo and your website – seems its your machine that is making any issues – please test it using any other computer and i hope it will not create problem.


I have tried on 2 other machines and I get same error. I see this error in Chrome and IE9

Goto this link:

Wait for screen to load. Click on About us. Then click on Home.

Now I only see 4 tracks…

hi @rfollett,

please send me an email – i recorded a video for you and will send you via email link.


email sent. please check


I have seen the movie file. What browser and version did you use? I just tested on Firefox 18.0.2 and did not work even created a movie!

hi @rfollett,

i used chrome while recording it but i tested it with all browser and it was working fine.


In index.html file’s photo slide. less than 960px… image is automatically crop right side. I don’t want crop image. I want automatically resize image. How to edit it????

hi @boasmedia,

its highly recommended to use the image of 980*418 for best experience. if you will put any other size image that can disturb the script.


I have purchased the HTML version of the site and I have problem with the playlist play back. I changed up the code on the player.js but the songs in list still does not play.

Hello, I sent the email please advise further.

Hi @thedesignfactory,

Thankyou for sending an email. The support team will get in touch with you about the queries which you are facing. They will resolve them for you.

Best Regards, Chimp Studio

I am having the same issue with my playlist not showing as well as @rfollett please advise how to fix this issue.


I just purchased this theme however upon opening the downloaded .zip file, I see that the only .psd file included is the homepage. I was under the impression that the inner pages would be included as well. Please advise.


Hi @plumtree,

yes there are only two psds available for this, one is for home page and one for logo.


That’s unfortunate as that severely limits the amount of customization one can do to the theme. Is this also the case with the WP version? If so, it would be better to state this as the list of “Files Included” is misleading.

Hi @plumtree1,

we included around 10 psd files with wp version.


Hi there,

could you tell me how to change the songs on the home.


hi @flipster,

please you may edit player.js file to edit list.


Hi Guys! Great template! I have a super music site thanks to this design, I’m missing one final piece to the jigsaw and that is: Does anyone have a fully functional script for the collapsible Search Bar in this template. I’m no coder and this is above me (for now)...any takers please email me direct:

Thank you so much!

Hey Flipster, You need to set up your playlist order in the ‘player.js’ file. I also converted mp3’s to ogg and it works a charm. Good luck!

hi, how to set toggle to default “hide” ??

hi @kardouna,

I am sorry for late reply, please write in detail so i can understand about what you are asking.


Hi there, great support and great theme. I´ve got another question and I hope it will be the last. Could you please tell me how to make the contact form and the tweets work?

Regards Flipster

Hi Flipster,

Thankyou for appreciation about our services.

Can you please open a ticket at . Our support team will help you in resolving out your issues in detail.

Best Regards, Chimp Studio