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Cool Theme…see bug with Play List widget…audio not working in Chrome.

Its Working in my chrome do let me know which version you using will fix it if there will be any issue regards

Sliderin demo seems a little different. Can it be formatted typographically like HTML version of this theme. Also gallery images seem to no support hover over, only videos.

Otherwise, will purchase now after question is cleared.

@roguevoice, gallery images have hover over, we have three different sliders there but as its dynamic its don’t support typo at slider,

Thanks, so you are saying that the slider doe not support same “layout” with multicolor text as the HTML version and seen in screenshots?

Great theme! :)

Thanks louiejie, Its our First Wordpress theme ever..

Totally worth the WAIT !!!!

@thebeathero we have develop almost everything with quality of research, Thats why its taken Time but i am sure you will love our Work.. regards

I’ve been waiting for this wordpress theme since you released the html version! THANKS !! Cant wait to see what new wordpress themes you may have soon.

How do i get the twitter box as shown in the demo

Looks like the events do not display in order (upcoming 1st). Can this be reversed to show upcoming events first and later events later? Also, in the demo, the date of the event in list view doesn’t match the date in the detail page.

we looking into it and we will add that in next update, which will be updated soon, regards

Would you please add Pinterest as a site available in Social Networking?


Hello grecian, It will be added in next update. Regards

Just purchased, however I wish mobile version would have been more robust compared to new standards of responsive design. Can I easily change the design myself using media query techniques from other themes?

Great work! Good luck to you guys with your first WP Theme :)

Love this theme! Is it, or can it be made, WPML ready?

Guys, please add “FILTER BY” feature in gallery! :)

Hello, Very nice. But, Events do not accept comments? Can do accept?

Hi daniel , Events do accept comments. regards

Tried now, “Albums” has filter by. Great!

Hello mbarberis, Glad you Love it, Thanks

Looks awesome. GLWS !

@nuno1287 Thx

Welcome to TF

Great Theme guys…

Ia the registration just disabled ? Have you styled it as well ? would be great to see in the preview as well…


Hi there, is your theme compatible with WPML (multilingual template)? Thanks & cheers.

I’m really digging this theme. I noticed three options in the Event section I think would be nice additions in next update.

1. Add an Event End Date. Multiple day events will have to entered multiple times without this option.

2. Add Venue section. It would be great to select a previously used venue from a drop down menu. Under Events, there would be Add Event, Event Categories and Venues. All venue information would be made available in a drop down menu when adding a new event. This is especially helpful when using the venue on multiple occasions.

3. Add a Repeat option. For example, if an event is held at the same location every week for eight weeks. It would be more efficient for the end user if one can enter the information once, select Weekly, select an End Date and have the calendar automatically populate the entries versus having to enter the event eight times.

Have you looked at Modern Tribe’s free open source Event Calendar for some back end inspiration? It would literally rocket the Rockit Now calendar to the next level.


I”m interested in this theme, but have a few questions before I purchase…

1. What does the registration page look like? You can’t access it on the demo and I want to be sure the user never sees the WP-Admin area. Can you update the demo so we can see the sign up pages?

2. Does the user have a profile/dashboard area? I want the users to be able to upload their own tracks/albums, is this possible from a user profile/dashboard area?

3. Do users get a special link? Like is I register the users “testuser” – will my custom profile be “” or not?

4. I want to make this a social site for users to share music and promote their own tracks/albums – is this possible?

Please let me know what you think about all of this. I’d be interested in customizing the theme if need be, let me know if you’d be willing to work with me to do so.


I private messages you last night about changing the “Albums” to something else. Please let me know if you didn’t receive the mail. Looking forward to your response. Thanks