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Hi, I have some problems with the theme, sending you an email through your profile led me to a reply which told me to refer to your support website to open a support ticket. I entered my purchase code, typed out my problem and when I want to submit it tells me I already have a support ticket against this purchase code. However, the problem is I have not submitted a ticket before. Even if I did, I don’t have the ticket ID. Your login page says that if I have lost my ticket ID, just go submit a new ticket. But it does not let me submit a new ticket, neither can I log in, because I don’t have the ticket ID/never submitted a ticket before. I have contacted you through your profile again mentioning the problem, but there was no reply at all. Hope you can provide some help on this. Thanks

okay, Thanks for bearing with us

Sent already, and same automated reply I got: “If you need support, all support will be conducted through our support system" Anyhow, just hope you guys got my email, will be waiting for your reply with the ticket ID or something. Thanks

You have been replied in the same ticket. Please check your email. And your ticket number is 771125 and further reference.

Hi. I had the problem with being able to save the chimp theme settings. Turns out it was a simple mistake when I extracted the files it was under two rockit folders. I just needed to remove one of the folders and make sure the folder I uploaded was the one containing the theme files. Previously it was rockit/rockit/”theme files”. Just posting this because I noticed a few people having this problem and no answer on here. Thanks.

Thank you for valued addition. We really appreciate your input.

This theme is pretty darn good, but there are a few things I’d like to warn purchasers about (and I’ve gone back and forth with support to try and have these addressed, they are saying future versions):

1) Your events will disappear for the day as soon as the first event scheduled on that day has begun. So, for example, if you have an 5pm event, an 8pm event and an 11pm event on the same day, all events on the day will disappear at 5pm.

2) You cannot change the sort order of your events. I want to change the sort order of the past events so that the most recent events are listed at the top but have been told this is not possible.

3) It is also not easy to change the link styling. I have gone into the editor and made changes to reflect !important; information yet still the body links are showing up the same as the body text. There is no differentiation at all, which makes content difficult to read.

Other than that, though, it is a really great theme with many options and lots of flexibility.

Hello @ danivachon. Thank you for pointing out things, and for your good words. The things you have pointed are already under consideration, and we are working on them to resolve in next update. However, third point needs revision as styling issues are not there. You can change them easily by writing proper css.

Thank you for your comment, however, I had proper CSS in the editor under the body and it applied to all the wrong links. I cannot find anywhere in the CSS to edit how links appear in the pages and blog postings…

Hello. In the buyer rating section on this site, its says this theme was last updated on Last July 19, 2013. Will there be updates for 2014?

Hai @ jswiftdesigns. Why not there will be update if needed? Why keep on enlisting things and as soon as it reaches minimum required position for update, we do it immediately.

i checked the demo and when i clicked on an album, it just not automatic play the list, have to click everytime it finished a song, that kinda suck. Can you make the list play on a MP3 Player or something, it would look cooler

@ RichKizz, Thank you for your kind attention. But it works the way it is designed for and it does contain the option you mentioned.

I could not locate the Purchase code per the instructions. I am not sure if it’s bc it’s a year license. I am posting here b/c it won’t let me send a support ticket without the code.

Hello, first I want to say I love this theme. But I cant figure out a few things.

1. I have this error on the top of my page: Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/speakonthat/public_html/wp-content/themes/rockit/header.php on line 327

2. I am trying to figure out how to get my Events to lay out like the demo homepage:

3. It seems when I create events, I can’t find it anywhere in my tabs.

4. I really want my layout to look almost exactly like the demo.

Hai @ speakonthat. Thank you for appreciation. Please use this link and provide your wordpress login details details Our support team will look into the issue and will solve it for you.

Hi, I’m trying to check the status of a ticket and also create a new one, or update the old one. I use the correct email address and 4 digit ticket number. I know it is correct because if I use the wrong details it tells me, if not it just refreshes the page.

I need help as below…

Hi, in the calendar view for events, Im seeing a lot of these type things – & instead of the word and, for example.

You can log in here to check – ????? (edited for comments page)

Also, the event countdown widget, is there any way to automate this so it always picks the most recent event date, rather than you have to do it manually?



Please write your email here which you used to generate the ticket, I will find your ticket at support system generated against that email and will let you know. The question you have raised here is not as clear for me to understand.

Hi, id rather not write my email address on an open forum. My ticket number, according to the email is…

‘Your reply to support request #1419 has been received.’

However that is about a different issue that I am happy to live with. But I would like help on the above. The calendar view shows the word and as & and – as &8211 so their HTML equivalents.

And the countdown timer app for the events. You have to manually update it when the date of an event passes otherwise it shows ‘0 hours, 0 days…’ etc. Anyway to get it to pick the latest event automatically?

Thanks for your help

(ps, it doesn’t show the html entity on this message board but and becomes a 5 digit code beginning with & and the same with the dash – )

Please write your issue in reply to the same ticket where you are talking about your calender view and event count down. It will be resolved there for sure as all things need to be sorted in your word press back end. This is a discussion forum rather.

The Single Event page shows the beginning and start dates as January 1st, 1970!

The “Manage Slider” panel when you edit a post, shows a JS error that screws up the page!

A page without a jCarosel throws a Js error because the script is loaded on every page!

What gives? The theme is broken out of the box!

Fixed #1: Page needs to include the following script.
$event_from_date = get_post_meta($post->ID, "cs_event_from_date", true);
$event_to_date = get_post_meta($post->ID, "cs_event_to_date", true);

Hai @ Understated. I understand your issue, but these issues does not exit in our theme. I went through it once again, however it is quite possible you might be using an older version and some of the functions are not working for this very reason. We need to look into your back end in order to find the error. Please create a ticket at and provide your login details.

hi on the front page i want to change the event date translation but i uploaded my lang file and it works for the site but the date of teh event does not change still shows it in english

Our support team will not be able to offer you the custom development. However, any other issue related to theme will be entertained there.

i only need to know where to change it

Keep in touch with support, they will guide in this regard.

Having Problems Setting Up My Website Theme To Look Like The Demo Can You PLEASE Fix This Issue ASAP!!!!!!

Please post a comment from the email address you have used to buy the theme. I am unable to see purchased tag against your user name.

Having Problems Setting Up My Website Theme To Look Like The Demo Can You PLEASE Fix This Issue ASAP!!!!!!

Please post a comment from the email address you have used to buy the theme. I am unable to see purchased tag against your user name.

I’m having some trouble getting the Event Countdown to function properly. I’ve created all the events and have set the dates for the widget, but I’m not getting the countdown to work properly on the homepage.

Please help!

Please post a comment from the email address you have used to buy the theme. I am unable to see purchased tag against your user name.

Hello, this template is good but a lot of things yet to be reviewed. Actuelemnt I have version 1.4. When I tried to update to version 1.6, surpise, all my settings logos, sidebars etc … had disappeared.

In addition, links to my albums were not working, not clickable.

In the end I went back to version 1.4

When you make updates, make sure it is complete before publishing.


Hello @ artist01. Thank you for your feed back. I understand your concern, but let me tell you that the issue of settings on update is word press default behaviour. Whenever you update a theme, all settings will be lost. It has been written on word press support as well as in our instructions.

I also find it unfortunate that the shortcodes do not work on the album page!

There might be some issue with permalinks. Some other clients faced this issue and after troubleshooting, it was found to be the server issue. However, Please create a ticket at Support team will look into the issue and will resolve it for you for sure.

Thank you very much for your response. I’ll check by myself from your answer. Thank You

Looking forward to see things working smooth for you. However, your comment above makes me feel that you may not have found the depth of issue yet. If we can help, feel free to come on our support.

Reposted by request of Chimpstudio:

I’m having some trouble getting the Event Countdown to function properly. I’ve created all the events and have set the dates for the widget, but I’m not getting the countdown to work properly on the homepage.

Please help!

Still there is no PURCHASED tag against your name as there is against other clients. I am sorry I cannot help in this condition as my policies do not allow me to do that. You have to use the account where from you bought the theme. I hope you understand what I mean.

Hello, I’m having a difficulty in managing the issue. I posted some posts, but can not make them appear on the site unless the slide. I wonder if it would display them on the home page (below the slide) or have appeared in any page in the theme created. I await return!

Add a Blog on any page and then add posts in it. They will show up on that page. To make them show on home page, make our Home Page Non-static or Blog Page. Posts will show up on it.


I have been using theme for a while. It is overall a great theme. Over the time I’ve noticed things weren’t working like my slider not being responsive. Also my menu has become non-responsive. Figured I could download the newest updated them. However seems I am still having the same issues. Maybe there is something that I am missing? is where my theme is located. If you can shed any light on my responsive issues that would be awesome!


First I am afraid I cannot see Purchased Tag against your name. Please use the same email which you used to purchase the product. I have re-checked the things with minute attention and found things working smooth all over. Let us have a look into your word press back end to diagnose where the issue is. Please create a ticket at and provide your login details there. Support team will look into the issue and will resolve it for you for sure.

Hey my anything slider on the homepage has been working fine until… today. For some reason the links work for the slide BEHIND the one being shown. When I click on the slider it seems to be pulling the graphic NEXT on the slider instead of the one being shown. Also it isn’t animating anymore. I didn’t change an settings but it is still giving troubles. Is this possibly from the new wordpress update?

This might be from the word press as you reckon. But this can be due to server issue which is doing some play with your settings. Please see that, it might resolve the issue. If not, then Please create a ticket at Support team will look into the issue and will resolve it for you for sure.

Still the same problem, the shortcodes work only on items so the possibilities of this template are limited. Another thing, when updates to version 1.6, you can not click on my albums and the event! I think soon change the template because for me it is not a finished product.

This template is a beta version for me!

Well I am amazed at your findings about the product. The market story speaks different for it. If an issue arises due to anything, which may or may not be linked to us, how come a straight conclusion like this be drawn. If you are looking for a solution, please refer to the support team. They have answer and panacea for this problem you are facing.

The theme is good. Some months ago you said you would address these issues.

1 The date of the event schedule can not translate with Plugin CodeStyling Localization nor manual

2 Problem in downloading music.

Its still resolve?

Please confirm if you are using latest version of the theme, the issues have been addressed.