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is it possible that passed events automaticly are taggd as passed events? (for example on the next day?) if not, its a lot of work changing everytime manually to past events. also with the countdown, is it possible that it automaticly switches after an event is passed?

I am afraid it contains no option like this so far. We are considering it for future products. Once we do it, we will include it in this theme too giving its update.

Dear Chimpstudio,

Love the theme. But I noticed that the large ‘Featured Images’ on the post pages. Has a large quality loss. For some reason he takes the small thumb 580×244.jpg and enlarge it in the full body post.

How can i fix this, that the full image is used of 900×380px on the full body post?

Thank you, Waiting for your response, Regards, Kevin

You have to give large size for the Featured image in the post pages. Every page code needs to be edited in for this reason. If you find difficult to do that, please contact support team at They will do that for you.


how can i show the events in a rss feed? i have 3 clients thate want to display my rss feed of all events on some websites but now it shows only the posts

We are just following word press default functionality for RSS , which only shows posts in RSS. If you want to show event in RSS, for that you will have to add event post type in RSS by force using custom work.

Hello – If I purchase this and edit the psd can you integrate those changes for me?


Embedding involves a bit of input that takes time. I am afraid we will not. It’s a custom work. Use Contact Us form to see if my market team have some proposal for the this customization.

Is there a way to pull over the whole demo into my site and then tweak it from there?

Import Dummy data .xml file. It will make the site look like demo.

we are planning to buy the theme, but we are not sure if the theme runs under WP 3.8! has it already been tested?

Yes, it has been build with WP 3.8. No issue at all with it.

OK, thank you. Can you please update the detail page right side? currently we see there: “Software Version WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3”

Sure, I will

would be possibel to incoperate woocommerce for the abillity to sell tickets for events

Ticket cannot be sold directly. You have to give external link for it.

this theme has had me really frustrated due to the disserpearnce of
tags when adding information to to the events and its not a wordpress problem i have built over 20 wordpress sites using different themes in the last 6 months and the only one to have this issuse is this theme i also asked about woocommerce implimentation so event tickets can be sold direct from the site but have had no reply

I understand your concern but Tags disappearance issue does not exist at my end. Please create a ticket at and provide you login details. I will find out what the real issue is. Ticket cannot be sold directly. You have to give external link for it. Also, I cannot see purchased tag against your name. Please use the same email to comment which you used at the time of buying the theme.

Hi there, I just updated from 1.4 to 1.6 and it totally messed up the sites. I didn’t make any code changes in editor. Is this normal?

Yes, whenever you update the theme, it reverts all the widgets and settings to default. Now you have to make all settings once again. You must have been warned by word press about this.

I’m not sure what happened but my widget color has changed for some of my widgets. It is supposed to be white and some are black. Please help me fix this. my site is


Please create a ticket at and provide your log in details. Support team will look into the issue and will resolve it for you.

I was considering your theme for a client, and was wondering if anyone has tested for WooCommerce compatibility? Thanks for any help!!

Just noticed the earlier comment on Woo… disregard.

You got the point. It is not compatible with woo commerce.

Can I use this for mainly audio, will it be able to have a download Links. I use cyberseo for feeding to posts, will it display these?

Yes, you can get all the functionality you have described above except cyberseo which we have not tested at our end so far.

Hi, has this theme its file to change everything to spanish ? ? To change Months and everything from english to spanish ?

Thanks for you time . .

You need to buy WPML for this. Theme does not contain that.

Does it wok with Wordpress 3.8?

It will work with 3.8. Just gone through the testing for you.

Yes it Does! I also recommend people to install this plugin to sell digital download as well “Easy Digital Downloads”.

:) Enjoy it.

Great theme would be possibel to sell mp3 in albums and after pay money get download link? ( use some plugin for this porpose)

@laminor. Woocommerce plugin can be used for this purpose however you need a lot of customization to do for adding this functionality.


I’m thinking of buying this theme, it looks great, can you please tell me if:

- it’s possible to change the ‘buy’ icons (Amazon, Itunes, etc.) in the album section for other icons? - it’s possible to add pictures to the album text?

Thanks in advance!

When are you going to solve the language issue date of events and timer, also has problems with downloading albums in session, for more than a year already .. hopefully updated the theme and nothing

Is there any way to show the Event day as well as the date on the List view on the front page? So the cs_event_from_date so it will show Thu for Thursday for example?

Eg, Thu, February 20, 2014

Visually this template is very beautiful but contains many defects: Impossible to publish évennements by arrival. -Too bad the music player is not Ajax. -The shortcodes do not work in the album page. -Imposibles to comments in événnement pages ...

In the “Track Settings” “Buy MP3 URL” ( in the Manage Albums) I am adding a link to a page where you can download a track. But the user will see the “Shopping Cart” icon on the front end.

Where and how can I replace the Shopping Cart icon (in the audio player viewing the tracks on the album description page far right) with the Download icon.

Thank you.

You can change it in single_albums.php. If you face more problem, please create a ticket at