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1-since the upgrade to version 1.6, my comment, some items are no longer displayed publicly, only I can see them in the admin theme.

2 – Why do they do shortcodes not work on albums page?

thank you

Please create a ticket at Support team will sort the issue.

The link is working but there is full stop at the end of link, please remove that before you open it or please use this link

Nice theme. Is it possible to manage more galleries? My client wants to create for every party a seperate gallery where people can see only the pictures of that party. Looking foreward to hear.

You will have to create separate page for every party, create a separate gallery and add it for each page. It will show as separate gallery. :)

Thanks! Great theme and good support!

Effort well received with the comment above. All I can say is thank you :)

How do I get your native Twitter widget to work? Exactly what information needs to be entered because I cannot get it to function.

Please update your theme to version 1.6 and the issue will be resolved.

Is it possible to category the events in different music styles like Pop, R&B, Rock?

Hi, I tried to open a ticket, since i’ve some issues with the twitter and facebook widget.

But I can’t find the purchase code link in my downloads. However for a few other themes they are available.

How can I still get support on my issues? This is urgent, as the site needs to be up by tomorrow evening.

Please ask themeforest to give you the purchase code if it is missing in your product. OR check it once in the package you download from the themeforest. You can contact me through “Contact Us” on my profile page of themeforest and can provide your login details and url.

Still waiting on response to Ticket #676430

Your ticket has been replied already. Please see the response.

How does the template handle WooCommerce? Thanks!

It does not handle WooCommerce right now, but it has been planned to do so in next update.

I have tried to enter a new support ticket due to a homepage thumbnail issue I have having, but it says that a ticket has already been entered in regarding that issue. But this is a new issue, not the one from 2012. Is there a way to go around this error?

Thank you!

You can use the same old ticket to contact support. Simply reply to the same old message you had been sent by the support team and it will open the ticket for you. You do not need to do anything.

Hello, i need your help. Suddenly they are disabled or missing links to the events that I created, I do not see what the problem is, if I can help I would appreciate. This is my website: Greetings.

Please create a ticket at and provide your login where I can see this error and help you sort it out.

Hi. How do I get the login / search bar off the top of the home page without changing the size of it.

We have not provided the option of turn off the said features. It is a custom work and I am afraid you need to get it done at your end.

Hello! The featureed image on my event page is not formatting correctly. Please see attachement of screen shot and advise on how to fix. The problem can be seen here:

I cannot see feature image on the link you have given me. Can you please be specific about the issue.

Hi! is it compatible with WPML? thanks!

I am afraid it is not. But in next update it will be made compatible.

Do you know when? 1-2 months? thanks

You can expect that in time explained above. :)

Hi, I’m very new to wordpress… I purchase the theme, but I can’t find the templates to create an events calendar view page and an events list view page. I can’t find any templates at all actually…

This theme does not have the said option, but we are considering adding it in update. I hope it will not disappoint your experience with theme overall.

ok thanks for the reply… It good be a good possibility… anyway great theme, Im loving it

:) Thank you for all the nice dealing you showed me. Thanks a million for acknowledgement as well.

Home Widget Area – not scaling correctly to android device (samsung s3) The responsive feature works correctly when tested on my desktop browser but when tested on my samsung all the images/next event widget are stretched vertically on the homescreen.

Is there a fix or do I need to keep responsive feature turned off.

I have fixed the problem. In the skeleton.css the mobile portrait (max-width 768px) media query the .small_banners class has height:100% assigned. Removing has fixed on my Samsung.

Thank you for valued input. It will be sure be a help for us and for everyone.

Hi I’ve got two issues…

1. I can’t get to work the layout sections in the home page, not the three widgets under the slider, these work fine, but the layout sections next to the rich editor content area, I drag theme there but they just don’t appear…

2. I wanted to make the page in three different languages, how can I do that? Can I get another menu bar with the languages flags? can I use three different home pages each one in a language?


Please create a ticket at and provide your login details and password. Support team will look into the issue and will resolve it for you.

HI, Thanks for sorting issue number one. Everything looks great now!! What about the page in three different languages, do I open a new ticket for that?? Thanks

Thank you for putting nice words. Just write a reply to the same ticket and detail your issue there, it will be resolved in the same ticket.

Hard to create a support ticket when it would seem your website doesn’t exist anymore

Do apologize for that, We just moved our support to new location , Was facing Some Server issues that’s why redirect also not working..

Hi I recently was asked to help my friend with his website, and cannot get the purchase code to access support.

I am having and issue with the prettyphoto photo gallery in the Rockit Now theme, in Firefox and Chrome… photos are that are larger than the box are causing issue… does not show the expand button and gallery window does not appear. Works fine in IE. I have had to set allow_resize: false in order for the pictures show, but some of these images are are huge and go right off the screen, but at least they load.

Has anyone ran across this issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately the previous admin who purchased is not reachable, so that is the reason I was not able to create a ticket as I do not have the purchase code.

I am afraid this situation does not allow us to take things further in support. I believe you have strong knowledge of things and will understand what I mean. If I can reply here, I can offer solutions as well, but there are certain things which we need to care about, regulations are top of the list. Please bear with regulations as they are for you and me, for our good.

Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated as I have exhausted all possibilities with online searches.

I have a question regarding Events in the Rockit Now theme… If I set it so it to show Upcoming Events, they disappear before the day is over.

For example, we had some events one at 4pm, a few at 8pm, some at 9pm, one at 11pm, and when we looked at 7:30pm they were all gone and it just showed the next days events.

Anyone know why they would disappear before the day was over? Timezone thing?


We are filtering events with day not with time. It can be changed by a little customization.

But what constitutes a day ? Because events are disappearing 4-5 hours before midnight our time, E.S.T. where can this be changed ?

Please create a ticket at and provide your login details and url. There must be some issue with server timings but I need to look into it deeply to find out the problem. .

Hey Good morning, I really like this theme just Perfect it’s a perfect for my needs, just want to ask one question, If i get this theme then I want to Know after buying this theme Shared on will be deleted or remain on the theme? because I heard some people saying that the link will be remain ? if not so i can buy in directly ??

My Regards

You can move your existing site with all its data on this theme. Your site in down though. There may be some problem with your existing posts if they are custom post types.

Hello, All my widget does not work, I already tried several times but it can not. The sheet in the Wigdet, and it does not slip into the sidebar. I need help. Please. My website is I already install WP 3.9 but still unsolved. thank you

I am sorry to not help you with your issue, but I just confirmed with Themeforest. Support in such a case where we do not have purchase code is not allowed. I am sorry once again but I cannot login to your site unless I verify you as a client. I hope you will understand.

Looking forward seeing things right for you.