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No its not necessary i have changed my mind and no longer want to purchase this theme.. Thanks for all your help

Kind of pissed that I bought the original template, thinking it was html, only to see it released separately later.

let me clarify my last comment..I think it sounds a bit tough..I only want to get this other app theme here at themeforest that has a tab based menu..This theme Rocksolid is steller and I really should get it but I only need one..this is a great example of high quality design..I might get the psd actually.. So I just dont want it to sound like I dont like it..:)

Thanks fogger, thank you for explaining your decision. I was a bit worried about your last comment :)

Cheers, M.

Hi Segen,

Brilliant, brilliant template….just what I was looking for. Can I ask a couple of questions please. Can I simply alter the text of the heading image ‘RockSolid App 2.0” or would I need to simply edit the existing PSD file ? Also, how would I turn off the transition on the homepage, I don’t want it to jump between two images/text.

Many thanks


If you ask if it is programmed in PHP , no it isn’t. I will update the theme with working contact form and you’ll be able to re-download it and no extra charge.

That’s great. When will the new version be ready?



I’m looking at one to two weeks from now as I have some other business to do first. Thanks for understanding and waiting.

Cheers, M.

Preview/demo, please.

Nice work. A quick question: is there any reason why you used overflow: hidden on the main container?


Can’t remember anymore :)

segen..I changed my mind..great design always wins out.. So I am in.. Thanks

:) Thanks!

Ok so im not a paid cheerleader I cant help it when I find a good deal here at TF i have to say so.. I found this to be very customizable like you said and I didnt know till i got it thats its html5 and thats a huge plus for me.. So..the deal is its a better deal than I thought and isnt that the way is supposed to be? Yes it is.. there are too many schwag things out there..:) Thanks

Thanks for your honest reply fogger, I very much appreciate it.

Hi Marko,

Bought the theme and am using it for my design portfolio. Absolutely love it, great work! Really easy to edit (well programmed CSS etc) as well.

Just wandered if you were any closer to adding the form to the mixer. This would really be the full package if you did. Oh and nice touch using HTML5 !

Thanks & keep up the good work :)

Thanks Joe! Please get in touch and send me an email via my profile page. I’ll see what I can do for you ;)

Cheers, M.


great template, but am having an issue with the drop down menu.

When I add more drop downs on other menu items, the

    is not aligned correctly under the

Can you help please?


Love your work.

oops, look like my code was stripped out.

I meant to say, the ul is not aligned under the main li anymore.

Can you send me a screenshot so I can see? Thanks.

Sure, to what email please?

Just contact me via my profile page here on TF ;)


Is the contact form working yet ?


Please contact me via my profile page and I’ll send you the form until my updated item gets approved. Cheers.

awesome looking site. any plans for wordpress? :)

I think this summer will come out WP version.

Hey there, i already bought the PSD Version and was curious about wether or not there is a WP Version. The last comment is 3 months ago.

Any new intel on if or when ther will be a wp-version of your theme?

greetings from germany.


Hey Mike, I think WP version is coming out end August or early September. That’s how it stands at the moment ;)

too bad. today i started building my own wp-version based on your theme… i cant afford to wait another month to release my site

Damn, I wish I had it earlier but I couldn’t make it :( Wish you good luck with it! Cheers.