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Connect the two accounts how? I have added my twitter url… what else do I need to do?

Hey k9Ctum,

There is a step by step guide in the theme guide, please follow the steps.

Thanks, Jen

Suddenly the theme is displaying my posts in just one column!! I’ve re-installed the theme but it doesn’t work.

Please help!


Please make sure you have the Instagram feed right by following the instructions in the theme guide.

Thanks, Jen

Hey, great theme! I was wondering if it was possible to have a text preview on image posts that are shown on the homepage, like the collage ones? I would like my user to know if the image posts have text as well. Thank you!

Hi Gallardooo,

You can’t show captions on photo posts unfortunately.


Hello, although the theme is beautiful, I have a big problem with my website: what happened? I have only copied and pasted the original code. Thanks


It seems like it’s a issue caused by Chromes update, I will wait to see if Chrome pushes out another update to fix this issue. Or else I will manually update it.



is it possible to show my posts always random?

Hey Kisarnold,

I’m not quite understanding your question, the posts are shown in a timely order.


Hi Jen,

I would like two options:

1. if somebody is going to the site, see only one post in random. Like the random button but it’s automatically


2. If somebody is going to the site see the posts in shuffle, not in timely order and every refresh result a new layout, a new shuffled layout.

Hi Kisarnold,

That isn’t possible unfortunately.


Great theme! What might cause the edit page not to show in the edit/customize mode? I installed the theme for my daughter’s tumblr and we can make changes and save them, but we have to open another browser tab to see the changes… the page never loads in edit mode. ‘ll be happy to give you the username and password if you want to look at her site, which is Thanks! Frank

Hi Frank,

Tumblr has a delayed response time while editing a page, unfortunately there is no way to work around with it.

Let me know if you have anymore questions, I will be happy to answer!


Hi Jen. It’s definitely not a tumblr issue, as I tried accessing the admin panel from several different computers and locations over the past few days, all with the same result… the buffering icon just spins for-ever.

I noticed there was an External Codes folder with a script, lightbox, icon font, etc. that came with the theme however, I only pasted the “Them Code” into the “Edit HTML” box, but should I also be installing this External Code folder, or some of its contents, somewhere?

Thanks! My daughter simply loves the theme!


Hi Frank,

1) Please send us screenshots of the issue to: and we’ll will help you resolve it.
2) The external codes folder is placed there as a standard requirement, they are already installed on the theme itself.

Let me know if you have anymore questions, thanks!

one question? how can i feature my instagram on the blog?

Hi Yesimchvd,

To make the instagram feed appear, please follow the steps below:

1) got to here ( ) type in your Instagram username

2) click submit and your id will show up, it should be something like this 384758

3) paste it in the “Instagram ID” section in the customise panel

4) go to here ( ), click lets get started and click authorise

5) once you pasted your ID and authorised it with your Instagram, your feed will start showing up


Hi – great theme! I’m having some issues and there’s no reply to my support email, so I’ll try again here:

1. How to disable “Install Theme” Spam, please? I bought this item, so I wouldn’t want to carry your ads. 2. There is no search box? 3. Social Box and Social Links are not working (Facebook, Twitter) 4. Can’t find adjustable post width (5 variations) – what is it? 5. What is the folder “External Codes”? How to use it?

“Documentation” is a one page .txt file that’s not really helpful.


Hi Wedekind,

Please allow us 1 business day to process your support request, I believe that I’ve just replied to your email.


My issues are fixed! Thx Jen, I was a bit imaptient ;-)

Now worries and glad to help!


Hi Jen! I just installed it and it looks awesome! Question, is it possible to assign random sizes to the pics on the main page? I saw it on the demo version of the theme but I cant find the function on the editing page. Thanks!

Add this: ”.photo-buttons{display:none !important} .photo-hover{opacity:0 !important}” (not including quotation) in the custom CSS section:

cool, just did that but all my posts look white. Take a look THANKS!

Sorry, replace the custom CSS with this: ”.photo-buttons{display:none !important} .photo-hover .overlay{opacity:0 !important}”

Heyy This theme Rocks Awesome i just have some questions can you improve this theme and create some menu above the posts and put some social buttons on the posts and why is it not supporting HD pictures? this theme is great thats why i bought it i just like to have it improved thnx alot

Got it. We do offer extensive customizations at hourly rates, if you are interested, please email us at with a brief or outline.

Thank you,

will it cost me more money?

Yes, we will bill at an hourly rate for extensive customizations.