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Hello, I’ve purchase Rockwell and I do like the demo version, however I would like the SQL file so I can have my installation look the same.

Could you email me the SQL file please?


of course, email us at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, please. Thanks for purchasing the template.

Hi, I’m having an issue where pages with the JAW Slider module are unable to load images in the light-box gallery. I’d appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Thanks for your quick response! However I’m afraid this hasn’t solved the issue.


could you send us your url, please? We´ll take a look at what may have been wrong. Depending on what we´ll find out, we also may will need to ask you to provide us a login to your joomla administration or/and your ftp access. You can email us at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com.

Thanks, email sent.


even i am havig the same issue for some reason the slider does not load.Please help


please, modify the line 26 in your /templates/rockwell/index.php file as follows:





It should solve the issue. However, if this doesn´t help, send us your url, please (you can email us at jaw(a)jawtempaltes.com). We may also will need to ask you to provide us your joomla or/and ftp login.


I did try the change but for some reason the module does not show up in the module manager.I did refere to the pdf and the solution you have provided earlier still no go

I am using Joomla 2.1.14

Please fix the slider and the logo is not being resized automatically.

Shall share login with you ?


could you provide us your joomla admin login, please? We will take a look at the issue. You can email us at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com (don´t forget to attach your URL and the nick name you use here on the Themeforest, please). Thanks.

Hello, I posted this issue a way back, recently had my web hacked and have to start again from cero. I executed your .sql and the template shows great but cant edit or create new articles because the editor showing is useless, tried changing default and user editor but nothing changes, any new idea? Thanks.


could you provide us both your url and joomla admin login, please? We will take a look at what may have been wrong. Email us at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com and don´t forget to attach your nick name you use here on the themeforest, please. Thanks


I have just purchased Rockwell and have set up my url. I have been going through the modules list, and cannot see the JAW Slider anywhere within the module manager. I read a comment earlier asking for the SQL to set the template up as the demo portrays, and also see many people allowing staff to remedy their issues. Would it be possible to have my template set to the demo layout?


thanks for purchasing the template, we appreciate it. Please, email us at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com, we are going to send you the SQL file you need.

Thank you. I have sent the email to Jaw@jawtemplates.com and am waiting on a reply.


sorry for a delayed response. We have sent you a reply. Check your mailbox, please.

Hi, quick technical question. How do I disable the highlight effect/ gallery link for header images? I’d like for images in the sidebar to still link though.


sorry, but we aren´t sure that we understand your question correctly. Could you send us your url and clarify the issue a bit more, please? Which highlight effect do you mean? E.g. sending some explanatory screenshot would certainly be one of the best ways to explain us your idea (you can email our team at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com). Thanks in advance for clarification of the issue.

Good Night,

I have used the theme of you some time. I liked it very much that he has offered.

But I would take that Grid banner I have on my home page. I want to make the entire image.

Could you help me with this?

thank you



thanks, we are pleased that you like the theme.

However, we would like to ask you to clarify your question. Would you like to remove both the grid and the transition effects from slider, or just the grid, etc..? Be more specific, please. Sorry, but we aren´t sure we understand your question.

Thanks in advance.

I would like to remove just the grid.

Leaving the images without cuts. I would like them to stay clean without the Grid


thanks. You should just need to modify the following two files as follows:

1. open the modules/mod_jawslider/assets/js/slider-1.js file in your txt editor and add
show_slider2_grid = 'false'
underneath the
var w = 156;
var h = 156;
(you can find this part of code at around line 20).

2. edit the modules/mod_jawslider/tmpl/slider/slider-1.php file at line 36 as follows:

replace the “false” value in
$grid = false;

with true (this part of code has to be $grid = true;)

Similarly, you can modify the slider type 2 (edit both the slider-2.php and slider-2.js files).

On the contrary, we don´t recommend modifying the slider type 3, as it works in a different way.

Hi there, I have been trying to get my template to look exactly like yours. Could you also please email me your MySQL db file.

I am also having issues loading the slider on the main page. I have set all folders in template directory and subdirectories to 644, as well as modifying line 26 on the index.php as advised on other comments here. I’ve even updated the timthumb file with the google one.



we have sent you an email.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me and helping me out. It’s now working with the file you sent me, and just testing it further to make sure.

Note sure why the slider wouldn’t display on the homepage as shown on your live demo, without your SQL file, even though I tried putting it on there via the admin panel.


thanks for the message. It sounds like that there had been something missing or set in a wrong way in your slider (but hard to say what, without knowing more details) before you imported the SQL file. We are glad, that it already works.

Good Day,

I just recently purchased this theme, and I really like it. The only problem I’m having right now is the footer box 1,2,3,4 positions are not working. When I select any of these position the module automatically defaults to footerbox 1 position.



thanks for purchasing the template, we are pleased that you like it. Please, could you provide us login to your joomla administration (email us at jaw(a)jawtemplates.com)? Unfortunately, it´s hard to say what may have been wrong without seeing your settings. Or you may try to describe the issue a bit more..

Thanks in advance.

Hi Thanks for this amazing template.

I would have like to have the default demo site installed as in your demo site : http://themeforest.net/item/rockwell-portfolio-blog-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/249087

Can you please send me the SQL file which provides the sample content.?

Thanks and happy new Year!!


of course, we are ready to provide you the SQL file promptly after getting your purchase code (for details read the email we just have sent you, please). Thanks, we are pleased that you like the template and wish you happy new year as well!

Good Day,

I purchased the template about a month ago, and I’m noticing I don’t have all the module positions that is listed in the PDF that came with the file. I don’t have a side bar or a main body module position.



we have sent you an email with our demo SQL file and some other instructions, which will help you to achieve what you need.

Very basic question: How do you change the number of main menu items in the Rockwell module? Thank you!


simply use a common menu manager in Joomla to add the items you need (Menus -> Menu Manager).

Hi There, I bought you theme a couple of months back, and so far have been able to work with it. But Now I have come to a standstill. I am trying to change the size of the text that appears on the jaw-Slider on the front page.

I have tried changing all the font-size on all the css files in the slider module, but that also didn’t work. It changed the font size of the first slide, but all the other reverted back to their 48px size.

Any ideas? Thanks :)


you need to modify both the css and javascript.

E.g., if you want to change the font size to 60px:

Open the /modules/mod_jawslider/assets/js/style-1.js file and change the font size in line 142 from




Then go to line 146 and change

 $(this).html(title).attr('href',link).animate({opacity:1, fontSize:48},0);


$(this).html(title).attr('href',link).animate({opacity:1, fontSize:60},0);

If you don´t use the style1, use the same way to modify the style2.

Thanks Jaw, will try that!

I purchased this them for a client site and have been using happily up until WP 3.9 update. I can not get the theme to work with the update and now have a generic theme loaded while trying to figure out the issue. Do you know of a fix for this problem? http://www.fanclubstudios.com/


we are sorry, but aren´t able to help you with this issue since we have released the Rockwell template for the Joomla CMS only. To get support for any WP version of this theme you need to contact the Freshface team (we collaborated on development of the theme).

Will you update the rockwell template to be compatible with joomla 3.x? If so, when?


we are really sorry for inconvenience but unfortunately we are not going to update it. Thank you.

If you have some more issues, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help you.

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