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Look very beautiful! :D Good luck!

this will be a bestseller for sure.

Very Nice!! Future Wannahave!

Very nice! Top seller right here :)

Fresh, I can tell you it was worth the wait, great theme as always.

Good luck with sales buddies ;)

Wow. I’m not quite sure what you did on your dark grey-to-red hover links, but that in-between effect feels so good; it’s so subliminal, hence it’s very subtle yet gives the theme a whole new feeling.

Fantastic man, you keep inspiring me.
Bookmarked ;)

loong time since your last theme and it is worth the wait!

just felt the breeze, awesome theme man!

They’re baaaacck! Very, very nice works guys!


Apart from all the other advantages: this is the first theme I know with true choice in page formatting/design without having to edit php.


Thank you sir! :)

Each layout (module) has it’s own .php and .css file so even if you would want to edit something, it’s super easy ;)

Check out the modules file structure in the “templates” folder:

The framework is written in a way that only the files you actually need to load at that particular moment are requested by the server = fast performance.

Very cleverly done! This theme is going to be a most wanted :)

Thanks a lot guys for all of your kind words, means a lot to us! :)

When i clicked on the preview i thought i had mis clicked to somewhere else.. couldn’t believe it was the template :D Awesome stuff!!

Wow!! does the theme support video, u tube and or vimeo?

Any idea if the theme will work well with a member plugin like WishList or Magic Member

I’m looking to create a paid membership site based on my expertise in the Forex trading markets

Thanks Kindly  Nick K

Hi and thank you! :)

You can insert embedded video from youtube, vimeo or any similar service into your post’s or page’s body. For example youtube allows you to set precise dimensions of such video “box” so it will fit easily into every layout.

Regarding the plugins, I can’t really tell – it’s always hit or miss with plugins (especially with the free ones), so you just need to try them.

Thanks again and cheers!

FREAKIN UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW !

It is lightning fast for me! My only request is a few more unique slider options. Any plans for that?

This might actually sell more than your other themes!!!!

I wanna see the amount of sales you get in 30 days. Its gonna be a good month for you!!! LOL !

I will buy in 2 days.

Thanks Liquid, always good to hear from you! :)

There are 3 sliders at the moment:

and something like this one, fullscreen slider, will be coming soon:

(just an ugly mockup sketch, done in 60 seconds)

What other sliders you were thinking? Feel free to mail me some links if you want, I can have a look.

Cheers! :)

Top level one! Super functionality!

Good luck :)

Very nice would love to see this as html so it can be used in non wordpress sites

Hi there!

Yup, let’s go for it. Stay tuned then (follow us on our profile) :)

already following. Also love the sliders would like to see them on CodeCanyon, will get an extended license for sure

Good Job, Love the slider.

Welcome RockWell, known you long time happy to see you here :) Great job guys :D