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Hi I know installation support isn’t included but would you possibly give me alittle bit of assistance?

Of course, please send me email with email with all details of problems you have.

I’ve got it sorted. Just another question below.


How do I add another slider? And how can I center the staff photos in the about page?

How do I add another button along with “home” “service” “portfolio” etc.. but i want it to say “Blog” and will be linked externally not to a slider. Pls respond

Hi dear, to get a tag work and get user moverd to external page, go to js.js and find: //When the user clicks on the navigation links, get the data-move attribute value of the link and pass that variable to the goToByScroll function links.click(function (e) { e.preventDefault(); dataslide = $(this).attr('data-move'); goToByScroll(dataslide); }); //When the user clicks on the button, get the get the data-move attribute value of the button and pass that variable to the goToByScroll function button.click(function (e) { e.preventDefault(); dataslide = $(this).attr('data-move'); goToByScroll(dataslide); });

Remove e.preventDefault(); in both cases.

Is there a wordpress theme of this HTML template available?

Hello, only HTML for that moment.

Can you use dreamweaver to edit these files or do you have to use bootstrap?

Dreamweaver is a soft for a “WYSWYG” editing HTML files. Since BS is a HTML framework it can be used with BS.

Hey, I’m writing with few problems:

1) There’s no working Facebook button in portfolio gallery (only grey rectangle is visible);

2) When I’m adding more, than a single photo in single post – gallery start from the last photo and after clicking ‘right’ we’re going to the next post. How can I fix this bug? I need first photo, and after clicking ‘right’ – rest of the gallery;

3) When in gallery is more photos, than a few, miniatures’s going out. How can I restore this miniatures?

4) After removing few of a social buttons (at the very end of the page), other buttons are more on the left – what to do, to center others buttons?

5) How to change properly Your red circle to my logotype (important: my logo need to be responsive)?

Thank for Your help, from above. Tomasz.

I’m still waitnig for Your answer. One more problem- contact form isn’t working at all. After clicking “Submit”, circle is appearing and that’s all…