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Nice work, GLWS :)

Many thanks! :)

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

Thank you!

Incredible design. have a good sale :)

Thank you! ;)

Nice Work..Congratulations….. GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

Congratulations! Good luck with sale

Thank you! :)

Good luck!

Thank you! :)

Hello, I chose the Rokwool theme, but after installing the demo content, the website won’t open. What am I doing wrong?


Purchase code: 3670ffe3-ec09-49e0-88c9-6f5f3261d759 -

Hello, Dear Customer. Please send us at support@wprollers.com the following info:
1. Link/login/password for your cPanel or similar hosting control panel.
2. Link/login/password for your WP Dashboard.
We need exact information about these both points, only in this case we will be able to help you.
Best Regards!

Hi Could you please upload the high-resolution images for my new purchase template.

Hello, Dear Customer. We have replied you. Best Regards!

Any Updates for my second query ? “Hi , I’m unable to change the theme color. I have to change the color using the theme option and publish it, seems it won’t save. Can you help…”

Hello, Dear Customer. We have also replied on that request:

If you want to change colors on your website, first of all, please click WP Dashboard => Plugins => All Plugins.

Be sure that WP-SCSS plugin is active.

Then please create the folder with name “cache” in the plugin’s directory: \wp-content\plugins\wp-scss\

Then click WP Dashboard => Settings => WP-SCSS and apply the following options like on this screenshot: https://nimb.ws/twoZhD

Input in Scss location this path: /scss/

Input in CSS Location: /css/

Then save changes.

Go WP Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Theme Color Scheme: https://nimb.ws/Ssvn3f

Here you may change default theme’s colors to your corporate. Change colors and click the “Publish” button.

Wait some time and check the results at the front-end.

Also read our documentation and watch video tutorials: http://webdesign-finder.com/docs/rokwool/documentation_theme/index.html

Best Regards!

Your instructions do not match the customization of the theme… logo modificaiton doesn’t work …

To prepare Slider for your theme, please go in your WP Dashboard => Appearance => Sliders => Homepage Slider. Click “Edit” and you will see settings for the Slider. Here you can add/remove new slides, Slider Title, Slider Logo, Slider Logo Text. Also please do not forget to save changes after editing slider. You may create several sliders with different images for your purposes.

I tried uploading a new logo from the Theme Customization but it doesn’t work. UGH!

Hello, Dear Customer. To upload a new logo – please click WP Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS => Theme Header Section => Logo: http://prntscr.com/ulmwpi If you met any difficulties – please click sens us a request at support@wprollers.com Best Regards!

Any chance I can get a refund … I can’t customize a simple logo so it is not small!

Logo has to be 512 by 77 pixels or it will look like garbage.

Hello, Dear Customer. To increase logo – please click WP Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS and paste this code here:
a.logo img { display: inline-block; max-height: 40px; }
Then save changes and check the results at front-end. Best Regards!

The map on the contact us page does not work… says: This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.

Hello, Dear Customer! This issue occurs, because Google Maps require now API key. Please obtain your personal API key here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

Also read this article about how to perform this: ​ https://nearplace.com/blog/how-to-generate-google-map-api-key-for-free/

Then insert your key in Maps shortcode via page builder, save changes and check results at front-end.

Best Regards!​

nope the api key is turned on …

In this case please email at support@wprollers.com with the link/login/password for your WP Dashboard and we will check your issue. Also, do not forget to include in the email a description of your issue. Best Regards!

I’m still trying to find out how to set the map correctly. Stil have not figured out how to change the phone number in the header. Not easy!

Hello, Dear Customer. Previously we have explained you how to change the logo: http://prntscr.com/ulwjyc http://prntscr.com/ulwkxc If you need our help – please email us at support@wprollers.com Best Regards!

right that is for the logo figured that out now Im trying to figure out the PHONE Number in the header

To change phone number – please click WP Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Theme Meta => Icons in list for header: http://prntscr.com/ulx8ei Then change a number here: http://prntscr.com/ulxau4 Save all changes and you’ll receive the desired result: http://prntscr.com/ulxb6x Please note, this dashboard is only for pre-sale questions If you need an assistance – just email us at support@wprollers.com Best Regards!

I uploaded the theme but I couldn’t find demo content in All files folder. Can you please help me importing demo content

Hello, Dear Customer. Please read our documentation and watch video tutorials here: http://webdesign-finder.com/docs/rokwool/documentation_theme/index.html Pay your attention on the following topics: How to install theme and demo-content, Frontpage customization, How to use Unyson Page Builder, Customizer options etc. You may also run video tutorials directly on your PC, they are located in upload folder of the manual. If all these instructions will not help you – send us request at support@wprollers.com We will install for you theme with demo-content. Best Regards!