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A very nice work! Good luck :)

Thanks a lot!

Awesome looking theme – looking forward to getting into it. Should I stick with Wordpress 3.6? or can I update to 3.7? Thanks

First of all, Thanks for your Appreciation and Interest towards our Theme :-)

Yeah sure! Our “ROLE” Theme is compatible with WordPress 3.6 and above versions. Updating to the Latest version ( version 3.7 ) will be a better idea!

Sorry for the misunderstanding :(

We didn’t include slide speed property in the script. And so, it will take the time of 600 millisec by default. If you wish to change the timing, then please add “slideSpeed: 900” property in your script. You can customize the timing as per your needs

Hey Designthemes!

I cant get, that Service is showed under About, Portfolio showed under Serivce, and so on….

Thx for your help!

This is my query:


I dont know how to get Service below About… greetings!

solved the problem!

Great to hear that you solved the issues by yourself! Anyway, here is the reply to your query.

Please go through the help videos and follow the instructions as given in the Documentation. After installing the “Dummy Data”, you have to change the permalinks and set the menu in your Menu Section.

Why the page speed is that slow? What can i do?

Hi! We have checked the speed of our site, and the Load Time is just 4.71 seconds.

Click Here – http://bit.ly/loading_speed

For achieving the best results, you have to perform the following process:

(a). Image optimization (b). Increasing the browser caching and much more options.

Hi! Just bought. This theme is really amazing, something really new with great design. Perfect options, works fine so far.

Just one issue: If you have posts with experts of different length, the archive is not working well. This is no problem in your demo, because the excerpts have the same length. But for example if the first post box has a big height (long excerpt) and the second post box is less high, then the third will float left at the right down corner of the first box, leaving the left column blank. Hope I could explain what I mean. Probably the theme would have to cut all excerpts to the same length (I didn’t find such an option). Thanks

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

We have set the excerpt length for archives in “archive.php” file. You can increase/ decrease the excerpt length by editing the below given line

Line no : 109

<div class="entry-body"><?php echo mytheme_excerpt(40); ?></div>

Thanks. But the “40” stands for number of words, right? So if I replace it with “15” for example, the excerpt is cut. But the issue isn’t solved then, because words have different length. So I would have to limit the number of characters to give all excerpts the same length and have post boxes with identical height. Any idea or don’t you want to add this option for excerpt-length in an update? (others might have the same issue)

Apart from this I have to say once again, that I’m really happy with this theme. My site looks absolutely unique and awesome. Thanks for this job!

Hi, I really like your theme but I wanted to know if you can change the one-page idea, I would prefer a new page opening when a tab is selected.

Is this possible or is this theme based around the whole concept of one page.

Thanks for your interest on our theme!

Just by adding the “external” class in the menu section, you can use this One-Page Theme as a Multi-page Theme. We have explained it clearly in our documentation.

No issue, just a question: If you hold your smartphone vertical, the column with the content is really narrow with much colored background on the left and right. A possility to use more space of the vertical smartphone-screen would be great.

Thanks for the Appreciation and Purchase! And, Sorry for the Delayed Reply :( Because, we were on leave for 3 days.

Please reply us with a Clear Screenshot of your Query! So that, we can understand your exact queries and help you ASAP!

Hi Designthemes, I can’t install the theme … I followed the instructions and the video (and I’ve done this, before today, many other time with other template)but nothing … Here the message” Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again ” Pls can you help me? thanks a lot :)

Please Upload the Theme using FileZilla. Or If possible, please provide your site’s WP and FTP details ( via form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes ).We will check it and let you know about the issue!

Is there a way to change the color of the hyperlinks ?

greetings Lando

Yeah sure! With the help of BPanel option, you can set your favorite color ( Primary/ Default and Hover color) for the hyperlinks.

Refer this Screenshot for demo – http://d.pr/i/X9iI


im intrested in purchasing your theme.

Is it compatible with wordpress 3.7? If so, please Update your theme version.

Is it possible, to use more or less menu items? There are 5 items mentioned in the demo (about, services, portfolio, blog, contact). can I use only 4 items or up to 6 items?

Thanks for the answers.

(a). Yes! Our Role Theme is compatible with WordPress 3.7 version. Thanks for the notice. We will update the Theme version shortly!

(b). You can add the menu items as per your convenience :-)


i use WP 3.7.1. but cant use your theme. Any idea ?

We have sent you a mail already! Please check the Spam section in your Mail! In our mail, we mentioned that,

“We tried to install a plugin ( just for checking ) in your WordPress. But, it is not getting installed. We guess that, someone have hacked your site!

As we requested before, we need your WordPress and FTP details too! Please send us the details to solve your problem ASAP!”

By Using your FTP Credentials, we can solve the issue easily!

just send an email with all informations

Yeah we got your mail! We will have a look at your issue and reply you once after getting a solution.

Absolutely a beautiful theme! Does it have woocommerce support though?! Please say yes.. i have a great idea for this one :-)

First of All, Thanks a lot for the Appreciation :-)

The Present version of Role Theme doesn’t have WooCommerce Support. But, we are now planning to make the theme compatible with WooCommerce. We’ll let you know once after updating the Theme with WooCommerce compatibility!

Sounds great! I’ll be waiting :-)

We will get you back soon :-)

Hi, I already purchase this great theme and i follow the instructions from the setup video, my issue goes on the one page mode, it dont work for me. Since i set up the theme its working as multipage site and it has not external class attribute. Is there some configuration for this?

Thanks a lot! Now it work perfect, i appreciate so much your support.

There is another question… May i edit some .php files to translate the “Read more”, “Next post”, etc? or there is an option to easy translate?

Sorry about this i am new user to this system

Sorry for the delayed reply.

There is no option to translate! You can make it possible only through editing the .PHP files.

Hey, i want to translate phone from this code: [dt_sc_phone animation=”hatch” animation_delay=”300” phone=”0000000” /] what file i need to modify? Thanks!

Please Open the “shortcodes.php” file from “wp-content\plugins\designthemes-core-features\shortcodes\”.

Navigate to line no: 583. And, modify the below given code:
$out .= "<b>".__('Phone:','dt_themes').' </b>';

(a). Sorry for the inconvenience and Thanks for the notice about portfolio pagination!

We will fix the pagination issue in the updated version of Role Theme.

(b). Please share your WordPress and FTP site credentials through the bottom right form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes . So that, we can fix your pagination issue and change the Portfolio Order.

We have plan to update the Role theme within next week

hi, i have installed this theme after purchasing it here, the theme is not changing color to vibrant skin

i can even send you the domain logins on email, to check

please help

Sorry for the inconvenience!

After installing the Theme,

(a). Go To Appearance—> Menus
(b). Look into the Menu Structure in the Main Section.
(c). Click the down arrow icon, which comes at the right end each menu item.
(d). Place your suitable color name in the “Custom Color Class”.

Refer this image for a better idea – http://d.pr/f/rvA5 . We have explained it clearly in our Documentation too!

If you find any difficulties in doing this, please send us the WordPress credentials ( including suitable colors for each section ) through the right bottom form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes

you can write me a email on shah[.]antriksh[@]gmail[.]com

Hi, i’ve bought this theme, but i have a problem: i’ve used Accordion for same frames, but when i open a frame it do not center the page. Can you help me?

Sorry for the Delayed Reply!

Please mail us your WordPress and FTP credentials through the bottom right form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes . So that we can have a clear look at your issue, and offer you an exact solution to get away from it!

Hi! Just purchased the theme. The theme is unique and perfect in its own style.

I would like to change the image dimensions in the portfolio details. Also the images are cropped rather than being resized. Any suggestion where I could change them?

Thanks & Regards, Vignesh

Thanks for the Appreciation and Sorry for the Delayed reply!

In the Portfolio details page, the image re-sizes ( won’t be cropped ) automatically as per your column width! If you uploaded any small images, it will be displayed with a same size and won’t get cropped.

Hello, greate work! I love this item! ))

I have 2 questions:

1) Can I use video instead of images? I am in video bussines, not a photografy

2) Is it possible to remove slider and on first place to add Mail Chimp form? I need to grow up my subscription list. Please, see example http://atlaspix.com/lister/demo/index-1.php

Thanks a lot! ))

Oh, thanks a lot, dear friend! ))) I am new in wordpress and by mistake I deleted code (which was on page “These are the services we provide”. Will you be so kind and send me this code? I love this design, but broken page ((( Thanks a lot!

We will mail you the Shortcodesl!

Please mail us your WordPress and FTP credentials through the bottom right form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes . So that we can have a clear look at your issue, and offer you an exact solution to get away from it!

When you release the new version?