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First of all, congrats for this beautiful, dynamic, modern theme !

I try to install the theme in Wordpress (role.zip) : after a few minutes of loading, it says something like : “Error, the size of the uploaded file exceeds the maximum that is specified in upload_max_filesize, in php.ini”.

Am I forced to install the theme manually ? I wish not…

Thanks for your help !

Thank you for the Purchase and Appreciation :-) Here we come up with 4 different solutions to solve your problem!

Solution 1: Install wordpress via wp-folder -> wp-content -> theme

Solution 2: Add the below script into your .htaccess file in theme_directory folder.

php_value memory_limit 64M

Solution 3: Add the below script into your “wp-config.php” file
define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

Solution 4: (a). Open “php.ini” file
(b). Find upload_max_filesize = 2M and replace “2M” to “64M”
(c). Save the notepad and restart your server

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Hello. I can not find where I can change “Archives portfolio” sentence. I peeked in the po files and I did not find anything either. Can you open my eyes or my mind? :) Thank you. JF

Change “Portfolio Archives” in “taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php” file, located at the below directory

Role(wp-folder) -> wp-content -> plugins -> designthemes-core-features -> custom-post-types -> templates -> taxonomy-portfolio_entries.php

Line no : 33
<h2><?php printf( __( 'Portfolio Archives: %s', 'dt_themes' ), single_cat_title('',false) ); ?></h2>
Refer this Screenshot – http://d.pr/f/Ralc

Thanks for your quick and well documented answer. Have a nice day. JF

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hi really great theme btw, i am using as one page layout

1. I would like to add a toggles to the Ajax Portfolio, but when i add them the toggle does not open and i get taken to the top of the screen

2. i would like toadd an internal link to a page using a button i have set up the the link on the button as #contact and this works, however is it possible to have it scroll to the required page rather than jump directly there

(a). Thanks for notifying the issue. Once after fixing it, we will update the Theme and let you know.
(b). Sorry. The Role Theme doesn’t carry this option. If you need this to urge, please send the WP and FTP login details through the right bottom form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes . We will customize it for you!

any idea when your next update will be ready really like the theme and want to get up and running ASAP, thanks

Sorry. At Present, we are too busy in working for our new themes. And so, we will plan for the Theme Updation, after publishing those new Themes successfully! We will let you know, once after the Theme gets updated.

Hello. I have an issue I’ve tried to solve alone but i can´t. It’s with google map shortcode. I get a white background has you will see in the file. ( and an horizontal scroll bar if I use 100% width) ... Thanks for your help. JF http://pappas.pe/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/pappas-map.jpg

Hi … The issue I reported before was solved. I made a mistake pasting the shortcode in a wrong way. Have a nice day. JF

Happy to hear that your issues were solved :-) Please let us know, any kind of help regarding our Theme in the future too!

hi, cool template… where do i get the plugins that are required… I searched but can not find.

nevermind… i see it…

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Hi, Can this theme display bigger size photos than it is showing in presentation website? Is any options to change photo displaying size? I am photographer and i am interested Is it possible to use vertical photos for this theme without cropping them, because as i can see you use only horizontal? Regards


(a). In the Theme Back-end we didn’t provide any options for changing image size.

(b). It is not possible to insert images without cropping! While inserting the images, crop function will be called automatically. And if you want to change the image dimensions, you can achieve it through Theme Customization. While customizing, it results to many design issues and it takes more time for fixing it.

Note: You will be charged around $15 – $ 20/ per hour for this Customization!

I love the theme, but I’m having a few issues with it.

1: I cannot seem to find a place to change the header text. It still says, “Role Portfolio”. I have changed this in the wordpress settings section, and the theme customize section. Not sure where else to look :)

2: My template does appear as one-page sliding up and down, and I’m not sure how to individually control the colors of each tab like in the live demo. Right now, I have a gray menubar, and each page is separate when clicked on; no animation.

Thanks in advance for your help!

It seems to be time consuming. We are quite busy with our work. But still, will look into for what you are looking for and render the solution. Kindly send the ftp details.

Use the attached updated version (version 1.2) of the Role Theme.

(a). We have made changes on the following files:

(i) Theme_directory -> tpl-blog.php
(ii) Theme_directory -> framework -> loops -> content-tpl-blog.php
(iii)Theme_directory -> framework -> js -> public -> ajax-portfolio.js

(b). Display few posts in blog page. For Example: Post per page as 5 or less than 5. It will reduce the loading time.
(c). In the Single Post Page, we have included pagination. And so, you can easily move another posts too!
(d). Watch this video – http://www.screenr.com/XBHN

Thanks for the update, but this really doesn’t solve my problem…Now, instead of the blog section taking a long time to load, the entire site takes a long time to load before you can even navigate it. I would say this is a worse problem than the previous. As I explained in another support message, at this point, I would really like to be able to move to a different theme, given all of these problem. Please let me know how you would like to do this as soon as possible. I’ve been trying to work these problems out with your team for weeks now. Thanks.

I’m having one issue. The home tab is highlighted even when its not on home? Also is there a way to have the submenu items open on the one page design? http://www.vapinghole.com/

Extremely sorry for the delayed response!

(a). Please send us the WordPress login details for the home tab issue. (b). .Sorry. One page template design is not possible with the Submenus.

I’d like to buy this wonderful theme but I need it with unlimited colors. Is it possible to create the color I want for each page or must I use only predefined skins?

Our Theme carries 20 colors available refer this http://d.pr/f/EjSz. And also, you can easily use multiple colors by customizing the “style.css” file.

ok, thank you very much! :)

It’s our pleasure to help you!


Just wondering if it is possible to remove the Author: ram bit as seen in the demo Portfolio section, as I am using the layout for another purpose instead of a portfolio?

Thank you.

Sorry. As we mentioned before, we didn’t get this issue. Can you please share your website URL. So that, we can have a look at it and let you know about the fix.

We have checked the screenshot. There are so many menu items. If you remove some of the menu items it will fit into the menu. Otherwise you need to change the “Client Portal” word to some other name to fit into the menu.

Hi there..

This is really a fantastic theme. congrats to you..

Where can I access the video tutorial and documentation on the theme?

I am not very tech savvy and plan to set this up myself so an extensive tutorial will help

Thank you

Thanks for the Purchase and Appreciation :-)

Checkout the Theme Demo Videos from – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AnZsFSO2hg&list=PL6kpawNbFm9V3mnTlcIQyQbuZiNOgZND6

Inside the Purchased theme package, you can see a folder named as “Documentation”. The Theme Documentation is placed inside “Documentation” folder.

Note: You can’t get the Documentation while updating the Theme.

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Hello! I want to add target=”_blank to my site adress on contact page. I did code:

[dt_sc_web animation=”hatch” animation_delay=”300” url=”http://www.mydoman.ru” target=”_blank”/]

But it is open not on new window. Page is open in this window. Please, see it http://studia-online.com/#contact It is bug or my mistake in code?


I’m having one issue. The home tab is highlighted even when its not on home? Also is there a way to have the submenu items open on the one page design? http://www.vapinghole.com/

Dear designthemes! Am so sorry for my new questions…

But I don’t know where I can delete title : “Author : admin” in portfolio gallery?

Please, see it here http://s7.postimg.org/5bkfpie0r/title.jpg

Thanks a lot!

Replace the below attached “shortcodes.php” file, locate at Role (wp-folder) -> wp-content -> plugins -> designthemes-core-features -> shortcodes


Note: Before replacing the above file, please take a Backup of your existing “shortcodes.php” file.

Thanks a lot! It was helpful! ))

Nice to hear :-) Thanks

Hello, designthemes!

I am so sorry to report you about big bug in portfolio… I need your help to fix it!

There are 2 problems:

1) When I add my video after image I see on site image and when I click on image, my video play. It is relly what I want. BUT! After several second my video and image start to work as slider. But I need to see my video to end, I don’t need see picture at all. I don’t need slider here (((

2) When I ckick on close button, my video disappeared, but sounds is play! It is really big bug for me, because my portfolio only with video.

You can check it here http://studia-online.com/

Hello! What about my question? Thanks!

Extremely sorry for the Delayed Reply! Kindly replace the attached files into the respective folder to get rid of your portfolio video issue.

Replace “load_portfolio_ajax_call.php” file in “role(theme_directory)/framework/load_portfolio_ajax_call.php”


Replace “ajax-portfolio.js” file in “role(theme_directory)/framework/js/public/ajax-portfolio.js”


Dear, friend! Thanks a lot! All is work! )))))

The theme is great! I was wondering if there is a way I could change the default background image of the light blue with the skyline to an image of my choosing. If so what size should that image be? Thanks!

Thanks for the Purchase and Appreciation :-)

(a). Go to Dashboard -> Pages -> Top Page, and Set the Featured image

Note: Featured Image acts as a Background Image

(b). And then,

(i). Go to Dashboard -> Buddha Panel -> Home
(ii). Choose the Top Section Type as Page
(iii). Select the Page as Top Page

Refer this Screenshot – http://d.pr/f/1mx6

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Wow, impressive color and design – very nice! I just want to confirm that I can have a logo (image) appear top of home page, rather than the text version of the company name. Inserting an image, will this flow to option tree for the site? Thank you, designthemes, for the good work you do!

Thanks for the Appreciation!

In the Buddha Panel, we have provided an option for setting up the Logo. Using that, you can upload the custom logo or Site Title. Similar to this, the Buddha Panel carries too many user-friendly options!

Refer this Screenshot – http://d.pr/i/Ifne

Perfect, exactly as hoped :) Thanks, designthemes, this is on my shortlist! :)

Nice to hear :-) Expecting a Purchase from your side!


I purchased this theme but just cannot seem to upload into WP. I have latest Wordpress version, I have followed the video, but still get a message from Wordpress after it gets to about 95% saying “Are you sure you want to do this?” I have increased max upload file size too to 35M.

Please help.

Thanks Kenneth

Sorry for the inconvenience! You will get this message while trying to install the entire .ZIP package, instead of the actual theme. The downloaded package contains files/folders like documentation, child theme, etc.

There are 2 different process for installing the Theme.

(a). Unzip the entire package -> Find the actual theme file -> And then install the theme.


(b). Copy the Extracted actual theme from “theme_directory” folder, and then Go to wp-folder -> wp-content -> themes -> Place the copied folder over there.

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Two more questions: If I have many projects to display in portfolio, will I have a pagination option for the home page display, when there are more than six projects? It’s a beautiful layout, so pagination would be ideal in that or the big scroll arrows as seen in the blog posts below the portfolio. One more question: Would there be any reason this theme would not be compatible with the Multipurpose Before After Slider found at Code Canyon for Wordpress? Thanks, designthemes :)

(a). Yeah, sure! You can enable the Pagination for your portfolio.

(b). At Present, the Role theme is compatible with Layer and Revolution sliders. But if you wish to use “Multipurpose Before After Slider” plugin, you can make it possible just by placing the slider shortcode on the respective page.

Great, thanks for confirming!

Its our pleasure!