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Wow! I was waiting for this one ;) GLWS buddy :D

Thank you so much :D

Nice Design, GLWS ;)

Thanks a lot ;)

Wow! Nice design!

Thank you so much :)


Acabo de comprar este template y al subirlo a wordpress me aparece el siguiente error


Instalando el tema…

No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. El tema no tiene la hoja de estilo style.css.

Fallo en la instalación del tema.”

Revisé la carpeta y si se encuentra el archivo style.css, pero wordpress no lo reconoce.

Necesito asistencia porfavor.

Could you please tell me in English please? I’ll try to find out whats your problem is, I think you tried to import the package in WordPress, am I right?! But I should say unfortunately this is Not the WordPress theme, this is an HTML template version of Ronika and you cannot import it on WordPress, you can buy the WordPress theme from below link.


I like it so much.Can you tell me which js scipt you used to make that fade loading/appearing effect when scroll down the site ?

Glad you like it, thank you. :) Actually it is not a specific js plugin that prepare that, but we used jQuery Waypoints for Scroll Analytics.

Wow! Nice design!

Glad you like it.

Nice design – something different!

Thanks a lot.

Can I change the pink colour on any other??

Good day,

yes you can change the color to any color you want, by changing the CSS color property of relevant elements.

How does one access the multi-page preview? All care, L.

Good day,

on the live preview you can see the parallax and other external pages link on the menu.

1. noticed on your demo. Theres a script warning ( not sure if it is related to your code )
Error: Permission denied to access property 'toString'

2. when clicking submit on contact form, two loader gifs appear but dont actually do anything. Just wondered if this was meant to be like this.

I may get this though, as I really like the design.

Hi Australia,

I’m really glad that you are considering our item as one of your options :)

I Didn’t know about these problems as we didn’t encounter them, Definitely gonna investigate.

Thank you so much for reporting it.

Hi, I bought the template, and I pretty much have my site up and running-

I am having issues with the contact form-

I am guessing the only code that needs changed for it to work is the “your-email” line in index.html? Is that correct?

When I click submit after adding my email, the spinning loading icons spin and I get no confirmation that an email has been sent, am I missing something?

Other than this issue the template is awesome!

I put in a ticket for this on the forum, i apologize for not doing that first~ thank you


Thank you for purchasing our item, we made the update version of Ronika-HTML and the contact form problem solve there, it will be available for download ASAP.

Thanks again :)

Hey Customers!

Support Staff is not gonna be available during Christmas time until January 6 2014, Please feel free to post your questions on the Support Forum but it would be better if you could post them after Support Staff is back.

Happy new year :)

Hi Very nice theme

You have an error on contact.js

line : 94 and 104, this is the wrong variable and the wrong class. You called error variable instead of success variable.

Hi there :)

Thanks for the report, I let our developer know about this.

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