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you need to improve new update. Sale prices seen but old prices not seen. Also theme is very very slow

Hi, what you mean with “Sale prices seen but old prices not seen”? We are working to update all our themes and they will released in next weeeks.

after a WP update, the background completly broken. if i try to change it nothing change.

basically there is a bug in the cache of your theme. there is a black BG on the custom bg.

.../wp-content/themes/room09/cache/style.css line41: background: #111;

the default color overide the custom BG. The background theme is broken. impossibile to stay online without a BG.

i just tried to install again the theme. same problem.

for fix it, i had to touch the css inside /wp-content/themes/room09/theme/templates/sliders/background/css/supersized.css and delete the background line.

i hope you will fix it for the next realease..

Hi, thank you for the feedback, I will report to developers :)

Sara, really room09 is a great theme and in the past i loved to work with it but since a few months you guys don’t really put any effort into new version releases or bug fixes. Do you guys plan do give up your theme business ? If yes, please let me know and i will switch to another theme soon before we run into trouble with our online shop.

Hi Shorty, the new version of Room09 theme is planned for this week. We will add the WooCommerce 3.1.x support and other bug fixes ;)

Theme options no longer can be changed, When I click on the on off buttons nothing changes

Hi, the problem can be related to a plugin conflict. Please, try to deactivate all plugins and see if the problem disappear. If so, try to activate them again one by one and see which one produces the issue.

Thank you I will try that. One more thing, When I downloaded the most recent file it still says I have 2.2.1 and not 2.3.0 any idea why this might have happened? Oh and one last thing the themes twenty (Plus a number) do I need those or do they just come standard and I can delete? Thanks for the help

Hi, try to download the entire package and not only the theme .zip file. We will fix this in next update ;)

when i translate a new product with wpml, there isn’t a field for insert the featured images. Then, the translated product hasn’t an image.

Hi, can you try to change theme with a default like Twenty Seventeen and let me know if you solve the problem?

Thank you.

Hello. i solved the problem, it was by WPML. i fixed with them. Thank you :)

Great! :)

Sample images link is not working – how do I get the demo images?


On the tabs section of a product page, it doesn’t show up on a mobile version. Please can you tell me how I make this show?

Thanks Josh

Hi, try to add this css code to fix it ;)

.single-product .woocommerce-tabs .tabs { width: 100%; }

Let me know, Thank you.

That’s done the trick! Thank you you’re a star :)

Thank you :)


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this is an EXTREMELY SLOW theme…..I have read all your replies Sara, and you are blaming only hosting for this. It seems to get slower and slower every update of the theme also. Im running latest update, with PHP 7, brand new VPS with 4GB RAM and 2.8Ghz Xeon and SSD, and the theme is just as slow as the old dedicated hosting I was using, not faster one bit. It is ONLY the theme.

Why dont you actually fix this, as hundreds of your customers are complaining.

Dont reply to me with “open a support ticket so you can investigate”...theres nothing to investigate on my end, you need to investigate the poor coding of your theme and make it better. Any chance you can do that??

Is this also how slow your other themes are, or was only room09 thats so slow and not coded well..?

Hello, Does the theme support the latest wordpress 4.8 and woocommerce versions? Thank you

Hi, we will release an update of Room 09 in these days with WordPress 4.8 and WooCommerce 3.1.x support ;)

Hi, my Home Row seems to have disappeared. I just realised it after some time. Not sure if it is due to me enabling the blog sidebar. Can’t seem to turn the Home Row back on, despite setting on my homepage the left bar option and having ‘All Widgets’ in the dropdown box. Need some advice on this. Thanks!

Hi, you can’t see the “Home Row” sidebar in admin area?

Hello! After the update, the map on the contacts page does not work, but in the settings there is no possibility of a work with a map with API Google and translations do not work in plug-ins compare…

Hi, I am interested in buying your theme, but before this, I need to confirm a question. I will list all the products online after the website finished, but sometimes, some products may shorted, so I need to off display the shortage products from the products list, and on display them when I have stock, is it possible in your theme?


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i want to download 2.3.1, but it seems like the only download available is 2.3.0, or is it 2.3.1? envato toolkit also has no automatic update.


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also, i can’t change anything on the theme options. everything is locked.

Hi, try to download the complete package (theme + doc + plugins) and let me know if the version is correct, thank you.

Does it support php 7.x. version ?
Thank you

Hi, yes, Room09 supports PHP 7, but le us know if you find problems ;)

Hi, when on a single product page the quantity is not showing up clear.. when i click on + por – it doesnt change anything, can u give us a solution please, thanks