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wow, very cool! :)
Good luck with the sales

Thank you :)

Amazing work as always ;)

thank you :)


I really like this – on the demo though please turn off the modal pop – up it shows on every page ;)

Love how feature packed this is! Sorry to be a pain – as if there are not enough slider option – but would this support layer slider?

Couple of observations in mobile mode 1. Image zoom – this shows when it has no benefit as it is off screen. Could it not change to a way to pinch to zoom for example?

2. View cart – no small image shown in cart so makes hard to see easily what’s in it.

3. How about support for finger slide scrolling (option) on products instead of page scroll in mobile mode?

4. Back to top feature when user scrolls down.

This really is a special piece of work!

1. It can be configured from the plugin settings. We have just setted to “inside” the position of the zoom even in the demo.

2. Added the thumb! :)

3. What do you mean exactly?

4. The feature is alredy included in the theme. You just need to enable it from the Theme Options.

Hi Sara

thanks for reply.

3. I mean rather than having products page of say 10 items all listing on mobile and so you have to scroll down to see them – how about option to have ability to swipe left/right to go through products? Kind of like in a carousel??

And one other query – is LayerSlider supported? thanks

We don’t use the Layer slider in this theme, but we included the great revolution slider.

Also, We have already included the ability to scroll the products in mobile with our [slider] shortcodes. You also have the ability to use multiple sliders with [product_tabs] shortcode. We don’t use the left/right scroll in shop page because of user experience and above all the Javascript used could create problems with the integration of some plugin provided by Woocommerce.

Hello. I just can’t stop buying your theme. :P It looks Fantastic. But,when I want to activate this theme in your Helping forum,I can’t find this theme to activate. Maybe you haven’t add this yet. Please add this wonderful theme to choose. Thanks. :)

Done, now you can active the theme :)

Hi, looks good! 1. there seems to be lots of invalid code – will this get tidied up? 2. sticky menu would be great 3. +1 for ‘back to top’ 4. is there a page we can see the shop working in catalogue mode? 5. in catalogue mode do the wishlist and compare still show, or do they get turned off? 6. is there a page we can see the product image working in lightbox rather than zoom? Does the lightbox open up and show all images as a gallery or just the single image as standard in woocommerce? 7. on a product category page is there any way to show text at the top above the products? as this is really required for seo.

Many Thanks.

1. What kind of invalid code?

2. After the purchase we can make the menu sticky if you want

3. The back to top option is already included in the them

4/6. In the catalog mode you can choose what display or not: price, add to cart button, cart in the header and so on. You can disabile the cart and enable the wishlist.

5. yes, you can disable the plugins if you don’t need them

7. I’m sorry but this is not possible

Hi, 1. when i check pages in W3C they all have lots of invalid code, is this just because of the way the demo is set-up? Does the site have valid HTML code as this is important for SEO too? 2. great, thanks 3. great, thanks. 4,5,6 great, thanks 7. ok – so the theme doesnt support the standard woocommerce product description? is there any way to add this in as custom work or in an update, its really important for SEO? 8. are any non-google fonts include, basic ones like Arial etc?

many Thanks

1. all the pages make use of validated code. in home page there are 7 errors but are related to the newsletter form, so this is only the demo settings.

7. the theme supports the standard product description. it’s showed below the product and in left-side will be showed the short product description.

8. we include all Google fonts and sure, all the webfonts like Arial, Verdana, Times new roman and so on :)

thank you :)

Hello! Im about purchase this theme! Im sorry but I have a very dumb question that is not listed on the product details. All my clients are from SPAIN and Latin America. I want to know if I can change manually all the headings, titles, subtitles and every text to the web translating to spanish. I know that maybe its a stupid question, but is really important for me. Also, you have the option of two language page? ecc. English and spanish? Muchas gracias, amo este tema!

Sure, you can translate the theme in spanish :) to have a multilanguage site you need to purchase and use the WPML plugin, the theme is fully compatible with it :)

Good job! Goodluck with sales.

thanks :)

Just to make sure before I buy an e-commerce theme of you, Can I change the currency from dollars to euro’s?

Sure! :)

Wow, really great piece of work!

Question: What is the max. number of items to show on a row in the shop-view? So with, or without the sidebar. I prefer smaller thumbs and more items :-)

Without sidebar you can have 12 products for row, with sidebar max 9 products :)

All in one solution. Wish you the best with sales. Congrats!

Thank you :)

I bought bazar-shop a day before, now am regretting my decision, i should wait till the release of Room 09 Shop, as this looks more cool and professional :(

Well… You’re free to purchase also this theme ;)

Hi Sara , Congratulation the new theme. I am currently using your bazar . Wondering if this theme can converse currency . Also if I change the theme, will that effect my SEO (because of changing the new URL’S ) . Thanks so much for your time . Cheers, Van

I’m sorry but with Woo Commerce is not possible yet to have the converse currency feature.

No changes for SEO :)

WOW, so many features….Good deal…

HOLY $MOKES!! This looks like one of or THE most complete ecommerce WP Theme Ever?!! (whew, even the Menu is smooth dropdown! so many grt ecommerce themes still have ‘Pop Out’ bar) AMAZING WORK!! Is the backend store/products like woocommerce standard or improved.. or…?

The backend is woo commerce based, but we improved/added some features, like the SEO panel in each product page ;)

thank you for your feedback!

Hi Sara, love the theme!!! Question: when someone adds a product to the cart, and then continues. I want them to fill in all their info (address etc) and then i want a message to show, thank you for filling in this form, you will receive an invoice through email within .. hours. So I don’t want them to go to the creditcard/paypal thing. Is this possible without changing the theme (too much)? Many thanks!

No, i’m sorry, this feature requires a lot of changes in the php files of the theme. You need to hire a developer for this.

hi, nice theme. a few questions : 1. is it possible to disable “calculate shipping”? 2. is it possible to edit the “gold” style 3. i need a big head logo e.g. 1000×150, that possible? 4. disable “search for products”


1. Yes, with a small change in the php files. We can do this for you!

2. Sure, you can change everything :)

3. Yes, you can choose what display or not in the header and have a bigger space for your logo, but with a 1000px logo there is no space for the cart or the navigation menu..

4. Yes, you can turn off it in the theme options panel

Just purchased.

Hands down the best e-Cart since “The Retailer” theme !

1) The only issue I found is that a visitor cannot reset the product filter.

Once they start choosing the filters they cannot go back to start over again in the event of a mistake.

There should be like a “Reset” button

2) Also needs Revolution Slider.

After that, it’s a wrap.

Will this be updated into this theme?

the theme has the revolution slider! :)

Concerning #1:

Is there a way to create a link onto the page so that the Filters can be Reset?

Like some kind of “Go Back” JavaScript function onto the actual page itself?

NOT within the plugin.

2) Did not see the plugin for the “Pop-Up”.

3) Did not see the demo function for the “Product Enquiry”

complimenti !

grazie :)