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for Bugs

Doesn't work at all anymore. Messed up huge parts of our website.

for Documentation Quality

I am very tired of reading incomplete manuals with records to incomplete platforms with incomplete solutions and that in the end the one who invests the time and the money is me.

If they want my time at least they could put the theme for free and thus be able to use the community time ... if they tell me that a thing works what I expect as a minimum is a complete manual with everything they sell me ... everything The rest is waste of time.

I bought a first theme that I have not paid the support I have not had and I made the mistake of paying for another theme again and I lose my patience.

It's a shame that Yith does things like this ... of course I'm looking for more solutions beyond woocommerce because here I can not have solutions. At least other developers do not say they have the support of the big brand.

Estoy muy cansado de leer manuales incompletos con registros a plataformas incompletas con soluciones incompletas y que al final el que invierte el tiempo y el dinero soy yo.

SI quieren mi tiempo por lo menos podrían poner el theme gratis y así poder usar el tiempo de la comunidad... si me dicen que una cosa funciona lo que espero como minimo es un manual completo con todo lo que me venden... todo lo demás es pérdida de tiempo.

Les compré un primer theme que no he pagado el soporte que no he tenido y he cometido el error de volver a pagar por otro theme y vuelvo a perder la paciencia.

Es una pena que Yith haga las cosas así... por supuesto estoy buscando más soluciones más allá de woocommerce por que aqui no puedo tener soluciones. Al menos otros desarrolladores no dicen que tienen el soporte de la gran marca.

for Design Quality

I have a client that I use this template for and it was easy to customize and works great.

for Flexibility

As a web designer that wants to only take parts that will be useful for a project, and wants to keep things white label, this theme as many here are just painful, they are packed of 3rd party plugins and in top of that some of them they are not even full functional until you spend more money, they are all taking your customers to their website or envato by advertising and auto updating not mentioning their brand all over the place.I would give it a 4 and 5 starts if it will let all their branding out of the equation, if it would be more flexible to get read off of the extras, if it wont be advertising on my clients control panel for upgrades and more.. ;(

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