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Well done work mate!

thank you +)

Awesome work my friend!!!!! Excellent theme!!!!! Congratulations, wish you many sales!!!! ;)

thank you friend =)

Heh thank you

Do you provide demo content also

Yes, we include demo.xml with his help you can import all images and data with my site on your site and widget.json, for quick setting widgets.

Nice work! Good luck with sales! :D

anyway to make this non-onepage?

Now theme have 3 template page, it is enough for create non-one-page theme. 1) Home page 2) Inner two column(content + sidebar) 3) Arhive page if you need additional template page write me, what kind of page, and i add them in first update. If you want another version home page, i can help you customise this page.

Thanks I appreciate the response. I am still looking around, but this theme is one of my top choices. Will definitely come back when its time.

Thank you again.

Thank you, i am very pleased.

Hi nice Nice theme…. :) But in my browser not opening this????

Hello With my server all Ok, try to open a little later. Good Luck

Hi nice theme! One question: If i choose just one picture for the slider, and in the slider options i select for amount of slides 1, the slider is showing up 2 pictures. The one i uploaded and the second one is a fully grey “picture”.

Is it possible to show just one picture?


Yeah it is possible, i in near hour fixed this bug, Thank you very much, if you find any bug write me on e-mail, i in near time fix her =)

Does it supports WPML? I need to have multiple languages? Maybe there is a way to translate it Russian and English only

I’m sorry, friend. this theme doesn’t support WPML Regards, Mr-Myme.

If I want to change the PINK color on that theme, do I have to change inside WP admin or in its HTML code? Thanks!

In now you can change color,only in blocks 1) About 2) Portfolio 3) Blog 4) Clients 5) Footer Change color fully all in theme in now no possible, it is possible in near update , i work over this. Regards, Mr-Myme

Hello Mr-Myme, I have three questions.

1) In this one-page theme all of the links in the menu correspond with each section on the page. However, is it possible to link to a separate page and make this theme function as a regular Wordpress theme?

2) Following the line of thought from the first question, my next would be if it would require significant customization to add submenus?

3) Finally, I imagine that the Rooms (or what I call sections) are customizable? For example, let’s say I want to change the Client showcase to a pricing table or an advanced form. Is this possible to do this? I only ask because I saw another theme on Themeforest that required a bit of intimidating coding to remove a simple element from that theme.

Thank you

Hello hippoville.

1)Yea it is possible

2)Theme support sub menu item

3)Section client can contain only image. If no upload images, section simply not be display. Below Theme have Section Bottom, that have position for your html widgets, if you have knowledge html and css you be simply insert your content.

Regards, Mr-Myme

Hi, first, thank you for the very good and fast support! one more question, in the “who we are” area, is it possible to stop the picture animation after the last picture? Now the pictures are repeating.


Hello, You want, stop animation on last pictures ? Please write me on mail via form, more detail, and i will add this functional. Regards, Mr-Myme

Hi one more question: Is it possible to put links on every picture in the Client area? Thats so important for me!

Yes it is now possible

I really really like this onepager. is it easy to add additional menu slots ?

Yes, theme support multi-level menu.

Hey Man- I love the theme! It works well for me but I would really like to tweak a few things: I only have one person to put in the “command” section and so I’d like to have that in place of the lower left text are of the “about” section. I also want to put a video in the “slider” Not sure if these things are possible without getting into the code but let me know if you have any suggestions.


Hello I am sorry, but slider not support video, but second thing, i can you help Write me please via form feedback, that i can contact with you. Regards, Mr-Myme

What is the font you used on the page and how do I enable it?


Could you please give me some support, I already send an email, but didn’t receive any response.


Sorry for the late reply, you can change font in admin options panel, you need go Appearence => Theme Options and will select font that need you.

Hello, I would like to buy this theme for wordpress, but I had a few problems when viewing the demo with iPad 3:

1. Buttons in the top menu do not work – there is no movement. 2. Problems displaying page (see screenshots)

Answered via mail. Regards Mr-Myme.

Hi, one question: In the Command Section: When I choose Stop Animation, the last picture stays on screen even when the mouse leaves the picture. Is it possible to change it, so that if the mouse leaves the picture, the first picture appears? Thanks!

hello !

Hope you are fne, I’m considering buying this theme, before I do I have some pre-sell questions ;)

1) Is it possible to disable multipage ? 2) Are colours fully customizable ? 3) Is it possible to delete ‘VIEW LARGER’ from blog thumbnail when you point mouse over it ? I just want to have link to post, but the best when image will be link to post

Thanks Mateusz

any update here ? Have 1 proposal for client pending and before I buy I wanna be sure It will work as I want

Thanks Mateusz