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Beautiful work!!

Thank you very much!

As soon as see it, you know it is a Virtuti! Like a wine of quality! Scrumptious!

Oh, what a big compliment! So aspiring! Thank you very very much.

wow it is live, i just love it, beautiful work as always, unique and great :)

Thank you dear, it is big to hear such things from you!

I agree about Virtuti style! As soon you see it you know that Tanya is behind the template. For me, one of the more original authors on the marketplace with really good skills.

Here a fan of your work ;)

Oh, Ivan, thank you so much! Your compliment is too big! Thank you! I am very glad to hear from you, if you will have time and desire drop a line via email. Hugs, Tanya.

Very nice! I don’t need this kind of look for my current project, but I’ll keep it in mind for when I do.

Thank you very much!!!