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Congratulations nice work. Good luck dude!

Thank you Vicky.

I just bought this these and loving it so far. One thing I noticed is that the Author Bio/Photo/Links is missing from after the post. How do I activate this so the authors are given credits and links to their pages?

Hi there.

In the WordPress admin go to “Users” and then “Your Profile”, Add your Biographical Info and your social networking usernames.


Thanks. Also, I’m unable to post Video Posts, the youtube video won’t display. I’ve emailed you login details if you’re able to have a look?

Alright I created an example post with a YouTube video embedded.


Awesome theme dude:) Just a quick question before i buy it. Is it possible to disable the featured image in a blog post?


Hey tonidnga.

If you don’t want featured images displayed in the single blog post page i.e The page that people are taken to when they click “Read More”. You will have to remove a few lines of code in the single.php file, I will be glad to help you with that though.

Remember this will happen for all blog posts.


Loving the theme so far, though I just have a question about editing my theme. For example my website I would like to reduce/ or remove the white space on the header underneath the title. Any way I could go about doing this? I have tried editing the code but have not succeeded.


Hey brendanstorey.

Go to line 302 of style.css there you can adjust the margin-bottom to whatever you need it to be.

Thank you for purchasing my theme and good luck.

Awesome thanks :)

Hey there, I am really impressed by the layout! I have a few questions:

1. Does it have general static page template (non-blog one)? 2. Would we be able to feature the static page in the front page slider?

Thanks heaps!

Hey spekoek.

1. This theme comes with a blank page template which you can add anything to. The page template is not full width though it has a sidebar and it will display all the selected widgets in this sidebar.

2. In the WordPress admin you can select the page you created with the page template as your front page.


Am very interested in purchasing this great theme. However, on the demo when using the search form, if no results are found the sidebar and footer look odd as in the images below.

No Search Results - Header

No Search Results - Footer

This happens on the Mac versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Have not tested it on Windows.

Don’t know if this is intentional but, in my opinion it spoils what is otherwise a very clean and neat theme.

Regards, Steve.

Thanks for the really prompt reply and demo fix. Looking forward to the update.

Regards, Steve.

Steve the updated theme is now available.


Great. Thanks for letting me know.


I just purchased this theme and I love it so far! I do have 2 questions though.

1. Is there any way to make the ad that appears at the bottom of the posts a google ad instead of a single image/url ad?

2. I would like to make it to were you are able to read way more of the post before you have to click “Read More” How do I make it so more of the post shows up on the front page so they dont have to “Read More” to see the entire post?

Site url for reference >>

Thanks so much for this theme it is amazing. BTW I am still playing around with it so i’ll probably have alot more questions for you lol

Hey thank you for giving it five stars.

Just put everything inside a div like I did above and then style the div:

margin: 0 auto 30px auto;

Try that and see if it works.

Back again with another question. Is there anyway to change the “Popular Post” widget to factor off of views instead of comments?

It’s a little bit more complicated to do that, But you can find the file for the widget in the lib folder in a folder called widgets.

Unfortunately I cannot do this for you, I would have to change everything in the widget.

Good luck.


I was just wondering if it’s possible to remove the drop down menu on the mobile version of the website? Link below is an image showing this.


Hi there.

I would advice against removing the menu, People need it to navigate your site.

But if you still want to remove it open the css folder and then the media-queries.css file:

Edit line 34 to look like the following:

display: none !important;

Good luck.

Hello, Promola, I need your help. Also I’m trying to set a featured image into a blog post ( 750×516 ) The problem I’m encountering is the following: Into the slider the image is fully displayed, also it is displayed perfectly at all, BUT into the blog post the image is displayed cropped ( 656×347 is the size of the image displayed into the blog post ) So come up please with a solution so that my blog visitors can view the image into that blog post at all, I guess you should tell me what part of code should I modify in order to get my blog post image RESIZED instead of CROPPED. Looking forward!

— Alex Popovici

Hey Alex.

Open style.css and go to line 556 to increase the height or remove it.

Thank you.

Hey Promola,

I am interested in buying this theme but I have three questions.

1- Can we add social sharing widgets to the posts and pictures in picture gallery?

2- The logo and the navigation menu is left aligned. Can we middle them?

3- Can we change the colours of everything?


at last:), I want to add the logos of the sponsored companies in the banner area. Can it be done?

1. Yes you can create a “About Us” page using the page template that comes with this theme.

2. You can create one large image with all your “sponsored companies” logos and then upload it using the themes options panel. So the answer is yes.

Thanks :)

The company logos will have to be in one image.

Hi! Just bought this awesome theme and got one question: How to make video in video posts play straight on the main page without “entering” the post ? Just like on this site –

In my video posts player does not appear on the main page ((

And second: How to add another social icon and link to a social widget ? I need to add a link to my page.

Thanks for a very fast answer! This replacement works! Now got one more question – it’s possible to somehow disable the Featured slider ? Because when i make a video post without a miniature it behaves strange, this is my site:

To remove the slider open default-layout.php and go to line 5.

Remove this:

<?php get_template_part('featured', 'slider'); ?>


Great, thanks again!

Hey promola,

My last question is again related to colour and plugin.

- I want to change the colour of the right sidebar. ?s it possible? I look at the examples and did not see different colour there.

- The theme suitable for plugins?


like this one.

which starts with #

Yes just like that, You shouldn’t be afraid it’s pretty easy to change colors plus I’m here to help :)

hi, is based on this theme?


I’ve tried editing options.php to change the footer text from the standard “(C) 2013 Copyright Ross Blogging Theme By Promola”. I’ve edited to code so it is as follows.

 // Footer Text
    $options[] = array(
        'name' => __('Footer Text', 'options_check'),
        'desc' => __('Text displayed in the footer.', 'options_check'),
        'id' => 'footer_text',
        'std' => '(C) 2013 Copyright Bloke Food',
        'type' => 'text');

It hasn’t seemed to change anything.

Thanks in advance :)

Hi there.

Please use the options panel to change the footer text, Go to “Theme Options” and in the “Basics” tab at the bottom you will find the option to change the footer text.

Replace the text in the “Footer Text” field with your own and then save options.


Great, thanks for all your help!

hey, I just purchased the theme, but I’m having an annoying issue.. It does not look like on your screenshot :/ ..

the featured post does not appear inside black-ish box… its just under some overlay slider thing .. how do I make it work? it’s frustrating

you can see what I mean by going to

Hi there.

That overlay is for the featured slider and the reason it looks like this is because your featured posts do not have any images. Please ad a featured image to your featured post.

Thank you.

how do I disable that slider overlay ?

Open featured-slider.php and remove line 46


Not able to view your demo, and would love to see it. Getting this error:

Response Error.

Technical description: 502 Bad Gateway – Response Error, a bad response was received from another proxy server or the destination origin server.

Good day.

I’m currently having a lot of problems with my server, I apologise for any inconvenience. I will let you know when everything is up.


The demo should be up right now.


Thanks for the theme, it’s great. I got scammed by the makers of the Amiox theme, they didn’t help me at all when my images didn’t appear in the main slider. I see you give quite a good amount of feedback/responses. My only question is how do I get that human looking thing where people can login? Top right corner of your demo.

Good day.

In the “Basics” tab of the Theme Options page there is a field named “Login URL” Just paste a link to your login page in that field and save options.


Sorry, one more question. If I upload a image for the header it pushes everything down. Is there a way to fix this? Or is there a recommend image size?

By “image for the header” I’m assuming you mean the logo, The height of the header is 80px so anything a little less than 80px should work just fine.


Sorry this is a very basic question I know, but I’m trying to add a page, with my blog content on it (Without the slider) How can I do this?

Also how can I create a dropdown in the navigation which has several different pages in it?

Hi there.

1. You can create a static page using the page template that comes with the theme, Use this to create pages like “About us” etc. Learn what pages are here:

But if you want your posts to be displayed without the slider you will have to remove the slider from the homepage.

2. Read the WordPress Menu User Guide to learn the basics of creating a menu:


Hey Promola,

I bought the template. It is great. I would like to ask, can we offer a language option like turkish and english when I enter the site.



You can do all this by editing the style.css file, Get someone who knows css to help you do this.

I cannot redesign your website for you unfortunately. There are a lot of web design services on the internet. You can send me a message through my profile page and I will give you a few links.


I got your message Levent:

1. To change the background color of the navigation open style.css and go to line 303 change #fff to whatever color you like.

2. To change the background color of the sidebar go to line 707 in the same style.css file

3. For the navigation margin add this to the style.css file:

#main-nav {
  margin-top: 30px;

Unfortunately I cannot go any further, I know I said I would help but you are asking for a bit too much now.

Hey Levent.

To remove the “grey dotted thing in front of the slider” open featured-slider.php and remove line 46, Remove the whole line.