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Hi, I was just curious as to what are the names of the fonts used in the theme? Thanks.

Hey broduz.

1. Roboto

2. Open Sans


Hi, is it possible to change the way the site looks when viewed on Tablet just like the Desktop view? just proportioned smaller? Tablets have big enough screen to accomodate this view, its very inefficient as a magazine blog to just have one huge column, and all the ads on the sidebar come after the content is viewed. Let me know if this can be fixed, if not easily let me know if you are willing to customize for a fee. thank you

Good day.

Open the css folder and then the media-queries.css file, Go to line 5:


@media screen and (max-width: 1056px) {


@media screen and (max-width: 1000px) {

Thank you.

Hi my friend, this did not change anything.

Sorry if i was not clear but when I view the site on a Tablet like (ipad or nexus) I want the site to be viewed like the Desktop View. With the Content on the Left and Sidebar on the rightside not on the bottom. In both portrait and landscape setting.

I would really like to use this theme on my blog but i need couple of things customized for Responsive side of the theme.

Open functions.php and remove the following lines of code found on line 101 and line 102:

wp_register_style('media-queries', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/media-queries.css'); 

Note: This will stop the theme from being responsive.

If you want to customize the theme you will need to hire someone to help you do that.


Hello, on the featured post slider, the photo is not displaying the full height and there is a thick white line at the bottom. Is there a way to ensure the photo takes up the entire space of the slider?

Good day.

Open style.css and then edit the following lines.

Edit line 464 to look like this:

height: 380px;

And then edit line 481 to look like this:

top: 340px;

Thank you.

Anyway I’m trying to edit the post page (single) but nothing that I add the page works, it is as if I had not added anything. Understand?

It is impossible to edit a single page of this theme?

Good day.

Yes it is possible to edit the single page. If you are using a layout that has the sidebar on the right then you will have to edit the code that comes after line 64:

<?php } else { ?>

This is because the theme selects the single layout depending on the homepage layout you use.


Thank you!

Hello, per your note, I’m using the comments section to verify that I am a customer. For your reference, our URL is in case you want to see for yourself. Two things:

1) When I load the logo, it messes with the menu bar and the right sidebar. I have loaded several different sizes of the logo in order to test this. At the preferred width (13.5”), the [Home] button of the menu appears next to the logo instead of below it with the rest of the buttons, and the right sidebar appears under the stories rather than next to them. At 15”, the menu appears appropriately but the sidebar remains below the stories. At 11”, the sidebar appears appropriately beside the stories but the menu bar goes haywire – two buttons appear next to the logo, one on its own level, and the rest below. Should you check the site, the current logo loaded is 11” wide. What can be done about this problem? 2) My previous question had to do with prioritizing posts. We are a newspaper rather than a blog; we need to be able to post stories without them appearing in the featured slider simply because they are the most recent items. I know we can do this artificially by altering their posting dates and only “featuring” certain stories, but is there any other way to prioritize them?


1. The line is inside the header id:

#main-header {
  height: 80px;
  background-color: #222;
  border-top: 3px solid #FF6464;

Change it from 80px to 180px

2. You can solve your featured articles issue easily, Just create a new category and then add posts that you would like to prioritise to this category. You can select posts from the ones you already published. And then use this new category in the featured slider, You can even name this new category “Featured”.

Good luck.

WordPress allows you to have the same post in separate categories :)

Thanks – the header fix worked right away. I actually did already create the “Featured” category for this purpose; it’s close enough.

Thanks again. The site looks much better now with your theme replacing its old one. Cheers.


I recently bought your theme and can’t seem to find a user manual. Can you help point me in right direction?


Inside the final_download folder there is a folder named read_me open it and then open index.html in your browser.


Ok I found it, but still have a question. Is there a way to move categories to the menu page or a way to add posts to certain pages?

You can create menus and then add categories to those menus. Check the WordPress user guide for the basics:

hey promola,

how can I leave a gap between content and main sidebar. I will be great ?f you answer me.



If you give the main sidebar a margin-left it will move to the bottom, You will also have to increase the wrapper class width if you don’t want the main sidebar to move to the bottom and increasing the wrapper width will mean you have to edit all the pages to work with the new theme width. So it is not as easy as you might think it is.

Yes I try margin left and it move to the bottom. How can I change wrapper width from all pages? From the php or css?

Hi leventaskan.

Learn some css you won’t regret it.

Good luck.


I really dig the layout, I’m fairly new to web so I apologize if this is something obvious. The web address in question is

Could you tell me what is going on with the posts as related to the slider? I have done nothing aside from create a new post, what else should I be doing to make this function properly?


On the “Blog” tab, after you click the link, sorry!

Good day.

That is the slider overlay, If the posts that are in the slider don’t have any photos then it becomes the way it is right now.

You can either add featured images to your posts or remove the slider overlay.


Just bought the theme. Wordpress seems to have changed the way to install themes. Please provide further instructions.

I am. The option to install themes is no longer there unless you pay 99$ for some new customizable service. please take a look yourself and let me know if you see differently! Thanks for the swift response.

The difference between and please read this:

Ah, thanks a lot.

Hi, the theme looks great, we’re up and running. We have five customization questions:

First, we’re using the “Classic” version with the right sidebar. We’re a newspaper and would like to display more stories per page than the three allotted. On the front page, for instance, under the Featured Slider, we’d like to display the 10 most recent stories if we could. We’d like to do this for every section. Can it be done?

Second, the shading in the Featured Slider is a little dark for our tastes. Can we go into the CSS Editor to lighten it?

Third, is it possible to create different headers for each section? That is, could we make the Sports section read “Valley Star Sports” at the top, rather than use the same header as all the other sections, simply with the “Sports” category highlighted on the menu bar?

Fourth, is it likewise possible to create different sidebars for each section?

Finally, in the mobile version of the site, the header is distorted – there is much more blank space underneath the logo than in the general version. Can we change this? We’d be happy to devise a secondary logo for the mobile version if needed.

Thanks very much; as I say, we’re quite happy with the theme and just have these customization questions.

Hi there.

1. In the admin go to Settings > Reading and change “Blog pages show at most” to 10.

2. To remove the slider overlay, Open featured-slider.php and remove line 46.

3. This will take a bit of coding, The file that should be edited is archive.php

4. You can search the WordPress plugins directory for a plugin that can help you with this or create other widgetized areas.

5. In the css folder open a file called media-queries this is the file that is used to style the mobile version of the theme. If you know your way around CSS you can use the #logo id to customize the way the logo is displayed in mobile view.


Hey there, thanks to your instructions, I was able to easily change #1 & 2. I’m afraid I’m no coder, however, so don’t know how to effect changes to #3. Will try your instructions for #4. As to #5, I was unable to find the css folder, or at least one that contained the “media-queries” file. Can you elaborate on where to find this?

Thanks again, the site is getting nice responses.

Hi Michael.

The css folder is inside the theme.


Hello, i have bought your theme, but now i am using other one form this same page it is call black pear, just one question, when i entered into the life preview, i see right after the themeforest icon on the top and right place of the page, there is a icon like a user icon, i want to know if it is actually a user icon like if the users have its own profile, and if it is like that i would to know what it is and how to get it, and my last question is right there on the left side where is the small video featured video i see you have a share plug in or something , what is that and how to get that,, Thank you


1. Yes it is a user icon and if a user has registered or wants to register on your website they can click on that icon to login or register.

To get the icon you have to paste a link to your login page in the options panel. Go to the Basics tab and look for a field called Login URL.

2. That share link that you see in the video is by Vimeo, When you link to your Vimeo video you will get that, YouTube also has something similar.


It is possible to show the full post at home or categories?

Yes it is possible, You will have to edit some code though:


Hello i got a couple of questions. 1. It is possible to show the word Home instead of the home icon at the main menu? 2. It is possible to remove the dots texture at the home slider? 3. It is possible to remove the post type icon on each featured image of the post? 4. Can i disable showing the user login image at the top left ?


1. Yes you can create a menu and then add “Home”, But to remove the home icon you will have to delete a line of code in one of the files. I’ll show you how to do this if you can’t do it on your own.

2. Again you will have to remove a line of code to achieve this, It’s simple though.

3. You will also have to edit some code to achieve this.

4. The answer is yes.


Promola, Hows it goin? I was wondering if you could instruct me on a way to insert a banner ad centered between the main navigation bar and the content. I have posted a pic for your reference.

Promola, I successfully implemented the banner add however the styling did not work. I included the code I am using below, anyway you could help just a little more so i can get the banner centered?

header.php code reads
<nav id="leader-ad">
        <div class="wrapper">
            <script async src="//"></script>
<!-- Leader -->
<ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:728px;height:90px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-6843252532471330" data-ad-slot="8470858929" />
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
style.css reads
#leader-ad {
  margin: 30px auto;

thanks so much again.

Give it a width:

#leader-ad {
  width: 728px;
  margin: 30px auto;

Hey It worked!! Thanks so much. Last question, if you goto my site ( you’ll see that under the ad banner I have a 15px padding. I would like for it to be a 15px padding above that as well. where is the coding to change that from what looks like 30px to 15?

Hi Promola,

I would like to change the algorythim of the popular post widget. I want to change the places of some of them; remove some… Can you please say me how can I do it?

Have a nice day,


Hey Levent,

Open lib folder and go into the widgets folder, Find a file named popular-posts.php this is the file that controls the Popular Posts widget.

Good luck.

how can i have the posts that i categorize for the slider also not appear on the home page as one of the standard posts below the slider?

Hi there.

That is not possible, Create a category specifically for the slider and don’t include posts that are already on the homepage in this category.


Thanks for the replay promola, on the same subject how can i only have specific categories/posts show on the home page blog. I only want posts with the category “featured” show, all opther posts go to their respective page


Unfortunately it is not possible to do that.

Hi I have a problem with my template.

You sometimes see sidebar deconfigured and is seen in the bottom. As if to mobile phone.

In my pc looks good but that of a friend is deconfigured, I have proven several changes but not corrected.


Hi there.

1. Which browser did you use on your friends computer?.

2. Can you take a screenshot of the page and send it to me?.

Thank you.

Is it possible to have more then one slider? I would like to have the home page slider, and 2 other sliders on separate pages.

Hi there.

You can try a plugin if you don’t want to go into the code. One of these plugins should be fine:

Good luck.

Hello and fix the problem I had, thanks.

Now I have another … I get this in my admin:

Your active theme: Has the call to <? Php wp_footer ()> but it is not called Directly before </ body>

How can I fix this?



The only way to change those colors is to edit the style.css file. How comfortable are you with coding css?. If you understand a bit of css I can help you identify the lines that need to be edited.

Ok I would be of great help … lines that must be touched?

To change the sidebar background color go to line 727.

For the footer go to line 1661.

Change the #222 on both of those lines to any color you want.

How can I change the color of the letters of the sidebar and the header menu.

Thanks for your quick response … I really like this template is simple and clean.


Hey Dani.

Styling for the sidebar starts on line 722 and styling for the header menu starts on line 300 of the style.css file.