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I have not been able to make this theme work with my Joomla installation (See earlier comment.) Can you help me understand why Joomla is objecting to missing files referenced in the templateDetails xml file?

titlegraphic, Try Uploading it Via ftp ;)

The larger/smaller font functionality isn’t working for me. Has anyone got this working?

i went into the textsizer.js file and can’t see anything wrong with it really. Apart from the font size array:

var szs = new Array( ‘xx-small’,’x-small’,’small’,’medium’,’large’,’x-large’,’xx-large’ );

I tried replacing these with px values but the same results.

I must be doing something stupid wrong. any tips on where to look?

Also, I use the jsmallfib file uploader and it throws out the footer format. Anybody got the jsmallfib working with this template?

The first i’ve changed the name of the element which is sent to the javascript file. It’s working fine for ‘rightcol’

The second drove me mental. Tried changing the jsmallfib.php file but started getting into problems with ownership, etc. In the end i have a dirty little hack in place.

After my call for the repository ({jsmallfib [uploads]}) i have simply put in an open . It sorts itself out. Shameful coding but i don’t have the time to be messing with it.

Have anything updated in this theme after first release? If so please provide information

Seeing the lack of updates, wanted to ask – will this theme run without problems on joomla 1.7?

Its untested in Joomla 1.7. I have started a new project where I will be relearning Joomla so a re-release is a possibility.