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hello I’M very happy to buy this theme but please I bought this theme I thought when I install it on my website will be like RoyalGold demo features with rooms image but when I install it I didn’t find any image not like RoyalGold demo please tell me do i didn’t install it with right way?

Hi, make sure you import the demo data to create a site like the preview. Please note that the images shown in previews may not be included in the download package due to licensing restrictions. All images used are intellectual property of their respective owners and are used only for preview purposes. If you have any other concerns please contact me via the Support tab. Thank you.

Hi… How can I set H1 to the page title? As default it is set to H2.

Thanks Regards

Hi, I wouldn’t recommend modifying the theme files directly – instead you can create a child theme with the altered page.php, single.php and all the template-* files (that have a title). I suggest you hire a web developer, if you’re not sure how to do it yourself.

Hope this helps.

Hello, I was thinking about using this nice theme for Arcade / Birthday party hosting and restaurant business as It has the booking options built in. My questions are the following:

Can this main page support a static single page vs the scrolling gallery… can this be toggled on and off?

Can this theme support posting of upcoming events, menus, pictures of food items and attractions as well as basic information such as hours business hours and stuff like that…

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Hi, thank you for your interest. The homepage can be set to any page you like, no problem, but the theme doesn’t include any support for other custom post types like events, etc. (and a normal theme shoulnd’t even atempt to). Instead, you can find plugins that offer such functionality or hire a web developer to help you with any custom features for your specific project.


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hey, nice theme. presales question please

can the logo / nav combination be initial collapsed when the website is opened ?

Hi, thank you for your interest – sure, it is possible via a simple option. Hope this helps.

Hello, is it possible to replace the panoramic image from the start with an iframe from google street view?

Hi, thank you for your interest – yes, you will be able to do it, as there is a special page template that allows you to add your own content (you must style it to cover the entire viewport, just like the panorama example in the demo homepage). Hope this helps.


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hi there – is there a way to add a google map to the “slide” area instead of using it in the content area ? thank you

Hi, there is no such built-in feature unfortunately, but it may be achieved using custom code (in a child theme preferably).


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thank you for the reply. any way you can guide me? I am using the child theme

One suggestion is to override the part-background.php file and figure out a way to add the map to it (using a page template maybe). I suggest you hire a freelancer to help you out with any such custom requirement.

Woocommerce ready?

Hi, thanks for your interest – but the theme hasn’t been tested with the WooCommerce plugin. Hope this helps.

Hi. I want to know if I can make the menu to load closed (instead of teh default expanded) when being accessed from a mobile device. Also I noticed in the demo that the swipe actions in the fullscreen slideshow do not work when accessed from a mobile device (android phone). Only the homepage one works. Can someone use that slideshow instead in the other pages as the homepage but with text content in the right?

Hi, thank you for your purchase – I’ll do my best to help but please use the Support tab in order to receive proper guidance. This comment section is more of a ‘questions before sale’ section. Thank you.


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Of course you are absolutely right. Thank you for the quick reply & see you in the support section.

I’m glad you understand, I’ll do my best to help out.