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I am very interested in the theme but have a couple questions. Does the theme have an advanced search feature where people can search by custom fields? Also, can sliding pictures on the home page have links or become links themselves? The reason I am asking is because I want to use the theme to make a vacation house rental website where we will list rental houses at various beaches in the area and people can search, select and book the house. Or is this theme just strictly for a single hotel?

Hi, thank you for your interest – all the theme features are presented in the preview example. You can add a search widget to any page via the Widgets section (if you have an advanced search plugin, then that would work as well). The slideshow or panoramic viewer don’t have any links or ability to add any links. Hope this helps.

Great, lightweight, visually appealing theme…I find it very easy to work with.

QUESTION: Do you have optimal image size suggestions…for the defuault template and the full-width gallery template?

Hi, thank you for your kind words – I appreciate it and glad you like the theme. I suggest you experiment with different image sizes and see which ones work best for you – it all depends on your targeted screen size. I used bigger images in the preview for a better quality (around 1600×900 for example).

Great theme, love it! my site has been using it for a while. I dont use all the features, and this is my first wordpress and theme. A newbie. But easy to learn and use, saves me lots of time and effort.

suggestions/feedback welcome thanks.

Hi, I’m glad you like the theme and I must say you configured your site in a very unique way – it looks great!

I bought RoyalGold Theme. But I couldn’t solve a margin problem. Could you please help me about that?

I tried to set up the margin but it didn’t work anymore. I didn’t found any css file about it as well.

My site is:

I need your help. Please help me.

Hi, thank you for your purchase. I’ll reply to you via email since you sent me a personal message as well – you should use a single way of communication to receive a faster reply. Thank you.

Hi! this seems to be a very good theme!

Some pre-sale questions:

1) have you experienced issues with multilanguage plugin like wmpl, qtrans, ecc…?

2) is it possible insert a sidebar or some boxes in the homepage for additional info (language switch, services, booking form, posts intro, ecc…)

3) is it the sidebar lenght easily settable/adjustable?

regards :)

Hi, thank you for your interest – here are my replies to your questions:

  1. I haven’t tested the theme with any multi-lang plugin, but no client reported any issues either
  2. The homepage is a special template that doesn’t contain any content or sidebar (only a full canvas for images, videos, panoramas, own HTML, etc) – but you can use a regular page set as a static homepage
  3. Sure, I added an option for it and you can adjust it further with a simple CSS snippet

Hope this helps.

hi liviu, thanks for your quickly reply. for the 2) question So, if i created a static page i could have some more informations but i’ll lose the full canvas, is it true? and the homepage will be like the demo page “about us” or “journal”, is it true? thanks in advance regards :)

Hi, my pleasure – basically yes, the full page content template allows more space for a panorama or other full page stuff. The other pages have a featured image and a content area where you can add extra info – the preview says it all I think. You’ll be able to set whatever page you see in the preview as a homepage. Hope this helps.

Pre-purchase question: with no text on the home page, how can I implement good SEO practices beyond image meta?

Hi, thank you for your interest – you should use a good plugin to set everything up related to SEO:

Hi. We’re looking to purchase this theme. Looks great! But does the WooCommerce Bookings works well with this theme?



Hi Gian, thank you for your interest – the theme was not tested with the WooCommerce plugin and offers no such integration.


Fine looking theme but i have some pre-purchase questions:

1 – I need options for 4 to 5 languages. Will qTranslate work and will it also translate menus, buttons, and other objects contexts?

2 – Can i add or remove fields to the reservation system form? (ex: number of adults/children, air conditioning/no AC, etc)

3 – IF qTranslate doesnt work 100%, i will probably need 4 different versions of the site for each language. You have a licence of 1 use only. Can i still make the 4 versions or do i need to buy 4 times your theme?

Thank you

Hi, thank you for your interest in the theme. I haven’t tested the plugin with qTranslate, so I can’t guarantee it’s compatibility. Make sure you check out and see more details about the Reservation Form (it is not part of the theme functionality). A regular license for the theme covers one domain, check out the details here: Hope this helps.

Hi, im using it and it is an extraordinary template. I only have one question: is posible to use the 360° plugin but with the right text area on it?


Hi, thank you for your purchase – there is no such option for the template, the full-page panorama plugin can be inserted in the Full-Page Template only (with no sidebar-content). Hope this helps.

Hello, I have two problems and would like to learn: (website: Theme : purchased by client
    1) I want to import a demo of “about us” but when I try to import the template into the blank page the system will not charge anything. How can I fix it? Can you tell me what elements are present in the demo page “about us”?
      2) In the demo page “withe” the slider main suits screen aspect ratio, eg: 13 “full width, 22” 3/4 of the screen, as you can accomplish this? Thank you for your time. Great job, this issue has great performance!

Hi, the website doesn’t use the RoyalGold theme – please get in touch with me via the Support tab or my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

Hi.Im interested in this theme.But i cant see ROOMS category in this theme.i can create it? you must see in other themes its easy understands room page.In this page for each room must be decription,price pictures and it will be show in your theme?

Hi, thank you for your interest – I’m not exactly sure what you mean by Rooms category, but you should know the theme doesn’t offer any booking functionality in it’s main functionality. The booking stuff is handled via a plugin and the theme is only responsible for visual functionality. You can use whatever plugin you want to give you the functionality you need for your specific project (because all the theme functions are presented in the preview, nothing more nothing less). Hope this helps.

hello, buy your theme a few days ago. I want to know if you can send an electronic invoice of the sale, I live in Mexico, and I need to check the spending by invoice. greetings, I hope your answer.

Hi, please use the Statement tab in your account or contact Envato support for further such financial questions.

Hey buddy. I have two pre-sale questions:

1. Is there a way to have the homepage images automatically start sliding across the screen without someone having to click the button to scroll. 2. I am looking to add a calendar plugin called Will this plugin work with your theme?

By the way your theme looks awesome. I am been buying themes for a long time, so really like the simplicity, yet luxury design of it.

No problem, I’ve installed it and had no issues/errors – it seems to work fine, like it does in any other theme – unfortunately I can’t offer support for any third party plugin, but the authors of the plugin do it for premium clients. Hope this helps.

Thanks. You now have a new customer :) Thanks so much for such wonderful support even for a pre-sale :)

My pleasure, I’m happy to have you as a customer!

Hi… I am very interested in the theme but have a question.. It’s compatibile with WMPL plugin?

Hi, thank you for your interest – I haven’t tested the theme with the premium WPML multi-lang plugin, but no client reported any issues either. Hope this helps.

Thanks.. The theme is included .po language for the translation?

No problem, yes, the theme has a localization file for easy translation.

Hi Liviu. Great job!!! I sent you an email . I want to create a blog page where to show only menu and blogs and hide image gallery from left. Thank you!!

Best regards!

Hi, I responded to your email – please use a single method for contacting me to get a faster reply.

Hi there – I have a hotel chain and I would like to know if this theme supports the same. What happens if I want to add multiple hotels to the theme – each with their own details page? How can I implement the same?

Hi, thank you for your interest – this theme is designed for any hotel establishment, including a chain of multiple hotels. Each hotel can have it’s unique page/reservation form so that the clients can easily find and access each hotel from a single site. There is no limitation to what you can do with the theme, so please browse the preview to determine if the design and features are for your specific project. Hope this helps.

HI, Pre-Sale Question. Can this theme support multiple hotel/resort for booking?

Hi, thank you for your interest – the theme is designed for any hotel business and can contain multiple pages / reservation forms for each hotel. It is really up to you to be creative and use it at it’s full potential. Hope this helps.

Hi, before I buy this theme I was interested to know if the booking plugin supports any connection with the system.

Thank you in advance, Jakob

Hi Jakob, thank you for your interest – as the booking part is done by a third party plugin I would advice you to find more information about it on the dedicated site: I think it uses its own reservation methods, but please verify this with the plugin authors. Hope this helps.

Thank you, I will try. Best regards, Jakob

Hola. Los usuarios pueden publicar sus experiencias de viaje con texto e imágenes?

Hi, regular posts with text and images can be posted only by authors of the site (users created by an admin), that’s how WordPress works by default. There are plugins allowing users to publish content, but that’s outside the scope and function of a theme. Hope this helps.

Hi, Does your Template is compatible with WPML ? thanks’

Hi, thanks for your interest. The theme was not yet tested with WPML, but has a .pot file ready for translation that should work. I’ve seen clients successfully use it in live websites. Hope this helps.