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Hiya. Great theme.

Question before I buy; does it have a calendar to show availability? If not? Which plugin is compatible with this theme? At the moment I am using Booking Calendar, which works quite well. http://wpbookingcalendar.com/demo/

Would like to use this theme for a single apartment instead of hotel, so I need to show availability and it would be great if you have a space to show the pricing of the rooms???

thanks. bryan

Hi, thank you for your interest. The theme integrates the http://wordpress.org/plugins/easyreservations/ plugin in the preview (with custom style for it) – I recommand you use that. You have support for whatever features and functionality external plugins offer.

sorry for the many questions, what is the code for inserting tables?

Hi, please read the table HTML tag reference: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_table.asp

I love this theme and am looking to purchase it…Just wondering if it is compatible with any eCommerce plugins? like woo commerce or something like that?



Hi, thank you for your interest. I didn’t test the site with any ecommerce plugin, so I can’t tell you for sure if any of them will work well with the theme.

hi liviu! what a fantastic theme – thank you! i can’t seem to get the collapsing menus to work at all and i have tried the shortcodes included in your documentation :(

collapsing items i mean! :)

i’m also having no luck using the [responsive-video] shortcode to embed a youtube video – have tried using iframes etc but the theme documentation simply doesn’t explain how to use it.

Hi, thank you for your purchase and appreciation. Here is an example of how to use the collapse and responsive video shortcodes: http://d.pr/n/5XGv

Is the theme logo “Royal Gold” is available with the theme? (Photoshop file)

Hi, the logo can be purchased separatly from GraphicsRiver http://graphicriver.net/item/royal-villa-logo-template/2409856 (source is not included in the theme)

Hi, is it possible to make the sub-menu open to the right?

Hi, the menu can expand only vertically for now – ‘ll think about this feature for a future update.

Great Theme!

Can you tell me how I might add content boxes overlayed onto the panorama (maybe they would be hotspots with text & images?) kind of like on your siiimple theme but with images.



Hi, the panorama plugin can have moving hotspots – here is an example of how it looks: http://themes.liviucerchez.com/panorama360/example2/

Thanks for the response, so can I have text and images in the hotspot? Can you tell me how?

Hi again. Hotspots cannot currently contain text or image, only areas that can expand in any form (lightbox or new page). Please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form for further concerns or questions. Thank you.

Hi, beautiful template, well done!


I only have a little problem when showing the booking plugin (see the “prenotazioni” menu in my website): 1. The colour of the calendar header is for some reason linked to the base color of the template. I tried to figure out the reason with no success. 2. The form lines show input cells too close to their titles and in some cases resized in vertical (see dates). I tried to enlarge the size of the side window of the template but couldn’t solve it.

Have you got any idea/solution around that? Thank you very much, and again, my compliments for the template!

Hi, thank you for your purchase and appreciation. The color of the table header can be set via the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options like this:
table th { background-color: #555; border-color: #444; }
The reservation form fields have a margin, but select boxes and textarea don’t seem to follow that CSS rule. Try using this CSS to adjust the issue:
#easyFrontendFormular select, #easyFrontendFormular textarea { display: inline-block; }

Hope this helps.

Perfect, everything is fixed. Thank you very much! I see your template demo allows to switch between 2 languages, how can I manage that? Thanks again for your support.

Glad I could help. The theme preview does not offer language switching, only the HTML version contains language links for visual reference. I guess you could achieve that by using the WPML plugin or something similar.

Great theme!

Question before I buy; WPML plugin is compatible with this theme?

Hi, thank you for your interest. I didn’t test the theme with the WPML plugin, but the theme has a default.po file for localization support.

Lovely theme. Before I buy I have a question. There seems to be issues with the page not being able to scroll on Windows mobile. Have you tested on Windows smart phones? Thx Sirus

Hi, you have an option to disable the custom scrollbar and leave the OS default behaviour if you experience any issue on Windows mobiles. Thanks for your interest.

hi sir,

What tips for Seo? Yoast?

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Yes, WordPress SEO by Yoast is a good plugin – you can use it with confidence.

Hello, great theme! does it integrate as well with the PREMIUM version of the EasyReservations Plugin.


Hi, I never tested the theme with the premium version, but I’m pretty sure it will integrate as well as with the free version. Thanks for your interest.

Hi, Is it possible to make the menu expand with mouse hover not click?

Hi, thank your for your purchase. No, a hover collapse effect is not currently supported – but I’ll think about it for the next versions.


how can I make a site map to google webmaster? I used XML plugin but it tells me error:

This page contains the Following errors:

error on line 11 at column 64: EntityRef: expecting ’;’ Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

http://www.ranchhotel.it/ 2013-09-06T10: 45:38 +00:00 daily 1

Hi, thank you for your purchase. You can use any plugin made for creating site maps, try them out see which one fits your needs: https://www.google.ro/search?q=sitemap+generator+wordpress&oq=sitemap+generator+wordpress

I am ready to purchase this as soon as it takes advantage of WP 3.6 & WPML as I will have a chinese version as well as english

Hi, thanks for your interest. The theme works wit WordPress 3.6 and has a default.po file ready for translation in WPML.

You can put a full screen video, like the photos of the gallery?

Hi, there is no built in support for video as full page backgrounds – but you can search and use a plugin that will offer this functionality ( for example http://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmbytplayer ).

thanks! :)

No problem, glad to help.

Hi I want to buy this template but i know can i replace google map to bige slide in contact page?

Hi, thank you for your interest. You have complete control over each heading section of any page (you’ll be able to set a slider of course) and I’ll help you with any concern you may have after the purchase.

Thanks for the response

Hello. Thank you for awesome template! I have few questions. 1) How i can add another google fonts in theme settings page. Many included font do not support cyrilic. It is very sad :) 2) I have some problems IE 8(perhaps) support google font, all fonts changing on Times. 3) 360 panoram showing quicker in IE, than Chrome. Thank you, Mike.

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Here are my answers:
  1. I can help you manually add more fonts, there is no current support for adding other fonts
  2. I’ll need a preview URL to debug things (send it via my profile’s contact form)
  3. The speed and performance depends on the JavaScript engine of the browser (IE and Firefox sometimes surpass Chrome in JS performance)
Please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form for further concerns or questions. Thank you.

Hello! I bought your theme.   What is the optimal size of photos for the theme and the slider 360 Thank you

Hi, thank you for your purchase – the size of the images depend on your target devices and screen resolutions. If you plan on offering an in between optimal experience I recommend you use images larger than 1200×800.

Hello! There is still a question on the slider 360: 1. How to set the icon as a hands on demo 2. How to manage time display icon thank you

Hi, I don’t quite understand your questions – please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue to offer support via email. Thank you.


Is there an option to have a slider on the homepage instead of the 360 panorama viewer?


*fullpage slider…

Hi, thank you for your interest. Yes, there is a template for a full-page gallery: http://themes.liviucerchez.com/royalgold/full-page-gallery/ – you can easily set the page as homepage.