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Thanks for the nice theme. I hope you will have a solution for this one. When you watch the theme on a ipad and you click one of the thumbs on the about us – you end up in a white screen. Is this a bug?

Thanks for your time.

Hi, the theme does not include any lightbox solution, so you must use an external solution. If the selected lightbox plugin doesn’t work for you then use another – there are lots to choose from.

Ok – would be good for the theme to include a solution for this to make it complete.

I understand, I prefer to keep the theme small, robust and focused on the layout. I recommend a plugin after you install the theme (with an admin notice), but it’s up to you to choose which one fits your needs. If you have a good plugin that you think fits best with this theme I’d be glad to know about it.

Hi, First of all, congratulations for the great job! Some questions before buy it: 1: The theme is compatible with WPML plugin? 2: Is it possible to place a box on the home page (for example at bottom right) with contact information in HTML format? Thanks

Hi, thanks for the interest. I didn’t test the theme with WPML, but as far as I know there hasn’t been any problems for users that did use it (it contains a default.po file). You can add whatever elements you may need in the homepage – that leaves you with the task of styling them as you require (in your case it would be a simple position: absolute; bottom: 10px; right: 10px;).

Ok, thank you!

Hi, can you please tell me the optimal image size for quick loading but also to retain a high resolution. Some of the images on my site are very slow to load.

Hi, I used aprox. 1600×1100 compressed JPG images – it all depends on the internet connection and devices you browse with. Experiment with different sizes to find a compromise (that works for you) between size and quality.

I really like your Royal Gold theme and I want to purchase it. Before I do I need to know if it would be difficult to add the Modern Tribe events calendar?

Hi, thank you for your interest. I have no experience with that plugin and I can’t offer support/compatibility for it, sorry.

Hello I am really enjoying RoyalGold and my site is nearing completion.

But I cannot seem to get a Caption to show up anywhere using the Full size gallery or on any of the other page templates. I really need to add a caption on the photos theat is semi transparent. I have seen exactly this on one of the demo/examples online but it is not in the theme example pages when I bought the template from themeforest?

Hi, OK I am looking online at the RoyalGold demo: http://themeforest.net/item/royalgold-unique-html5-site-template/full_screen_preview/3770768

1. This is a page here called “Supersized gallery” – each photo has a title and further text to describe the photo. This is what I want or similar. How do I do this in the RoyalGold theme when I add a page with photos, for example the template “Full Page Gallery”. Can I do this?

2. Similarly, when I am in the RoyalGold theme and I add photos there is a “Caption, Alternative Text and Description” fields. But I cannot get it to work. What am I doing wrong.

Thank you in advance :-)

(My site www.ChaletLeMoulin.co.uk)

Hi, you are confusing the HTML version with the WP version – they don’t have the same exact features. The WP theme does not currently have support for captioned galleries.

OK understood. For me this would be a great enhancement, because some photos need some simple explanation. But I am still very happy with this theme. Perfect for a holiday rental website :-)

Hi great theme.

But how do i change color beside the ones in Style Settings? On the Menu there is a hover gray color #ebebeb and i want to change it. Tried in stylecss and could not find it.

And in 360 Panorama is it possible to ad multiply images and make it work that way or does it only work with 1 image where you collect images in one images like in your demo?

And the reservation plugin looks different on my site when put on sidebar then it looks in your demo. Fields for info are small where in your demo they are wide. And can you set email so reservations go to email?

Thank You

The footer sticks to the Menu Navigation Header. If there is only 1 menu in the menu nav the footer stays in center of picture. And all this is in Phone Android.

The swipe function only work when you swipe below the footer menu which moves to center of screen after you toggle in(close) menu bar. Can you please help fix this.

Hi, please forward this concerns via a message on my profile’s contact form and I’ll ask you to send me some screenshots via email. Thank you.


Nice theme! A few questions:

1. Is it possible to change the with ratio of picture/text on pages (currently its around 70% picture and 30% text, would it be easy to say make this ratio backwards?) or have the a page without the big picture/gallery.

2. I noticed on the demo, the top page shows off the 360 panorama but all of the blog posts only have picture galleries. Is it possible to have panoramas in the blog posts instead? (with the same layout as the demo; working panorama on left side that can be changed to full screen with click on the expand button)

3. I like how the menu tucks away; if I make the logo smaller, will it tuck away even more (will the logo container box get smaller if i use a small logo?)

4. What is the pagination like if I have many posts?


Hi, thank you for your interest – here are my answers to your questions:

  1. The Theme Options contains settings to adjust the width of the menu and right-side content area: but you can’t have a page without a picture/gallery (this is a key feature of the theme)
  2. Nope, not possible
  3. The logo will adjust in height – the width of the logo’s container can be controlled from Theme Options
  4. The pagination will be a simple set of buttons like this: 1 2 Next

Hope this helps.

Hi! Great theme, congrats! I have a few questions: 1The left menu, has a second and third drop-down menu? Do you have any real example? 2Could I use an embeded google map instead of an image for the contact page? And then, can I disable the map in the right bar? 3Are fully customizables the sidebars? 4Cam I add easily (via coding) a booking form box in the home?


Hi, thank you for your interest. The menu can be nested as you prefer, sure (no current preview for it sorry). The contact page cannot contain a Google Map instead of the big full-page image, just the small one in the content area (that can be edited, yes). The theme does not have any special sidebar – the area on the right is the main content area which can be edited of course. Not sure what you are looking for regarding the booking form, but with enough coding experience you can do pretty much anything (check out the Book room page). Hope this helps.


i’m echoing the above comments – great theme – well done. However when trying before buying on an iphone 5 ios 7, when clicking “book room” nothing happens, Until user manually closes menu and only then the content in this case “book room” form appears. In effect the page wont scroll to the page content unless the menu nav is closed manually. Could you let me know if there is a setting in Admin that will fix this or have i found a fault that you can fix? if so then consider another purchase. Thanks Neil

Alright, thanks for reporting this – I managed to add a fix to the issue (it’s related to the background image pano/slide). Tested the homepage on iOS and all should work fine now (please clear your cache before retrying).

Hi, the only pages that work for us are the ones without a slide show. in short we still have the same problem. Are you sure your checking this on the same device and OS as us? we appreciate your attention on this – thanks Neil

Works fine for me, of course I can never be 100% sure because I don’t have your iOS device in my hand to guarantee it – but it works for all the pages. You are more then welcome to send me some screenshots via my profile’s contact form and continue this testing session via email. Thank you.

Ok i just checked on partners iphone 4s works fine.

The issue it seems is only on iphone5 ios7, please check this on the friends, colleagues actual device with stated issue so that we can all move forward on this :)

Could i send a video of the physical issue? Im surprised nobody else has encountered this.

Thanks again


Hey Neil, like I said you are more then welcome to send me some screenshots/videos via my profile’s contact form and continue this testing session via email. Thank you.

Hi, are you making customisation? Or can you advice for someone else? real estate Broker site in 5 languaes, search by Price, Location, estate type, Region and some other…if possible a mix sales + Rentals

thanks in advance lenka f.

Hi, this is not a Real Estate based theme. Please search here: http://themeforest.net/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&term=real+estate

Can this theme’s reservation form be integrated with ReservationKey.com’s system?

Hi, I don’t know about that reservation website and I haven’t tested the theme with any of their features – I guess the answer is no.

Hi guys,

I like the the theme, but it seems to have major problems in IE8.

I went through all the pages on your demo, and those are displaying broken, with no styling or other issues in IE8:

- home page - contact us - typography - book room - full page gallery

Any feedback on that?

Hi, the theme does not and will never support IE8 – you can see that in the sidebar properties here on TF.

Oh, alright, missed it. Thanks. Can’t buy it then :-( All the best.

Good luck!

Hi! looking to buy this theme. is there a way to remove the white background of the menu and just have the menu text floating against the background of the site?

Hi, not really because that would look really weird from a design perspective. You can always customize the theme further with Custom CSS or by creating a child theme if necessary – that’s up to you to decide.

very nice, I like this theme and am about to buy it. Just before, I would like to know if it’s possible to reduce the width of the big background picture ? Many thanks for your help

HI, thank you for your interest. The background picture covers the whole page background – you have the option of increasing the menu and content width, but the image will still cover a large portion of the page viewport. Hope this helps.

CAn this theme handle 360×360? Left & Right “AND” Up & Down?


Hi, the theme uses the 360° Panoramic Viewer – WordPress plugin which supports 180/360 images that can scroll only left and right.

Hi! Great Job! I need the content-box on the left and menu on the right side, how can I change that?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. You’ll need to massively modify the style.css (preferably in a child theme) and change the positioning of the 2 containers. You should also know support is offered only for theme issues and not for customization tasks.

When you are going to make the next update 100% compatible with WP 3.9? Thanks in advance!

Hi, the preview runs on WP 3.9 and works fine – have you encountered any issues that I don’t know of? Please drop me a message via my profile’s contact form and I’ll take a look ASAP. Thank you.

No, I have not detected any problems. I have just asked you to make sure. Thank you very much for your answer.

My pleasure.

Hi. before I buy – 1 – can i make scroll auto start? 2. Can the menu background be changed with a image? 3. Is WP Visual Composer compatible? 4. Do you keep this them updated? I see it says 3.9 but your last update was Feb. 5. WHat is 360 code becomes outdated? 6. Do i have content page width options and alignment options – like middle content?

Hi, here are my answers to your questions:

  1. the panorama plugin can handle auto-scrolling images, if that’s your question
  2. the menu background can be further customized with Custom CSS, like any other element on the page
  3. haven’t tested Visual Composer compatibility, but it should work like on any other theme I guess
  4. the item is updated when I fix theme issues or release a new feature – the code is well written so it was compatible with WP standards way before 3.9 was launched
  5. the 360 plugin works fine in WP 3.9 and it is constantly maintained
  6. you can increase the menu and content width, but there is no alignment option

Hope this helps.

When there is no content on the page (like the full background gallery), the footer is floated on the middle of the screen on mobile devices.

try to view this page on a mobile http://cerchez.com/royalgold/full-page-gallery/

Thanks :) Could you please provide me with a list of the updated files?

The only modified file is style.css.

Thanks for the quick respond. I really appreciate it