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Hi this theme is fantastic.

I am wondering if it is possible to change the background image for the 3 different sections – Delicious Food – Opening Time – Make a reservation. I was hoping to use 3 different images which relate to each title. I did manage to do this with the wordpress version but I have since given up with wordpress and am using the html version.

Can you offer any advice as to how to use 3 different images to appear under each one ?


Thanks, I had done that before, however, I want to change them individual to different images. When I change the background in one it changes all of them to the same. I tried to copy and paste the css and then give it another name, however, it doesn’t display any image then.

Could you offer any advice how to use 3 different images for each one, not just to include an image?


Please let your email here, I’ll give you more details.

danmyers303 (at) hotmail.com, Thanks!


There is a bug in the menu. If the drop down menu is very long, the page title layer appear above the menu and one cannot click on the menu items (and it looks bad, too). Is this fixable?



Thanks for detecting this issue. It’s totally fixable. You can open the style.css. Look up ”#ht-header #ht-main-nav .main-nav .nav .link-list” around line 2991 and add z-index property. In this case, 3 is enough.

We will fix this in the next update.

It works. Thank you for the lightning fast support!

You’re welcome! Thanks for your purchase :)

For the life of me I can’t seem to get the contact-form to work with GoDaddy’s Linux hosting with cPanel. Sending to an email on the same server as the hosted site. Can anyone provide any insight or successful code. I’ve been to GoDaddy with this 4 times and they keep blaming the code. They even whitelisted the email and still have had no success.

please give me the ftp account and the link of your website by sending email to support@haintheme.com. I will try other contact form to check your hosting.

Thank you for you help, I sent the information you requested.

Hi! I received your email and I’ll resolve it in the Monday.

Hi, we purchased the theme and love it. But we are noticing a bug while scrolling the page on mobile with Android, possibly connected to the parallax. Is there a fix to the issue?

We are noticing trouble on various Android mobile phones. The trouble seems to be with the header/footer parallax. The url to the page (under construction) is http://atros.editor.si/restavracija-valentin.si/ Perhaps you can take a look.

Personally I tried it on Android 2.3.6.

Sorry for late respond. Our template can operate normally on android default browser. I do not have 2.3 android device but as I test on 4.1 device, our template work but your custom page does not. So maybe the reason is belong to your customization. (I saw your page has a lot of change to the original version). On other browser on chrome, everything work fine. So if you cannot figure out the error, you should try other browsers on android (chrome, firefox, opera, ...)

Hi, we have checked also your template on android 2.3 and the problem is also with your default template on link http://haintheme.com/demo/html/royalty/index-slide-background.html (and not due to our customization).

What happens is, when you scroll down, the page immediately returns to top view with navigation. So basically it is impossible to navigate. Please do check it,as we notice trouble also on other devices.


i cant make the contact form work


i already change contact-form.php

can you help me please?...

Hi!, Please send me the ftp account and link of your website to support@haintheme.com? I’ll check the contact form with your hosting.
Regards, Haintheme

how do I get the contact page to work? I went into the contact-form.php file and changed the email address to mine but it doesnt work. i need this fixed asap thanks

Hi! Please send me your FTP account to my email I will check it for you.
Best regards, Haintheme

i sent you the files but never got anything back

I’m sorry but please send me again to support@haintheme.com. It’s maybe error from server. I’ll reply to you asap when I receive an email.

Is there a way to change the top background photo to be different per page?

nevermind header id=”ht-header” data-ht-parallax=”300” style=”background-image:url(img/IMG_9934-1300×866.jpg)” worked

Hi! It’s great.
Thank for purchasing my theme!

Hello, Im planning to buy this theme, but unfortunately it doesnt open on my iphone 6. I tried on couple of other devices too but the template isnt opening. Can you resolve this matter quickly and let me know once done.

Hello, Im planning to buy this theme, but unfortunately it doesnt open on my iphone 6. I tried on couple of other devices too but the template isnt opening. Can you resolve this matter quickly and let me know once done.

Hi! Thank you for purchasing my theme

I did not check with iphone 6 but in my iphone 4(IOS7) and my ipad(IOS8) the royalty template work fine.
Best regards,

Hello! I think of buying this, but is it possible to add Stripe as payment method? It is a better and cheaper alternative than Paypal. Best regards Olav

Hi! I think there is something’s wrong here. It’s just HTML template.